[REPORT] May Monthly Report _ Demonstra DAO

Project Name: DemonstraDAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members: @dani @RebeccaJ @JulianaM

Project Accounting: current account balance 192.4694 NEAR


  • Payout pending: 192.4694 NEAR
  • related to:
    • Banner creation
    • Opening video motion
    • Streaming of Demonstra Seminar videos on the Demonstra Youtube
    • Acessibility Audio description and Libras for the Seminar Opening video
    • 2 Art Workshops about Art, Disability and Corporeities

Updated Project Timeline:

Seminar & Exhibition Demonstra: Closing event of the Demonstra Artistic Residency Edition #01 - Poéticas Informes. The final result of this event as well as the repercussion of the content presented was exceptional. Thanks to the support we had from Near over the last few months, we were able to work with a large technical and production team so that the event could take place in such a professional way. Below are the links where you can check the content of the event:

Demonstra Seminar_ More than six hours of talks, presentations and dialogues between artists and professionals of the arts with and without the visual arts.

Demonstra Exhibition_ This exhibition is taking place simultaneously on several virtual platforms and presents the works developed by the artists selected in the Demonstra artist residency program.

Galeria Demonstra

Galeria 3XR.space (linked to Mintbase with works minted in NFTs)

Galeria Arquipélago - Centro de Artes Contemporâneas

  • On-line promotion at Umbigo Magazine:

This promotional action was properly executed and included a promotional banner and a story about the project linked to the Umbigo Magazine website.

Article about the event:

Banner promocional:

  • Seminar Production - May.

We had the support of a large technical team for pre-production of the seminar that included interpreters of Portuguese and Brazilian sign language; streaming professional to capture and present the videos recorded and live during the seminar @guibegotti; video editing with teaser videos created especially for the event made by @CudoDAO

Social networks Demonstra - Posting Plan

  • We managed to increase the number of followers and greater engagement with our publications, creating greater interaction with people who are interested in the art produced by artists with disabilities. Our goal is to propagate and give visibility to this rich and powerful production and, through social networks, reach the entire artistic community and other sectors of society.


  • This month we produced 9 posts, 94 stories and 3 videos on Instagram. We invested 25 USD weekly in boosting some posts to continue to reach more people and interactions. We created greater engagement and interaction with the audience that already follows us (11m), maintaining consistency and regularity in publications. In addition to the reach of our publications, we grew 32.8% in terms of interaction.

  • We publicized the seminar schedule, highlighting the invited participants and showing who they are and a bit of their bio. We also made several posts focused on the works of the resident artists and on the virtual exhibition that opened on May 21.

  • @lucterra from CUDO DAO created a new teaser about the residency experience;

  • We made 3 newsletters throughout the month, presenting the entire seminar program, a presentation by the participants and talk about the online exhibition.

  • We realized the importance of having a communication and marketing professional focused on such matters and the collaboration with @yuli07 has been very good for her professionalism and commitment to the project. It has been very important to work with design professionals to create the artwork for the posts, this reinforces and preserves the visual identity of the project and increasingly connects the audience to something. Working with @lucterra from CUDO DAO has been very positive for the creation of the video teasers, as shown in the video images below and the post link. And guidance and direction with Demonstra founder @dani has been essential to overall focus and purpose.

Demonstra Workshops

We are in the pre-production phase of the workshops in which meetings with the technical team and guest artists are scheduled for next week. This project is scheduled to be produced in three months.

What has already been partially produced are the workshops Workshop 04_ Tactile Self-Portrait and Workshop 02_ Laboratory of (De)efficiency



  • The closing event of the Demonstra Artistic Residency with the presentation of the Seminar and Exhibition was excellent. It was more than 6 hours of activities streamed via Youtube and counted with the participation of several arts professionals with and without disabilities.
  • With this event we had around 15 new onboarding for users with active NEAR wallets.
  • We had approximately 150 views during the LIVE of the event on Youtube
  • We had important collaborations with DAOS that helped in the execution, promotion and mentoring of our event (IncubadoraDAO, CudoDAO, 3XR and Mintbase)
  • We created our first customizable gallery at 3XR with works in NFTs from the artists participating in the Artist Residency and we are very pleased with the final result
  • The work that has developed with CUDO DAO has been increasingly productive and rewarding. They delivered all the video and motion graphic materials on time and with the quality we expected. We are very satisfied with the work done with them.
  • In social media, we are feeling more and more the engagement of our content focused on our purpose. With excellent quality graphic material and accessibility in communication.
  • We have managed to establish partnerships with important Portuguese and Brazilian artistic institutions. Such as: Arquipélago - Contemporary Arts Center (Azores - Portugal), 55SP, Nowhere, Duplex Air and Umbigo Magazine.
  • @JulianaM assisted us with the DAO upgrading in Astrodao
  • We have voted to approve proposals from other DAOs and have the essential support of @JulianaM for technical issues and the functioning of the platform community


  • The Demonstra Seminar & Exhibition event was quite complex and laborious to complete. In all we had more than 50 professionals involved in the production of this event and we did not imagine that it would be so hard to develop it. But, thanks to the commitment and professionalism of everyone, the event was exceptional.
  • More and more we realize the importance and emergency of the Demonstra project. With this first event, it became clear that artistic actions aimed at stimulating and disseminating artists with disabilities in the arts are extremely necessary. This way we want to continue to develop our work and we are very grateful to Near for having believed in each of the proposals presented so far.

Next Steps:

  • Continue the projects that are currently in action, such as Demonstra Dialogues, Demonstra Gallery, Demonstra Workshops.
  • Finalize the pdf catalog that is part of the Demonstra Exhibition.
  • Create a more periodic and dynamic funding action in order to disseminate and stimulate the work of people with disabilities in the visual arts. We realize that there are excellent artists and research on dissident corporeities needing support and encouragement from us. In this way we are starting to develop the Demonstra Creation Fellowship that will be presented in the June proposal.

Thank you!


Congrats! Glad to be part of it


thank you @juliamorelli55sp … we are very proud of the positive direction of the #demonstra-dao


thanks @RebeccaJ for this detailed report on our recent achievements with DemonstraDAO


Thank you for the Wonderful report :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @Monish016 .
Feedback from moderators is really important for us, especially positive feedback. :heart_eyes:

In fact, this month we had the conclusion of many important works for the Demonstra Project. Thanks to the support we are having with Near, the results and the repercussion have been very good.

We really want to continue our projects and we count on everyone’s encouragement and support!

big hug! :call_me_hand: