[Approved] Near Korea DAO Monthly Marketing and Community Growth Budget - October

[PROPOSAL] Near Korea DAO Monthly Marketing and Community Growth Budget - October

Guild Name: Near Korea DAO

About us :raised_hands:

What is Near Korea DAO? :busts_in_silhouette::kr:A community-led initiative in South Korea, our goals :point_down:

B - Building a strong community :building_construction::handshake:

O - Onboarding new users into the world of NEAR :globe_with_meridians:

S - Spreading the word of NEAR across Korea :mega:

:globe_with_meridians: Join us in shaping the future of blockchain! :black_heart:

Stay connected with us via our social media channels:

Core member Jaden: Near Social 1
Core member Kailey: Near Social
Core member gryptoguru: Near Social

NEAR Protocol Korea DAO members:

CoinEasy: Telegram: Contact @coiniseasy 1 (4.9k users)

크립토 도서관: Telegram: Contact @gachi2job (10k users)

코인같이투자: Telegram: Contact @WeCryptoTogether (22k users)

BQ: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXwcm91Ebpsn_2Qx1lguTZw (5.6k users)

멘탈관리소: Telegram: Contact @jaysonchart (1.8k users)

Detailed what we have done: (Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. )

Marketing Type: Social Media, Advertising, Blogs, Events

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Previous proposals :scroll:

Metrics of Evaluation

  1. Accounts Retention: Aim to retain 80% of our onboarded users after 8 weeks, maintaining interaction on the chain.
  2. Account Acquisition Cost: Target to reduce the acquisition cost to below 5 USDC per account through our initiatives.
  3. dApps Engagement: Ensure that at least 60% of accounts retained for over 1 week are engaging with more than one dApp in the NEAR ecosystem.
  4. Social Engagement Score: Through our various channels, target an overall 20% increase in the number of posts, likes, followers/views in the coming month.

Content & Engagement Strategy

  1. Education
  • Dynamic Community Management (Telegram): 24/7 assistance for NEAR ecosystem inquiries. Expect 2-3 daily news and educational content updates. Funding: 700 USDC
  • Robust Social Media Presence: Daily updates, articles, videos, infographics, and translations. Posting on Near.social. Funding: 1,350 USDC
  • Thoughtful Content Creation (Medium): Bi-monthly in-depth articles. Funding: 250 USDC
  • AMA Sessions: Bi-monthly sessions to address community inquiries. Funding: 200 USDC
  1. BOS Building
  • BOS component / Near Social: Various events, contests, and bounties to engage the community. Funding: 300 USDC
  1. Onboarding Initiatives
  • Dynamic Community Management (Telegram): Onboarding new users while managing the community.
  • Onboarding & Engagement via Keypom Initiative: A multi-faceted initiative focused on user onboarding. Funding for Near.Social active posting event: 200 USDC

Results from Previous Initiatives

Our recent event, “NEAR Korea DAO Social Community, BOS Development Event with IamHuman authentication,” showcased our capabilities:

  • Over 20 BOS proposals from Korea University students.
  • Votes from 554 community members on these submissions.
  • Over 1,000 posts curated and shared on NearSocial.
  • Over 4,000 on-chain transactions, indicating active community engagement.
  • 37 users adopted the IamHuman authentication.

This demonstrates our commitment to our core values, our ability to iterate based on feedback, and the potential for future growth.

Budget Request

Total Requested: 3,000 USDC

Wallet: nearkoreadao.sputnik-dao.near

Spotlight on Success: NEAR Korea DAO Social Community, BOS Development Event with IamHuman authentication

This event serves as a testament to the effectiveness of our strategies. During this event:

  • Students from Korea Universities have submitted more than 15 BOS proposals, and we received votes from 554 community members on these submissions.
  • over 1,000 posts were curated and shared on NearSocial.
  • over 4,000 transactions were executed on-chain, underscoring the active engagement of our community.
  • Over 37 users have used the IamHuman authentication.

The triumphant success of this event exemplifies the potential and vigor of our community. It not only confirms the impact of our strategies but also sets the benchmark for future initiatives.

Total :moneybag:
3,000 USDC

Wallet :credit_card:

Following the guidelines provided, we believe our proposal aligns with the Vision Key Metrics and objectives set out by the CoA.

We thank you for your consideration and remain dedicated to fostering the growth and adoption of the NEAR ecosystem in Korea.

If you have any questions, I would be delighted to answer them

Thank you Community, @marketingdao-council, @Dacha, @cryptocredit, @Klint, @satojandro, @so608, advisors, and all concerned parties, Happy day, everyone :raised_hands:


We sincerely apologize for the delay in the proposal. During the KBW period, we were deeply engaged in discussions with the Korea universities and our partners for NEAR ecosystem, which led us to inadvertently miss the check. However, we want to emphasize that we have already carried out our September KPIs, which included voting, on-chain transactions, establishing partnerships, building BOS components with Korean university students, and creating educational content for our community. We truly regret any inconvenience this may have caused, and we hope you will kindly consider our case this time.


Thank you for your proposal.

You have already admitted to the unintentional delay. Your proposal will be reviewed in the next funding round in Q4, which is not a guarantee that you will be funded.

The proposal review process is currently closed, and those that were approved are in the process of receiving funds.

If KPIs change or a new update is released always check our tg NDC MDAO HUB


Thank you for your patience; your proposal is in the backlog of September.

Please read House of Merit received Vision Key Metrics from CoA and shared them with MDAO Here and align your proposal.

Quick question:

Near Korea DAO is one of the outstanding community in the ecosystem. What channels or methods have proven to be the most effective for attracting new users to the ecosystem and your community? I noticed that the number of members in your community has decreased from 0.93k to 0.907.

Is there a particular ecosystem dapp that has consistently shown higher adoption among the majority of users in your community, and what dapp drew them in?

Also, what types of content or activities have been shown to be most effective in increasing user posts, likes, and followers/views in your community ?

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Dear Bakaka,

First and foremost, thank you for responding to our proposal. We’re proud to be recognized as an outstanding community within the NEAR ecosystem.

Based on the provided guidelines, we’ve aligned our proposal with the Vision Key Metrics and objectives outlined by the CoA.

To address your questions:

1. Effective Channels for Attracting New Users: Telegram, X, and Naver blogs have proven to be the most effective channels for attracting new users in Korea. Specifically, the updates and news related to the Near ecosystem disseminated through these platforms have significantly contributed to attracting and onboarding new members.

2. Decrease in Telegram Members: You’re right in observing a slight decrease in our Telegram membership from 0.93k to 0.907k. One reason for this is our recent focus on on-chain activities, leading to increased engagement on Near.social. As evident, our Near.social community has witnessed consistent growth, and our members are actively posting and interacting there. However, we do acknowledge the importance of maintaining and growing our Telegram presence and, as suggested, will make a concerted effort to focus on this channel in the coming months.

3. Popular Ecosystem dApps: Regarding ecosystem dApps that have seen higher adoption among our community, projects like Meta Pool, Ref, and Here wallet stand out. These projects not only resonate with the needs and preferences of our community but are also our esteemed partners, thereby strengthening the bond and collaboration.

4. Effective Content & Activities: The weekly recap has been a standout in terms of content that resonates with our community. These recaps have consistently driven higher user posts, likes, and followers/views. Our community, as well as other projects within the Near ecosystem, have expressed appreciation for this initiative, as it provides a concise and comprehensive overview of the week’s developments.

In alignment with the Vision Key Metrics set by the House of Merit and CoA, we aim to utilize these insights to further refine our strategies. Our endeavors will be geared towards enhancing account retention, optimizing acquisition costs, and maximizing dApp usage and social engagement metrics. We truly believe in the power of continuous improvement, and your feedback is instrumental in this journey.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Near Korea DAO.

Warm regards,

Near Korea DAO Team

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Hi @CoinEasy – thanks for the proposal.

These are great KPIs to have as your guide for the next round of activity – can you share how you will track this? What tool or method do you plan to use to capture and communicate the results?

From my POV, we are strongly focused on funding initiatives that will increase trackable, verifiable on-chain activity. Can you tell us how you will show results to MDAO if you are funded for this round?


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NEAR Korea Dao is a good track record of marketing and community initiatives. Supporting the proposal!

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@CoinEasy Can you respond to this before have my last comment.

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Thank you for the clarification.

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Thank you!

Since the inception of our activities, we have consistently tracked these metrics, especially with significant projects such as Near.Social and the BOS Building Event organized by NEAR Korea DAO.

For data collection, monitoring, and communication:

  • Tool & Method: We utilize specialized forms tailored for our initiatives. These forms are meticulously designed to capture pertinent data related to user engagement, dApp interactions, and other relevant metrics.
  • On-chain Data: One of our strengths lies in our capability to accurately track on-chain data. We can ascertain which user has engaged with what dApp, their frequency of interactions, and other valuable insights.
  • Communication: We consistently maintain transparency with our stakeholders by sharing comprehensive reports. For reference, you can view our previous reports through the same link we provided last time.

In essence, if we are funded for this round by MDAO, you can anticipate a seamless continuation of our rigorous tracking mechanism, coupled with open and transparent communication. We understand the significance of verifiable on-chain activity, and we’re committed to delivering tangible results aligned with MDAO’s objectives.

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We have responded. Thank you!

Thank you for your support! :blush:

Thank you as well! :blush:

Hello team! I am happy to support your proposal because it aligns with NDC’s goals and KPIs. Have a great day!

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Thank you for the support! Have a great day :smiling_face:

Hi @CoinEasy thank you for your proposal. I note your reply on tracking metrics to ensure tangible results delivery. Happy to Approve

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Thank you for the support and approve! Have a great day :slight_smile:

Dear Marketing (Eco) DAO contributor, your application was approved by Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO. The approved proposal included in October’s request to NDC Trust.

Please advise that during this transition period (NDC v0-v1), the following applications’ approval procedure:

  1. :green_circle: October 21 - 25th time for proposals from the Community, updates accordingly to NDC Metrics;
  2. :green_circle: October 26 reviewing by MDAO councils, approval on governance forum, and creation post-request to NDC (House of Merit , CoA, NDC trust);
  3. :yellow_circle: October 27-31st, House of Merit (HOM) will review your proposal;
  4. :red_circle: October 31 – HOM will vote for your proposal on-chain;
  5. :red_circle: November 1, in case of successful approval by HOM, HOM will pass the request to COA to vote on-chain;
  6. :red_circle: November 2nd-6th – CoA will review your proposal and vote on-chain (can veto);
  7. Once the CoA gives its approval, the NDC Trustees will carry out the transaction, provided that the expenses align with the Trust’s objectives;

So, during this time, please

  1. Fill out the form to pass KYC https://airtable.com/shrAnyWQYcy6zZwa6 (if not yet)
  2. Wait for future instruction from Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO and an invitation to create a transfer on Astro DAO.
  3. Please join NDC Marketing HUB Telegram: Contact @ndc_marketing
  4. Please feel free to contact me on telegram @kmotiv 24/7 if you have any questions.
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Thank you for the support and approval. Is there any action we need to take at the moment?

You’re are very welcome!
No :blush: