[Approved] NEAR Globe DAO V1: NDC Budget Subcategory code HOM-004P-1-5 Regional Development

Section 1 - DAO/Project Information

  • NEAR Globe DAO
  • DAO established: 11 November 2023
  • DAO’s Category: Regional Community/Marketing
  • Project’s Category: Community Led

Section 2. Previous Funding

  • Have you received funding for this project from any source?
    No. Introducing NEAR Globe DAO, which will focus on regional communities to onboard
    more users, devs & enthusiasts on NEAR. Currently, focusing on regional communities that are already associated with NEAR and also, we are open to start new communities.

Section 3. DAO URLs

  • AstroDAO

  • Twitter

  • Telegram (Group)

  • Near.Social (NEARGlobeDAO.near)

  • Is Your DAO/Project Targeting a Specific Country?
    No, we are targeting only regional communities around the world to prove our existence globally with a wider variety of audience. Our goal is to maximize the effect of regional communities on the ecosystem that can help us onboard new users from different parts of the world.

  • Which region will your DAO/ Project support?
    Regional project for all communities around the world.

Section 4. Applicant Information

  • Name of Point of Contact: @iamanansari
  • NEAR Wallet ID: nearglobedao.near
  • DAO address that will be receiving funds: nearglobedao.sputnik-dao.near
  • Country of Residence: India
  • Telegram: Telegram Channel
  • LinkedIn: N/A

Section 5. Team Members

  • Name: @iamanansari
    Role: PoC, Governance and Community Management
    Role Description: Preparing all the reports and drafts with other councils, reporting all the growth and challenges, Point of contact for discussions to create a sync between HoM & Globe DAO Team. Reviewing all the reports and proposals & arranging monthly calls with the Regional leaders to discuss growth in KPIs. The main task is to create a sync and provide communities a solution to work on KPIs given by HoM.

Near Social: Aman Ansari
Twitter: Aman Twitter

  • Name: @cizi31
    Role: Operations & Project Management
    Role Description: Reviews all applications, determines if additional information is needed and schedules calls with community leaders. Prepares reports and drafts with other councils. Manages the daily operations of the community and makes informed decisions on incoming proposals and strategic initiatives to meet KPIs set by HoM and CoA.

    Near Social: Cizi Near Social
    Twitter: Cizi Twitter

  • Name: @derymars
    Role: Community Success & Ecosystem Relations
    Role Description: Review all proposals, applications, and manage meetings with other regional leaders to achieve the given KPIs. Prepares a report and draft with other councils. Help determine short-term and long-term strategies for each regional community and track their progress.

    Near Social: Dery Near Social
    Twitter: Dery Twitter

  • Name: @HaiVu
    Role: Strategic Planning
    Role Description: Strategic planning of NEAR Globe DAO and related communities to achieve the KPIs of HOM and CoA. Marketing advisor & ecosystem connection for local communities to support them in achieving their KPI, and thriving in a self-sustainable way.

    Near Social: Hai Near Social
    Twitter: Hai Twitter

  • Name: @Ihor
    Role: Social MediaTracking
    Role Description: Responsible for monitoring and analyzing social media trends and metrics to inform the team’s outreach and engagement strategies. Ensures all social media activities align with the overall objectives of the NEAR Globe DAO. Provides comprehensive reports on social media performance, audience engagement, and suggests improvements to increase visibility and interaction. Collaborates with marketing and community management teams to optimize social media content and campaigns, contributing to the achievement of KPIs set by HoM and CoA.

    Near Social: Ihor Near Social
    Twitter: Ihor Twitter

Section 6. Experience

  • @iamanansari: Expertise in Community Building. Community Lead for Aurora India and a dedicated contributor to NEAR India. Moderated and established 7+ communities within the NEAR ecosystem. Successfully managed Instagram Community Channels for NEAR and Aurora, fostering engagement and collaboration.

    Marketing Expertise in NEAR Ecosystem: Proven track record in organizing and hosting impactful events, including town halls and Instagram LIVE sessions with prominent figures in the crypto community. Adept at leveraging marketing strategies to enhance the visibility and reach of NEAR within the ecosystem.

    Team Spirit: Built and nurtured the Indian Community of Aurora, showcasing strong team leadership. Served as the Community Moderator at OFP, NFT Club, and Meme Daily, contributing to the growth and vibrancy of these communities. Currently serving in the best Aurora Support Team, exemplifying a commitment to collaborative success.

    Near Forum Stats

  • @cizi31: Owner of a crypto media company since 2017. Head of Near and Aurora Türkiye Community since 2021. Strong partnerships with Web3 & Blockchain communities globally. Continuously supported projects in the NEAR ecosystem. Organised NEAR Workshops and Blockchain academies. Supported NEAR German Leaders to build a German-speaking NEAR community. Built two projects on NEAR nearzombies.io and gptverse.art.

Near Forum Stats

  • @derymars: Founder and Community Leader of NEAR Indonesia and Aurora Indonesia, has a large and strong network of Web3 & Blockchain community in Indonesia, and initiated the local community of Sriwijaya Blockchain Community.

    Consistently helps and supports marketing activities, both offline and online, for the NEAR ecosystem in Indonesia, such as Svara DAO, Paras, NearBlocks, Pipapo, Lacrove, Reality Chain, Myriad Social, Nestercity, Castle Overlord, Arkana, etc. Personally active on Twitter promoting NEAR and shill many projects.

Near Forum Stats

  • @HaiVu: Proven result in Community Building: Community Leader of NEAR VN (12,8K followers), Aurora VN (2,4K followers)

Marketing expertise in NEAR ecosystem: Former User Acquisition Manager of Spin.fi (top Derivatives & NFT in NEAR ecosystem in Nov’22)

Eco system connection & team work: Former NEAR Concierge team (support 81 Defi & Infra projects, which 3 of them to get grants from scratch: Pawn Protocol, Incognito, QSTN)

Near Forum Stats

Marketing expertise in NEAR ecosystem: A former member of the NearExplorer project, the project was created to provide media support for Near Ecosystem projects.

Team spirit: Member of Degens, NEAR Ukraine Guild team and former participant of NearExplorer project.

Near Forum Stats

Section 7. DAO/Project Charter/White or Litepaper and Goals

  • Why do we need community?
    The significance of a crypto community for a project is immense. An engaged and supportive community can drive increased exposure and adoption of the project. It helps spread the word, attract new users, and even secure investors and partners. A vibrant community also provides valuable feedback, enhances credibility and trust in the project, and acts as a hub for collaboration and innovation. In essence, a strong community often translates into the overall success of a crypto project.

  • What are the current problems?

  1. Regional communities have strength in direct, hands-on engagement with local communities in their respective areas, but there is currently a lack of alignment between the activities of regional communities and the sustainable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  2. There is no onboarding program for new local communities to further expand NEAR into other regions.

  3. There is still an overlap between the activities of the regional community and other DAOs, such as Developer DAO and Marketing DAO, highlighting the need for clarification of tasks and functions to avoid any redundancy.

  • How will NEAR Globe DAO solve the current issue?
    The Near globe DAO community will work very closely with HoM (House of Merit) to fulfill the goals and KPIs of the NDC (Near Digital Collective). All councils have a background in the Near Community building and have previously led a regional community. Regional communities will meet once a month and learn from each other. Our team will review all applications on a rolling basis, determine if more information is required, and then schedule a call with the team if necessary. At that point, we may revert with additional questions or ideas.

    Globe DAO will focus on implementation P-1: Widening Adoption of NEAR:
    P-1.1: Outreach to New Audiences CoA priority

    Continuous outreach to new audiences is the source of new community members and ideas. That’s why we believe this priority is a cornerstone for the NDC. There are many initiatives that fall into this category and we intentionally do not want to limit what is possible. However, here are some ideas that can be explored:

    1. Referral systems for the ecosystem.
    2. Activation of the protocol’s daily usage through gamification mechanics (for example, leaderboards).
    3. Demonstration of NEAR to non-blockchain communities:
    • TradFi apps seeking exposure to DeFi yield;
    • Traditional software companies seeking to offload security and risk to blockchain;*
    • AI/ML data provenance;*
    • Social apps with data privacy requirements and possible network effects.
    1. Education of the local communities, creators, influencers:
    • Local offline and online workshops or lectures in regional languages.
    • Catchy swag
    • Referral programs
    • Time-bound events: NEARtober fest, NEAR advent calendar.
NDC priority Activities KPI - % budget allocation
P-1: Widening Adoption of NEAR: P-1.1: Outreach to New Audiences CoA priorityContinuous outreach to new audiences is the source of new community members and ideas. That’s why we believe this priority is a cornerstone for the NDC. There are many initiatives that fall into this category and we intentionally do not want to limit what is possible. 1. Referral systems for the ecosystem: 10% budget allocation for:New wallet/ IAH registration by reference link(for ex: using Keypom/ Shard dog…)
2. Activation of the protocol’s daily usage through gamification mechanics (for example, leaderboards). 35% budget allocationCreate media channel for amplify ecosystem news in local language (like Aurora news stream key channels) and gamification the engagements. (views, like, comments)User engagement, increase active members in NEAR ecosystem through on-chain metric or other platforms (Zealy campaigns, Learn to Earn, mystery boxes, Near social… )
3. Demonstration of NEAR to non-blockchain communities:a. TradFi apps seeking exposure to DeFi yield;b. Traditional software companies seeking to offload security and risk to blockchain;c. AI/ML data provenance;d. Social apps with data privacy requirements and possible network effects. 15% budget allocation for:Founders & Start ups: Biz development, connect with local community for new users recruitment.KPI:Partnership announcement/ events such as: AMA, Learn to Earn Quiz, Games… or any engagements activities with evidence.
4. Education of the local communities, creators, influencers:a. Local offline and online workshops or lectures in regional languages;b. Catchy swag;c. Referral programs;d. Time-bound events: NEARtober fest, NEAR advent calendar. 20% budget allocationOnline/ offline events(Devs event, Defi & NFT events…)For Developers: courses & training (online & offline)Number of Devs, training courses, BOS workshop, courses.Useful dApps, able to build on top of itCreate and deliver an eye-catching swag with high use rate to increase NEAR brand awarenessKPI:Online events (Joined people, new wallet conversions, referral programs)Offline events (Video/ Photos about the events, referral programs)Daily-use swag delivering in events
Remuneration Council members workload:Strategic planning & execution,Review proposal, Follow up KPI & Meeting with communities, HOM and COA. Report 20% budget allocation

Finally, please refer on our NEAR GLOBE DAO Charter to understand our approach (KPI-based reward) to achieve the above mission with communities around the world, for example:

  1. NEAR Australia & New Zealand
  2. NEAR Africa
  3. NEAR Balkans
  4. NEAR US & Canada
  5. NEAR China
  6. NEAR German
  7. NEAR Korea
  8. NEAR France
  9. NEAR LATAM groups
  10. NEAR Venezuela
  11. NEAR Argentina
  12. NEAR Turkey
  13. NEAR Ukraine
  14. NEAR Indonesia
  15. NEAR India
  16. NEAR Vietnam

For current & new communities, please apply through this Google Form with evidence of social media channels so NEAR Globe DAO can classify into a tier system.

Section 8. Budget

Projected Budget for the next three months (In USD for each Task/Milestone)

Monthly budget: $75,000

Goals: Onboard 8-10 efficient communities to get 400 new users, 5 new partnerships, 10 Online/ offline events, 500K total impressions of all social media channels.

Budget for V1: $75000x3= $225,000

Link to the Budget Details

  • What is the length of Commitment to Delivering Your Project? Will your team be working on this project full time?
    The team will be working full-time to guarantee the objectives and milestones specified in our charter.

  • Will your team be fully remunerated from this budget?
    Yes! Team will be remunerated from this budget only.

Section 9. Project/DAO longevity

  • Does your project/DAO require one-time or continuous funding?

    • We will receive continuous funding for 1 year, and based on the results, HOM will evaluate our KPI and decide to continue or not.
  • Will your DAO/Project device way of sustaining itself after this round of funding?

    • Success for NEAR Globe DAO is :
    • Local communities to become regional hubs.
    • To nurture the new communities and lead them to become self-sustaining local communities in the long term, which is partially* of the operation and marketing cost will be covered by each community themselves
    • Partially means based on actual operation of DAO after 6-month funding, we will define the KPI %.
  • What are the possible roadblocks to the success of your project/DAO?

    • Continuous funding
    • Consistent and clear set of KPI
    • Fair process

Everything looks great!
Glad to have all of you in our NEAR Ecosystem! :green_heart:


Thank you @iamanansari @cizi31 @derymars @HaiVu @Ihor very much for great job! I will be happy to nominate your DAO to be a part of Near Digital Collective!


Thank you for your support, Sir!


Great job, Globe DAO! I really like how you’re focusing on getting more people to use NEAR. The idea of reaching out to new audiences is super important, and it’s awesome that you’re making it a priority.

I love the creative ideas you’ve suggested, like referral systems and making the daily use of NEAR more fun with games. Also, the plan to show NEAR to non-blockchain communities, like traditional finance and software companies, is really smart.

The effort to educate local communities in their own languages through workshops is a fantastic idea. And the fun stuff like cool swag, referral programs, and events like NEARtober fest and NEAR advent calendar adds a nice touch.

Overall, it looks like you’ve got a solid plan that’s not only thoughtful but also exciting. Keep up the good work, Globe DAO! Looking forward to seeing NEAR grow with these cool initiatives.


As an NDC House Of Merit member, I happy to recommend sponsorsh of GLOBE DAO


Hi mate,
Thank you very much for taking the time to read through the whole proposal and the detail KPI in our charter!
That means a lot to us, and we will do our best to contribute to regional development!
Also, we are welcome to apply your initiatives to our DAO when we get the approval!
Cheers, :beers:


Thank you for all your support for Globe DAO, will give our best here.


Love to know more about this initiative.


Really great initiative guys!! I love the fact known and trusted Members are leading this movement however my question are

  • Hope it wouldn’t affect the MDAO or RC DAO since they’ve almost similar Goal?
  • is there any different between Global DAO and this mentioned DAO’s (MDAO & RC DAO).

However it’s also great if all DAO Exist as long as there’s smooth collaboration and overawe impact.
I asked the question cause of curiosity.

Godspeed Global DAO let’s build :ok_hand:


This is pure centralising and cartelising the regional communities.

This is pure counter intuitive to the purpose of decentralization especially when leaders and communty members from different regions has indicated tbeir interest in having their own grassroots dao that not just only aligns with their local needs but also aligns with the NDC goals.

Can you clarify if this DAO is meant to compete or supersede the current structure known as ‘Regional DAO’?

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Globe DAO is here with clear vision having aligned KPIs and tier system not competing or superseding anyone. Glad to have experienced regional community builders as team members. Thanks!


It’s fantastic to see the Near Globe DAO proposal incorporating a tier classification that ensures fair budget distribution based on regional performance.

Your commitment to equity and results driven allocation is truly commendable guys! @iamanansari @HaiVu @derymars @cizi31 @Ihor


On chain poll created



Dear @iamanansari ! Your proposal was approved!


Thankyou so much @Dacha and other HoM members for your support. Looking forward to give our best ahead.