[APPROVED] Near Korea DAO Monthly Marketing and Community Growth Budget

[PROPOSAL] Near Korea DAO Monthly Marketing and Community Growth Budget

Guild Name: Near Korea DAO

NEAR Protocol Korea DAO Twitter(1.6k users): https://twitter.com/NearKoreaDAO

NEAR Protocol Korea DAO Telegram chatting channel(0.8k users): https://t.me/NEARProtocol_KoreaDAO

NEAR Protocol Korea DAO Telegram announce channel(0.7k users): https://t.me/NEARProtocolKoreaDAO

Detailed what we have done: (Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.)

Marketing Type: Social Media, Advertising, Blogs, Events

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Initiative Summary:

The Near Korea DAO aims to promote the adoption of NEAR Protocol in the Korean market and foster the growth of the NEAR ecosystem. Our primary focus is to build and engage a strong community of developers, investors, and enthusiasts through various marketing initiatives, including:

  • Social Media presence in local platforms (e.g., Naver blog, Naver Premium Contents, Youtube, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter and etc )
  • Content creation (blogs, tutorials, Infographic and articles) in Korean language
  • Hosting online and offline events (AMAs, meetups, workshops) tailored to the Korean audience
  • Collaborating with local influencers and experts for podcasts and AMAs

Expected Impact and Value:

  • Increased awareness of NEAR Protocol in the Korean market
  • Attraction of new developers, investors, and community members
  • Development of local NEAR-based projects and collaborations
  • Strengthening NEAR’s position in the Korean crypto ecosystem

Metrics for Measuring Success:

  • Growth in Near Korea DAO community (measured by the number of social media followers, forum members, event attendees)
  • Local media coverage and mentions of NEAR Protocol
  • Increase in NEAR-based projects originating from Korea

Estimated Timeline and Milestones:

  • Establishing social media channels and content strategy, Launching advertising campaigns and securing local Kols partnerships, Organizing the first online and offline events (meetups, workshops), Ongoing community growth, content creation, and event organization

Funding Details:

Total requested amount: $3,000 per month

NEAR Wallet ID: coineasydao.near

Wallet Owner’s Name: Seung Hyun Lee


Hello. Could you please share links on Near Korea DAO social media?

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Support NEAR Korea DAO for the proposal through our collaboration!
Always a supportive community! :rocket:


Support Near Korea DAO. We believe Near Korea Dao can revitalize the Near Korea market. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Tracer team :)!

Thank you Hai! :slight_smile: Looking forward to meet you soon!

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Checkout #NEAR’s Golden Board - Now Updated!

Top Near Influencers with the Most Impressions Last 7 Days

Congratulations to all the projects, KOLs & channels that have been highly active on social media, including Near Korea DAO, for building our @NEARProtocol community stronger day by day! Keep up the great work! :muscle::globe_with_meridians:

Reference: https://twitter.com/NEAR_daily/status/1643988647879020551?s=20

Hi @CoinEasy thanks for your proposal.

I have reviewed and am prepared to support.

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Thank you for your support!

I support this proposal. Notes and reasoning:

  • Jayden (coineasy) as been a long time contributor to the NEAR Ecosystem. I’ve personally met him in Seoul, Lisbon and Bogota. Knowledgeable about NEAR, committed to see ecosystem succeed and has the ability to execute.
  • Korea is a HUGE market. NF knows this and they’ve set up a Hub to look after BD (large, corporate deals. Early success already in gaming). I believe we also need a team to be doing the Grassroots work.
  • I want to highlight the importance of IRL events - meetups and hackathons are going to be HUGE. Let’s make sure we are proactive during Asia BUIDL, ETH Seoul, etc. Can we make a NEAR Hacker House happen in Seoul during these events?!

I also want to clarify that proposals are to be assessed on a monthly basis. Submit reports on forum.

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@CoinEasy hello! Could you please share your calendly? thanks

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I am truly grateful for your endorsement of our proposal. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your confidence in our abilities. As you have advised, we will diligently assess the proposals on a monthly basis and ensure that comprehensive progress reports are submitted on the forum. Your valuable input and innovative suggestions, such as establishing a NEAR Hacker House in Seoul during pivotal events, are immensely appreciated. We are excited to bring this vision to life and contribute to the growth of the NEAR Ecosystem!

Hello! Yes, Here is my Calendly. Thank you: Calendly - Seung Hyun Lee

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Hi @CoinEasy – As we have recently resumed being able to support social media and marketing activities from established regional communities, I am able to support this based on the following reasoning:

  • The proposal includes marketing activities in its scope that can be tied clearly to metrics/KPIs outlined in our guidelines for assessment.
  • NEAR has an existing Hub in the region and, as such, it aligns with overall NEAR Foundation objectives to support regional activity through additional community funds.
  • You have established your social media channels and already begun to build audiences there.
  • I am generally in support of expanding NEAR by offering content in languages other than English, and this proposal fulfills that.

Note that we can only fund monthly, and we will want to see a report on activities, progress, growth, etc. before considering additional funding.

I’m moving this to approved.

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Hi @so608 We understand and acknowledge that the funding will be provided on a monthly basis, and we commit to submitting regular reports on our activities, progress, growth, and other relevant metrics. We sincerely appreciate the support and the opportunity to work towards the expansion of NEAR in our region. We will make a significant impact and contributing to the success of the NEAR ecosystem.

Thank you once again for approving our proposal.

Thank you once again for approving our proposal.

Please help to check and approve: DAO Proposal (astrodao.com)

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We’ve successfully completed the IronClad form!

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