[REPORT] Near KOREA DAO Community January Report

Project Name: NEAR Korea DAO

Project Intro & Status:

About us

What is Near Korea DAO? :busts_in_silhouette::kr: A community-led initiative in South Korea, our goals :point_down:

B - Building a strong community :building_construction::handshake:

O - Onboarding new users into the world of NEAR :globe_with_meridians:

S - Spreading the word of NEAR across Korea :mega:

:globe_with_meridians: Join us in shaping the future of blockchain! :green_heart:

CORE TEAM Members:

Core member Jaden: Near Social 1

Core member Kailey: Near Social

Core member gryptoguru: Near Social

NEAR Korea DAO members:

CoinEasy: Telegram: Contact @coiniseasy 1 (5.3k users)

크립토 λ„μ„œκ΄€: Telegram: Contact @gachi2job (9k users)

μ½”μΈκ°™μ΄νˆ¬μž: Telegram: Contact @WeCryptoTogether (26k users)

BQ: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXwcm91Ebpsn_2Qx1lguTZw (6.3k users)

λ©˜νƒˆκ΄€λ¦¬μ†Œ: Telegram: Contact @jaysonchart (1.8k users)

Stay connected with us via our social media channels:

Approved Proposal Link: [Approved] NEAR Globe DAO V1: NDC Budget JANUARY 2024 - Community / Globe DAO - NEAR Forum

Highlights of the months:

  • Achieving 60 NEAR Wallet Creations
  • Reaching 63.7k Impressions on X
  • Growing to 608 Active Members on Telegram
    Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 21.37.43
  • 30 Average Transactions for 40 New NEAR Wallets
  • Producing 3 Videos with 1,500 Views per Month
  • Establishing 4 Partnerships and Organizing 4 Online Events (Demonstration NEAR to NON blockchain communities)
  • Establishing 4 Online/offline Events with 100 users (Education of the local communities )


  • Educational Events:
    • Otto chain, NEAR Korea DAO Zealy, Arkana and Ludero education event.
  • Community Engagement and Airdrop Events:
    • Oneechan AI Telegram entry event.
    • $CHAN airdrop event.
    • $NEAT airdrop event.
  • Web2 User Onboarding Events:
  • 3 Bitget web2 user onboarding event
  • 1 HOT coin user2 onboarding event.

Partnerships/events details

NEAR Korea Zealy event

Arkana Event

NEAT airdrop event

It’s all verified by Google email.

Meteor Wallet airdrop event

It’s all verified by Google email.


Sheets with all tweet links you posted this month: NEAR Twitter Post - Google Sheets

  • Telegram: Our chat channel grew by 173.68% to 2,600 members, and our announcement channel expanded by 150% to 2,500 members, becoming vibrant spaces for discussions and updates.

  • Twitter: Our followers increased by 25%, reaching 7,500, broadening our engagement and reach.

  • Medium: We nearly doubled our followers to 83, growing by 93.02%, deepening our content engagement.

  • Youtube: Our subscriber count skyrocketed by 838.46% to 366, enhancing our visual storytelling.

  • Instagram: We saw a remarkable 932.31% growth to 671 followers, showcasing our creativity and community culture.

  • Near Social: Grew modestly by 16.07% to 260 users, strengthening our community bonds.

  • 64 Tweets, 64 Telegram post, 64 Naver post and etc

  • 4 Partnerships: Meteor Wallet, Paras, Arkana, EastBlue

  • New Wallets Created with Email Verification: 244

  • Total New NEAR Wallet Transactions: 3,496

NEAR Tx Sheet - Google Sheets

  • 3 Videos on YouTube received 1,496 views

Next Goals Highlights:

NEAR Korea DAO aims to boost user retention by +15% through enhanced educational initiatives, and achieve a +35% increase in social media engagement. We plan to expand partnerships, host more events, and drive adoption within the NEAR ecosystem, maintaining our dedication to innovation and community growth.


Hi CoinEasy,

Could you share a more detail report about these activities and the results of bringing web2 users to web3?

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Yes, of course! @HaiVu

Here are the links to the Bitget event:

Here is the link to the Hotcoin event, which includes a YouTube tutorial for users:

We successfully onboarded a total of 146 users from Web 2 to Web 3. Regarding users’ personal information, we can share the list of onboarded users in a Google Doc:

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Hi @CoinEasy Thank you for the detailed report.

Let’s try to increase the transactions for the new created NEAR Wallets.

Looking forward to your activities in February :slight_smile:

Happy Lunar New Year! :dizzy:

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Thank you :slight_smile: Looking forward to it!

Happy Lunar New Year! :dizzy:

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Here is the clear version of Report Near Korea DAO January - Google Docs

hi @CoinEasy I have checked your youtube channel and couldn’t find the videos you mentioned

could you please show me which one are those?

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Hi! @derymars

We’ve uploaded 3 YouTube Shorts, and here are the links:

  1. https://youtube.com/shorts/dYCu_chGKZk?si=OD75M1_bF5csruRN
  2. https://youtube.com/shorts/jRVLD-SwtrY?si=3BtCa1gJNwH4N9xC
  3. https://youtube.com/shorts/gjl73LDY0L8?si=QKZyU9wccFq4IPny

Thank you!

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Great, thanks for mentioning that :raised_hands: :coffee:

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Hello NEAR Korea team,

Thanks for your effort!

But as discussed on TG, we can’t count those partnerships as non-blockchain partnerships as they should be Web 2 companies belonging to TradFi; Traditional software companies ; AI/ML; and Social applications.

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