Hello Everyone,

I am happy to present our January report outlining the achievements and successful completion of KPIs set by NDC. It is with great pleasure that I share the progress made by our collective efforts in managing the regional communities and guilds within the NEAR ecosystem.

Project Name: Near Globe DAO

Project Status: Completed all the committed KPIs

Approved Proposal by HoM: January Proposal

Introduction: Near Globe DAO leading and supporting regional communities to represent NEAR in different countries and work to build communities in specific languages ​​in the NEAR ecosystem. The mission is to create engaged and empowered communities, with a common goal of advancing the NEAR and its adoption on a global scale. By strategically focusing on regional representation through local partnerships, increasing dApss usage, creating content in local languages & more. Aiming to make NEAR more accessible and inclusive to a wider audience.

Highlights of Achievements & Metrics

Planned vs Achieved

Through our collective efforts, we have made significant strides in various areas, each contributing to the growth and development of the NEAR Ecosystem. Here are the key highlights of our accomplishments for the given KPIs:

  • Wallet Creation and IAH Verification: We successfully facilitated the creation of 1300+ wallets for community members, ensuring accessibility to the NEAR ecosystem. For IAH, users were facing issues for verification as the site was working properly. This issue has been already raised. So, for January we decided not to track IAH growth. However, we are creating a list of existing IAH users in communities.

  • Online/Offline Events: 42 online/offline + 12 dev session activities were done for this month including AMAs, workshops, educational sessions with devs, for community interaction and knowledge-sharing.

  • Partnerships with non-blockchain communities: 9 strategic partnerships with non-blockchain communities. Sharing some highlights from these partnerships.

    1. NEAR ES partnership with social application for political party


  1. Near Vietnam had a partnership with MeDoo, a Web2 company in the Edtech segment, specializing in compiling and providing online courses and being a bridge between content creators and learners. You can check the details here: NEAR Vietnam Jan Report

  • Transactions through gamification: In an effort to promote dApps usage, we introduced gamification events on Zealy and other platforms. Where we encouraged users to explore and utilize various decentralized applications on the NEAR platform. Through all these events we got 24K+ transactions from newly onboarded NEAR wallets.

  • How we calculated this?

    • We asked all the community leaders to collect newly onboarded wallets from their community and to attach their pikespeak link in a sheet and write the number of transactions of each wallet. However, as we all know currently we don’t have any tracking dashboard. We councils personally checked few random wallets from the list of each guild if the numbers are really true. Although, stats were correct but still we think it’s approx numbers not the exact numbers. We believe there might be a 5-10% difference in these stats (can be lower or higher). Hopefully, we will have a dashboard soon for tracking so that we can track exact growth.
  • Dev training sessions: Dedicated developer training sessions provided aspiring developers with the necessary tools and resources to build on the NEAR platform.

    • Here are the highlights of Near India BOS Workshop:

    • Near Hausa

    • Near Vietnam

    • Near Indonesia

  • Social Media growth: We have seen some significant growth in our social media presence, particularly on Twitter and Telegram, through targeted outreach and community engagement.

    Our active presence on these platforms got greater visibility through guilds’ initiatives and events.

    • Combined followers on Twitter: 31.8K
      Impressions: 523K+

    • Combined members on Telegram: 20.2K
      Active Members: 1783

Highlights with detailed stats


Here are the January reports from Regional Communities:

Major Issues we faced while reporting:

Korea partnership: We didn’t count their partnerships as non-blockchain partnerships as they should be Web 2 companies belonging to TradFi; Traditional software companies ; AI/ML; and Social applications.

Near India: The transactions should be from newly onboarded wallets. Transactions from old wallets won’t be counted. As we are currently focusing on Retention of newly onboarded wallets.

  • For community leaders, we would like to remind 5 key points as follows:
  1. Partnership with non-blockchain communities must belong to 4 categories (Trafi; Traditional software companies; AI/ML; Social apps)
  2. Wallet txns must follow the template here Template_Wallet report with data extract from pikespeak.ai
  3. All dev activities must have evidence by video formats.
  4. All event must have evidence in pictures or screenshots.
  5. Prioritize table and diagrams in the proposal, report for easier tracking and comment.

Please refer to NEAR ES report as the official template for report.


These achievements have justified our commitment to nurturing an inclusive ecosystem within the NEAR community. Thank you to all our community members for your continued support and dedication.

Looking ahead, the journey of Globe DAO is filled with exciting possibilities.In the coming months, we have plans to further expand our reach, impact, and amplify the ecosystem. Whether it’s through educational initiatives, dev training sessions or strategic partnerships, our goal remains the same.

Thank you!


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