[Approved] NEAR Globe DAO V1: NDC Budget JANUARY 2024



We are excited to introduce Near Globe DAO that will lead and support regional communities to represent NEAR in different countries and work to build communities in specific languages ​​in the NEAR ecosystem.

The mission is to create engaged and empowered communities, with a common goal of advancing the NEAR and its adoption on a global scale. By strategically focusing on regional representation, we aim to make NEAR more accessible and inclusive to a wider audience.

Our Charter & Plans

  • Current problems
  1. Regional communities have strength in direct, hands-on engagement with local communities in their respective areas, but there is currently a lack of alignment between the activities of regional communities and the sustainable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  2. There is no onboarding program for new local communities to further expand NEAR into other regions.
  3. There is still an overlap between the activities of the regional community and other DAOs, such as Developer DAO and Marketing DAO, highlighting the need for clarification of tasks and functions to avoid any redundancy.
  • How will NEAR Globe DAO solve the current issue?

    The Near globe DAO community will work very closely with HoM (House of Merit) to fulfill the goals and KPIs of the NDC (Near Digital Collective). All councils have a background in the Near Community building and have previously led a regional community. Regional communities will meet once a month and learn from each other. Our team will review all applications on a rolling basis, determine if more information is required, and then schedule a call with the team if necessary. At that point, we may revert with additional questions or ideas.

    Please refer to our NEAR GLOBE DAO Charter to understand our approach (KPI-based reward) to achieve the above mission with communities around the world.

    Globe DAO will focus on implementation P-1: Widening Adoption of NEAR:

    P-1.1: Outreach to New Audiences CoA priority 1.

    Objective (KPIs)

    1. Referral systems for the ecosystem.

    2. Activation of the protocol’s daily usage through gamification mechanics (for example, leaderboards).

    3. Demonstration of NEAR to non-blockchain communities:
    a) TradFi apps seeking exposure to DeFi yield;
    b) Traditional software companies seeking to offload security and risk to blockchain;
    c) AI/ML data provenance;
    d) Social apps with data privacy requirements and possible network effects.

    4. Education of the local communities, creators, influencers:
    a) Local offline and online workshops or lectures in regional languages;
    b) Catchy swag;
    c) Referral programs;
    d) Time-bound events: NEARtober fest, NEAR advent calendar

    Team Members

    Name: @iamanansari
    Role: PoC, Governance and Community Management

    Name: @cizi31
    Role: Operations & Project Management

    Name: @derymars
    Role: Community Success & Ecosystem Relations

    Name: @HaiVu
    Role: Strategic Planning

    Name: @Ihor
    Role: Social MediaTracking

Budget Breakdown :

We created an open FORM for all the NEAR Regional communities last month, where we reached out to community leaders and asked them to apply through GLOBE DAO. In total, we received 17 requests from the communities around the world. And, after reviewing all the applications we have decided to go with 8-9 regional communities for month January.

Top Tier:

  • Near Vietnam - $4.5K
  • Near Indonesia - $4.5K
  • Near Turkey - $4.5K
  • Near Ukraine - $4.5K
  • Near Korea - $4.5K

Mid Tier:

  • Near Hausa - $3-3.5K
  • Latam/ES - $3K
  • Near India - $3.5K

Low Tier:

  • Near German - $2K
  • Near Positive Vibes (CIS) - $2-2.5K
  • Near Toronto - $2K
  • Council Remuneration + Other tasks (Graphics + sheets and other management)= $15.4K

  • Buffer: $600-1000

    Total Budget for January: $55K
    Target Wallet: nearglobedao.sputnik-dao.near

Goals : Onboard 8 efficient communities to get 320-350 new users, 4 new partnerships, 8 online/offline events, 400-450K total impressions.


Project Longevity

  • Does your project/DAO require one-time or continuous funding?
    • We will receive continuous funding for 1 year, and based on the results, HOM will evaluate our KPI and decide to continue or not.
  • Will your DAO/Project device way of sustaining itself after this round of funding?
    • Success for NEAR Globe DAO is :
    • Local communities to become regional hubs.
    • To nurture the new communities and lead them to become self-sustaining local communities in the long term, which is partially* of the operation and marketing cost will be covered by each community themselves
    • Partially means based on actual operation of DAO after 6-month funding, we will define the KPI %.
  • What are the possible roadblocks to the success of your project/DAO?
    • Continuous funding
    • Consistent and clear set of KPI
    • Fair process

Dear Globe DAO team!

Poll created: https://near.org/astraplusplus.ndctools.near/widget/home?page=dao&tab=proposals&daoId=congress-hom-v1.ndc-gwg.near&proposalId=54


Hello, what criteria did you use for this decision?
Also, please attach all the social media channels of the communities you have chosen, their metrics, and the number of partnerships/new users expected from each community.
This will add more transparency about the selection process, thank you.

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@iamanansari waiting for your answer!

It has been 5 days since my request and there has been no communication or response from the Globe DAO.

@HOM-TC-COA This proposal should be rejected for the following reasons:

  • The proposal was edited 5 times after voting began, including the addition of new communities and a change in the required amounts, which means that HoM members voted on a different proposal!

  • There is no transparency in the process of selecting communities, there is no clear criteria, and there are no social media links attached in the proposal for the selected communities, so how we can confirm that community X should be in the high tier and not in the low tier? How we can confirm that community Y shouldn’t be in the approved list?

Hello Mostafa,

I had already answered you on Telegram, but you decided to move to forum for transparency. Thank you

We have asked each guild to pitch their respective communities through forms. After that, councils reviewed all the applications. There were total 22-23 communities who applied through GLOBE DAO, includes old contributors like Near Vietnam, Indonesia, Ukraine, Turkey, Korea, Hausa & others who have recorded experience of running NEAR regional communities.


  • Previous records, KPIs & reputation of the guild.
  • How they are encouraging new devs, users to bring more development and on-chain activity.
  • Transparency within the guild, need to keep an eye on how they are initiating the allocated funds. Creation of Astro Dao in each regional guild is required to allocate all the funds.
  • It should be aligned with HoM’s KPIs.

Everything is mentioned in our CHARTER, hope you will read it thoroughly.

Here you can check all the Social Media LINKS

For partnerships & other KPIs: We have checked links and images they have shared in forms.

The team was OOO due to Christmas, New Year & other festive. This looks like a misinformation to me as before this also you asked me about the same on Telegram and I have always answered you there.

I hope, I have answered all your doubts.

Thank you!



This criteria is very different from the criteria that you shared with me in Telegram, in Telegram you just said that you “are prioritising communities that more into bringing partnerships for you more than working on Social Media”, did you changed the criteria?

I just want to mention that NEAR Arabic is the most old contributor, but you didn’t included it in your list.

New devs and on-chain activity in Globe DAO? Isn’t thats should be in the Marketing and Developer DAO?

Thank you, please add NEAR Toronto in the list.

What do you mean by previous record? social media impressions? Telegram activity or what?
Also, Please share with us the KPIs and how did you measure the reputation of the guild?

Thank you.

Hi Mostafa, we have a set of diverse Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with varying weights, and within those, there are several activities that extend beyond just social media or partnerships.

I’m one of the creator of diagram, and I wanted to dive a bit deeper into it. The main idea behind the diagram is that Globe DAO focuses on recurring and sustainable activities, specifically on the local community in a given region.

It’s a bit different from MDAO and DevHub, which are more task and project-oriented, often with deadlines and tight time constraints.

Of course, in Globe DAO, we can’t overlook activities like social media engagement and universal developer onboarding. To handle this, we’ve set up a system of weighing based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and budget allocations. This way, we can keep things in check and avoid going overboard or overspending in those areas.

For instance, simple activities like onboarding developers with light content—covering the basics of NEAR, how to create a wallet, and crafting a smart contract—can be accommodated online with recorded sessions. This approach allows us to manage the budget effectively for developer onboarding.

However, if we’re thinking about hosting more substantial in-person events like a hackathon, aligning with their KPIs, we’d recommend seeking funding from DevHub or Developer DAO for a more serious initiatives.

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Hi Derymars, please let me know the other activities besides the social media and partnerships?

That’s good point, so when you evaluate a guild you check thier previous performance for onboarding developers and new wallets created, right?

I understand that you check the previous performance for:

  • Social media
  • Partnerships
  • Onboarding developers, new wallets

Based on that, you decided you will approve the guild proposal and in which tier will be, right or I miss something?

Hello, I am glad that this DAO was born with all its criteria to help NEAR grow. I have sent a request

@HOM-TC-COA Here are some proofs that there is no transparency in the selection process and that there is a double standard:

Golbe DAO members stated that they relied on these points to approve/reject a guild:

  • Previous records, KPIs & reputation of the guild
  • Bringing developers, creating new wallets, on-chain transactions.
  • Social media, partnerships.

Let us apply these conditions to communities:

  • To those in charge of these guilds, I am not attacking you personally.

NEAR German

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/NEAR_German
    The last tweet was on November 30, and the tweet before that was on July 21, 2023! This is conclusive evidence that the community is inactive.
  • Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Near_German
    Total messages in December: 32 messages
    Total messages in November: 24 messages

Near Positive Vibes

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NearPositive
The last tweet was on November 15, 2023, which was about a Meme competition, and it was in English, even though the community is specific to the CIS countries (Russian language)!
The tweet before that was on November 8, 2023 and was also about a meme contest, and this is conclusive evidence that the community is inactive.

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NearPositiveVibes_news - Telegram: Contact @NearPositiveVibes
Most of the news and discussions are in English! Although the community is specific to the CIS countries (Russian language)! This is the same approach as NEAR Ukranie: https://twitter.com/nearuaguild as all news is in English!

NEAR Latam groups

  • There is no Telegram community at all and twitter is a mix between news for NEAR and Aurora.

NEAR India:
I see that the Telegram community is active, but there no single report/proposal for this guild in 2023, so how you evaluated the reputation and previous records?

Also, why NEAR Hausa in the mid tier and not in the high tier? based on what?
I’m still waiting for the NEAR Toronto community links.

I don’t know how previous communities were approved by the Globe DAO? on what basis?

In the same time the Globe DAO rejected NEAR Arabic guild! although:

  • NEAR Arabic Twitter account is active and all important news has been published (11 tweets in December): https://twitter.com/NEAR_Arabic
  • Very active Telegram community (more than 150 messages in the last week!): Telegram: Contact @NEAR_Arabic
  • NEAR Arabic previous reports contain our ability to bring a large number of transactions on-chain monthly + bringing in new developers + creating new accounts + make online events
  • NEAR Arabic has about 3-4 partnerships ready to announce this month. All Globe DAO communities (11 communities) that have been approved will bring only 4 partnerships!
  • NEAR Arabic has many previous articles and videos.
    NEAR Arabic should be in the top tier bud you didn’t even include it in low tier!

@HOM-TC-COA I have included evidences that some of the communities selected by Globe DAO members are inactive communities and there are other communities that deserved to be approved. Therefore, this proposal should be vetoed and the Globe DAO members should be investigated as there is no transparency.

Thanks for all your research, let me inform you about the process. Globe DAO tried to cover most of the region Worldwide. Your concerns might be correct to some extent, but as I earlier mentioned everything was not about Social Media growth. Our aim is to spread the presence in most of the parts around the world. Apart from Social Media, we are focused on bringing regional partners for Near.
I have seen some amazing work done by some of the guilds in that field, that’s why we have opted them for the task. I would definitely love to give Arabic a chance to contribute but as we all know, there was a budget reduction and because of that we have re-considered our strategies.

We have opted 11 communities for now, after getting the feedback from the contributors in Telegram OG chat we tried to cover most of the continents possible.

Now, we have-:

  • Asia: Near India, Near Vietnam, Near Indonesia & Near Korea, Near Turkey
  • Europe: Near Ukraine, NPV & Near Germany
  • Africa: Near Hausa
  • South America: Near ES
  • North America: Near Toronto
  • Australia: TBD

I am really sorry, but putting allegations like this won’t led to any conclusion. I ask you to post a Proposal for February on Forum under Globe DAO category before January 7, so that councils can again review about it.



Where are these works?

But this does not allow you to add inactive communities instead of other active communities!

Because of the budget reduction I think you should give the fund for the most active communities that will contribute and benefit the NEAR Protocol, if the budget was hight in this case you could give some very low fund for the inactive/new communities to help growing it.

I believe it will led, I hope the CoA members and NDC trust will take an action based on my research.

That sounds awkward. Still, would recommend you have a look on their previous reports on forum: Topics tagged report

Could you please share the link of your previous proposals & reports?

The things do not work like that. We clearly had many discussions, where we got a common feedback that we should include most of the continents/regions. That’s what we aimed for. We had few meetings on this, and the conclusion was same. We are open to give a chance for revival to the communities where crypto industry is making noise. That’s why we prioritised some communities which you might think are not good on Social Media. But their overall impact will be larger. There were few other communities whom we didn’t opted for January, they understood & took the feedbacks positively.

I appreciate your disclosure of this information and your expressed concerns. I suggest convening for a call to delve into these matters further.

In my assessment, the Globe DAO team is commendably fulfilling its duties, boasting robust leadership. The initiation of NDC V1 occurred less than a month ago, prompting a learning curve for everyone involved, including the entire Congress. Let us collaboratively deliberate on establishing appropriate and comfortable procedures.


Why this is sound awkward? It’s a transparency! Sorry but you gave me a link for the report tag that contains more than 1000 reports, I just need to see the works that the communities in the low and mid tier did and based on that you will fund them.

You don’t have the links of the NEAR Arabic previous proposal & reports? So how you evaluated our previous records and reputation?!
You should have at least all links of proposals and reports for the last 6 months at least for all communities in a sheet with an evaluation points system so you can decide which community is good, but it’s seems you didn’t have any of that.

Again, this does not allow you to add inactive communities instead of other active communities! That’s not fair!

Social media is one of the most important things as you stated that in Globe DAO Charter.
Overall impact will be large in what and how?
The communities doesn’t have any partnership/event/on-chain transactions in last months.

I think the explanation regarding KPIs and the weight for assessment based on the charter documents and budgeting links has been quite clear from the beginning.

Have you read it carefully?

We also consider parameters that are not quantifiable, such as reports from the last funding proposal, commitments from regions that have not received funding for a long time but want to restart, and so on.

One of our commitments is to invite the community that used to exist to reactivate their region, and possibly some of the regions you mentioned earlier, as we evaluate the submitted forms and consult beforehand.

Consider this as an opportunity for them to demonstrate proof after conducting activities.

Of course, we also face budget constraints, and there are even reductions where we hope many regional communities can be well-covered.

Let’s discuss this with calm minds and hearts through call meeting.

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That’s perfect, but isn’t it should be after funding the current active communities and allocate very low budget for them to see their activity and how they will use the funds?

For all guild leaders that I mentioned above, I’m not attacking you and I have no problem that your guild to be funded but not instead of the other active community and with no high amount of fund with no activity.

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Absolutely, in any policy/decision there will always be opposing views, those in agreement, and even those who are indifferent. But we won’t dismiss the feedback, some other regions have also expressed concerns in different cases, yet with good communication, they’ve been understanding of our situation our collective situation.

This is what we’ve been struggling with for the past 3-4 months, dealing with all these dynamics. Even it comes from something that we couldn’t control at all.

Once again, I invite you to join a call meeting together. Don’t forget that funding for February has been opened, we don’t wanna miss it together ofc.

It’s best if we focus on something that we shouldn’t overlook, which is right in front of us. :beers: :raised_hands:


I understand some of your points of view, but if you take into account the document Globe DAO is to expand the presence in different parts, it is what is understood at the beginning of the document. What really worries me is that this new DAO was opened to open up to more communities, but the same communities that have been receiving resources from some of the existing DAOs are still receiving support. In this case will the new ones enter? @Dacha