[CLOSED] Near Korea DAO Monthly Marketing and Community Growth Budget - August

[PROPOSAL] Near Korea DAO Monthly Marketing and Community Growth Budget - August

Guild Name: Near Korea DAO

About us :raised_hands:

What is Near Korea DAO? :busts_in_silhouette::kr:A community-led initiative in South Korea, our goals :point_down:

B - Building a strong community :building_construction::handshake:

O - Onboarding new users into the world of NEAR :globe_with_meridians:

S - Spreading the word of NEAR across Korea :mega:

:globe_with_meridians: Join us in shaping the future of blockchain! :black_heart:

Stay connected with us via our social media channels:

Core member Jaden: Near Social 1
Core member Kailey: Near Social
Core member gryptoguru: Near Social

NEAR Protocol Korea DAO members:

CoinEasy: Telegram: Contact @coiniseasy 1 (4.8k users)

크립토 λ„μ„œκ΄€: Telegram: Contact @gachi2job (10k users)

μ½”μΈκ°™μ΄νˆ¬μž: Telegram: Contact @WeCryptoTogether (22k users)

BQ: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXwcm91Ebpsn_2Qx1lguTZw (5.6k users)

λ©˜νƒˆκ΄€λ¦¬μ†Œ: Telegram: Contact @jaysonchart (1.8k users)

Detailed what we have done: (Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. )

Marketing Type: Social Media, Advertising, Blogs, Events

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Previous proposals :scroll:


  • Transactions Count: Aim to reach 500 transactions from our community wallets on NEAR.
  • Developers Joined: Targeting to onboard at least 3 new developers to use BOS.
  • Rewards on near.social: Our aim is to distribute rewards to at least 50 active members on near.social.
  • Tool Usage: We hope to see at least 3 new users on Github and other NEAR tools.
  • Product Testing: Our goal is to have at least 3 new NEAR-based products tested by the community.
  • Community Growth: We’re aiming for at least 300 new community members and a 20% increase in activity.
  • Business Partnerships: We hope to establish partnerships with at least 1 local businesses to work with NEAR.
  • Developer Events: We plan to host at least 1 developer event, with at least 10 attendees each.
  • Workshops: We are planning to conduct at least 2 educational workshops for the community.
  • Local Adoption: Our target is to see a 30% increase in local adoption of NEAR products.

Content and Engagement Strategy:

We’re bringing our community alive through engaging content and diverse communication channels. Here’s our plan:

  • Education
    • Dynamic Community Management (via Telegram): 24/7 customer services who have questions about the NEAR ecosystem Expect 2-3 daily news and educational content updates. Funding: 500 USDC
    • Robust Social Media Presence (via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Naver blog, Naver premium contents, Near.Social): Expect 10 daily news, 2 articles, 2 tutorial videos, 4 Infographics, 20 translation and etc educational content updates and posting on Near.social Funding: 1,350 USDC
    • Thoughtful Content Creation (via Medium) and posting on Near.social: 2-3 articles per month. Funding: 250 USDC
    • 2 AMA sessions per month via Link3 and posting on Near.social Funding: 200 USDC
  • BOS Building
    • BOS component / Near Social (Using BOS widgets on Near Korea DAO Near.social page, Bounty for the community, widgets events, Near social contests) $500
  • Onboarding
    • Dynamic Community Management (via Telegram channels): Part of the community management would involve onboarding new users. Robust Social Media Presence (via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Naver blog, Near Social): Part of the social media activities would involve onboarding new users.
    • Onboarding & Engagement via Keypom Initiative (including AMAs via Zealy, Link3, Keypom): The initiative is largely about onboarding.
    • Onboarding new users for IamHuman authentication
    • Onboarding new users for Near.Social active posting event: $200

Total :moneybag:
3,000 USDC

Wallet :credit_card:

If you have any questions, I would be delighted to answer them

Thank you Community, @IgbozeIsrael @Ola @Bakaka @rc-admins @marketingdao-council, advisors, and all concerned parties, Happy day, everyone :raised_hands:

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Great proposal brother. Thanks for the good job your team has been doing.
Just to understand this. Will it be a bounty for your community and you are expecting more than one winner?


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Thank you for the compliment. Yes, the proposal is for a bounty intended for South Korea community, but we’re open to participants from anywhere, not just South Korea. Depending on the number of participants, we’re expecting there could be multiple winners.


After consideration from all admins, and MDAO guidance, moving to approve. Wait for an update concerning funding.

Thanks to @marketingdao-council for your support.
Hope to see your team do more for the community

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Thank you for your support!


Hello! @CoinEasy your application was approved by RCDAO (part of the Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO constellation). The proposal will be included in the following request to NDC Trust (on August 15th). Expected payment time - August 16th-August 31st. Some additional requirements may apply. Please join NDC Marketing HUB Telegram: Contact @ndc_marketing

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Hello, @Dacha. Understood! Is there any action we need to take at the moment? We have joined the NDC Marketing HUB Telegram group. Thank you.

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Hello. Unfortunately, MDAO informed us that they could not get the required funds to support RCDAO from NDC trust in V0. Their funds are limited now.

Hence, all RCs proposals have to be closed.

We keep building for V1

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@marketingdao-council, @Dacha, I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to inquire if it’s still possible to apply to the marketing dao. I understand that the period for submitting new proposals was from 1st to 10th August, and today is the 11th. Could you kindly confirm this for me? Thank you in advance for your understanding and assistance.

Yes sure, any time :heartpulse: You can re-apply with focus ONLY on increasing:

  • of active Developers
  • of active Users and Transactions
  • of Tools on BOS

Marketing DAO councils and advisors will review it and approve/reject and send then request to NDC trust. Please join our chat: Telegram: Contact @ndc_marketing