[REPORT] Near Vietnam Community January Report

Project Name: Near Vietnam DAO

Project Intro & Status: Jan report

Approved Proposal Link: [Approved] NEAR Globe DAO V1: NDC Budget JANUARY 2024

I. Highlights of January: Share your successes, highlights, and achievements. Partnerships, events & social media growth

During this month, we have 3 key things to share:

  1. The bad news is that NEAR VN’s Twitter page ( https://twitter.com/VietnamNear ) has been hacked professionally by a hacker, they replaced the email & phone number in a second, bypassing the 2FA of Twitter. Now they are using the NEAR VN account to scam other accounts. We would like to inform related communities to increase their security measures and prevention.

From now on, we start with https://twitter.com/VietnamNearDao Twitter page

  1. Despite the bad situation, we are all above the target for the KPI of tier B with highlights as follows:
  • 2.1 New wallet: Organized a campaign with Meteor Wallet and Lonk, which helped to onboard more than 509 wallets during 1 week of the campaign.

  • 2.2 Partnership : We have a big partnership with MeDoo (evidence - a Web2 company in the Edtech segment, specializing in compiling and providing online courses and being a bridge between content creators and learners)

  • 2.2.1 Collaboration goals:

  1. MEDOO launches NEAR PROTOCOL courses and applications in the NEAR ecosystem on MEDOO Marketplace;

  2. Implement the LEARN-2-EARN program for the community to learn about NEAR VIETNAM DAO and receive rewards;

2.3 Education:

  1. 3 events online with min 30 users/ each event

  2. 2 Devs training activities with YouTube link

2.4. Engagement:

  1. Twitter: 45700 / 50000 impressions, will be over 50K impression by 15th Feb.

  2. Telegram: 139 active members

  3. Wallet txns: average 48 tnx/ wallet for 30 wallets

  4. Videos: 4 videos with total 7339 views

II. Metrics & Evidence: (evidence in link)

III. Next Goals Highlights:

We will continue to rebuild our Twitter page to get back the position of 2nd biggest NEAR community in the world and also focus on partnerships to bring web2 users to NEAR.

Please check our Feb proposal here.


Your creation of a new wallet is truly outstanding, but based on the following data:

There are only about 15 wallets with an average transaction > 20.

What is your strategy moving forward to address this?

Hi Dery
Have you read the wallet evidence in our report sheet ?
we got 31 wallet with avergate 48 tnxs

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as I estimated in our report,
our twitter reached 51.100 impression on 15th Feb


Great, I recalculate again and confirmed about the KPI.

Thanks team!

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