[REPORT] Near Indonesia Community January Report

Hi everyone,

We are excited to share with you our January 2024 report for the NEAR Indonesia community.

Previous Proposal : [Approved] NEAR Globe DAO V1: NDC Budget JANUARY 2024

Current core team members:

Link to the Social Media accounts:
Near Social: Near Social
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nearindonesia?s=21&t=5FguwbhzhHyI629CG3lGKQ
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NEARIndonesiaHQ
Telegram announcement: Telegram: Contact @nearindonesianews
Medium: Telegram: Contact @NEARIndonesiaHQ
Tiktok: NEAR PROTOCOL INDONESIA (@nearprotocol_id) | TikTok
Youtube: NEAR Indonesia - YouTube
Instagram: Near Indonesia (@nearguildindonesia) • Instagram photos and videos

Hey @globedao, I’d like to report on the activities near Indonesia last January. Here are the details:

  1. Referral System (Wallet Creation)
    Near Indonesia Wallet January - Google Sheets
    Total wallets created: 193 (Target January: 90)

  2. Engagement gamification mechanism

  1. Demonstration NEAR to NON blockchain communities

Education of the local communities:


Viewers : 3,4k

- Near Indonesia with CryptoIndo Bandung session (Online)

Link :



Attendees: 45 persons

- Near Indonesia x Tokocrypto x Kamus Crypto (Offline)

Announcement Link:


Attendees: 60+ people
Documentation link: Tokocrypto Chapter 4 - Google Drive

NEAR Indonesia x Marubozu Cafe x Sucor Sekuritas (Offline)

Announcement Link:

Attendees: 25+ people
Documentation link :


Dev activities:
Attandes: 10+ developpers

  • Technical article in BAHASA will be posted on 15 Feb 2024.

Thank you Community, @NearGlobeDao , @iamanansari, @derymars , @HaiVu, @cizi31 @Ihor advisors, and all concerned parties, Happy day, everyone :raised_hands: