[Rejected] NEAR NFTs & Crypto: Visual Art & Music NFT Physical Event at Rio de Janeiro

Objective and Justification: Our intention is to produce a prototype physical event for music and visual NFTs in a Brazilian Art Gallery, in Rio de Janeiro, which could be replicated in other places. This gallery is a place where the public already pays in FIAT to enter, and there they can enjoy visual arts and music. Our intention is to involve NEAR in this event in the following way: to use NEAR to pay the location and the people involved, and use NEAR for the public to pay the entrance, and, of course, to use only NEAR NFTs in the exhibition. The importance of this event is that it would increase the community who uses NEAR to physical communities too, and this gallery’s community is a community of people interested in visual arts and music, many of them artists, thus this could develop into new members for the involved DAOs. And as this community is composed of relatively the same members that constantly go to the gallery, they could develop into active members of the ecosystem in case we can make this project in the future to be something continuous. And beyond that, we have the intention that, with time and events, we could also convince the gallery coordinators to let us add NEAR currency to the bar and increase transactions. If the event goes well, we can have from 35 to 80 people, paying 25 reais (Brazilian currency, 1 usd = 5 reais), what does not cover the costs, but it is our intention to start building sustainability in our projects and stimulating new people to spend resources in NEAR tokens. Another important subject is our focus on the LGBTQIA+ community of artists, to value their work and exhibit them to art appreciators in traditional art galleries. This is revolutionary, for bringing LGBTQIA+ crypto artists, from FEMINU DAO, to the traditional art scene of Rio de Janeiro. And as The Philosophers DAO decided to participate, we will exhibit their NFTs and open a space for them to talk about NEAR, Art, and Philosophy on the blockchain. This is important because we need someone to introduce the public to what is NFT and how we can collect them, how we can buy near etc, and that is going to be part of the talk.

  • Team & Physical Venue

We are a team of people investing on the intention of producing a physical NEAR NFT event at a gallery in the rich area (South Zone) of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Philosopher is the coordinator and general curator of the project, Rayana works as a general producer, Flygoa is our DJ and music producer, L3v1at4 is our graphic designer and art producer.






Ble Galeria (Rio de Janeiro, South Zone)


Publicizing site:


  • Why the team is best for the funds

Philosopher has a known capacity in the ecosystem of coordinating projects, given the many DAOs he is a founder and was council, and he carries the history of more of 100 people onboarded into NEAR. Philosopher also has a history of building physical academic events, as you can see in your research CV on linktree, and also of building large projects with 200 people with a grant by John Templeton Foundation, as you can see here: https://www.templeton.org/grant/serie-investigacao-filosofica-improving-knowledge-and-philosophical-competences-of-brazilian-researchers-and-students

Flygoa is a musician, DJ, and knows personally the audio producers from Ble Galeria, where we will make our event. To know them personally is important, because she will be able to secure a spot for our event in a very discounted price (100 usd) and she will be able to talk to musicians in order to produce the kind of event that Ble Galeria is used to make, in order for us to call their community.

Raiana has a degree in design, a post graduate degree in art and philosophy, and has always worked integrating technology. Using various resources such as digital, visual and sound. She has a sound&image research and a solo project since 2017 and organizes and promotes events in her locality (Rio de Janeiro), fostering collectives and including the local community, since 2018. Now she is part of a dao called SEED_dao (https://twitter.com/SEED_dao), which passed in a public notice funding promote by RefractionDAO (https://twitter.com/RefractionDAO), with the aim of holding a large physical exhibition of NFTs in São Paulo in mid-2023.

Levi has a degree in design, and works both as a graphic designer and an artist integrating sound, visual physical and digital. They have previously worked with academic cientific research in sound and image sonification, creative coding and eletronic arts. They have a solo multimedia project called @l3v1at4. Levi has already worked in the NEAR ecosystem, having onboarded 4 people for Rádio Pantera, and having co-produced multiple editions of MobiDance with FlyGoa in Rio de Janeiro in partnership with nomadelabel DAO. They will be responsible for building all the videos and images that are going to be used in the marketing material, including the ones that will be used on the day of the event itself.

  • Genre - What category does your project fall under

Music and Audio-Visual Art

  • Impact

We are bringing visibility to NEAR currency and NEAR NFTs in a physical music environment from one of the biggest cities in the world (Rio de Janeiro), in a place where people are used to paying to participate in events. So our intention is to create several wallets (at least 40) and transactions in the blockchain (at least 50 transactions: the entrance of the public and paying the services and products we will need for our project), with people paying in NEAR to go to a NFT event composed of music and audio visual NFTs from the DAOs that fund us. So visibility to the DAOs and the NEAR NFTs from their members are also impacts we will achieve. Our impact has objective metrics, that would be the number of people opening wallets (35 to 80), buying NEAR, and paying the event to participate. We will also deliver videos on youtube and as NFTs for the DAOs, as a kind of historical document, and for the public participating in the physical event. If any NFT is sold, this will be an additional success, that we will be acting for happening (we will give near when the person pays for the ticket of the event, in order for the person to have near tokens inside the gallery to collect the NFTs of the exhibition.

  • Roadmap

Week 1: Talk to the gallery coordinators and make decisions concerning the event, talk to DAOs’ artists and get their NFTs for the exhibition and talk to new musicians who are going to play in the event.

Week 2: design marketing material, start publicizing, buy needed products

Week 3: Publicizing, setting up the place for the event, testing

Week 4: Hosting the event.

  • Budget: 4000 USD in nUSDC

  • 2 Samsung Frames 43’ to exhibit NFTs: 600 USD x 2 = 1200 USD
    (One TV to talk about NEAR & DAOs + NFTs, and one TV just to exhibit NFTs and NearHub Metaverse, both with headsets)

  • 2 music headsets for people to listen to the NFTs while in the event: 200 USD

  • Cloth Screens for projection: 100 usd (we already have 2 projectors)

  • Canvas printing for visual NFTs: 500 USD

  • Gallery (use of their venue): 100 USD

  • Music producer (talk to musicians, invite musicians, prepare everything for music shows): 300 USD (Flygoa)

  • Band to play in the event: 400 USD

  • Graphic designer for all videos and images for marketing material: 300 USD (L3v1at4)

  • Paid publicizing (Twitter, Instagram, Street Banners, QR Codes): 300 USD

  • Audiovisual producer: (talk to NFT artists from the DAOs, getting the NFTs for the exhibition, 300 USD (Rayana)

  • General coordinator (project development, curation, coordination, texts): 300 USD (Philosopher)


35 to 80 new wallets from people who pays for art
(possible members to the DAOs)

50 blockchain transactions

1 physical NFT Exhibition held with 40 audiovisual NFTs split between the DAOs funding the event, with a focus in LGBTQIA+ and philosophical subjects.

1 physical music show with a band/DJ.

Visibility through 4 instagram posts and 4 tweets from the general event, stories and posts for all artists participating, and banners/posters/flyers in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro and traditional cultural centers.

Associated Deliveries:

1 meta-exhibition curated and built by Feminu DAO on NEARHub
(associated project from Feminu DAO: the meta-exhibition will exhibit the works that will be exhibited in the physical exhibition)

1 talk show / interview about NEAR playing in the exhibition (associated project)

*The Associated Projects are not responsibility of the team and their deliveries depend upon the people developing each associated project. We will present links to the projects as soon as they are posted on the forum.


We know our project is expensive to develop, and thus we intend to ask for the resources for multiple DAOs, in a way that they could be our sponsors and get an objective amount of visibility in our physical event with 35 to 80 new people appreciating and perhaps collecting the work. We should notice that collecting is a low probability because people will be knowing NEAR for the first time, but to be known in a physical event by people who likes music and is willing to pay to go in a show is something that could be seen as an interesting first contact with possible art collectors (people who buys ticket to shows, music CDs, pay spotify, pays to go to galleries etc) and new music and audiovisual artists from the crypto world. We need 4000 USD to build this project, so we need a number of DAOs helping us to fulfill our objective, in a way that we can proceed as soon as we have all of our funds secured by comments of DAOs’ councils accepting our project and saying how much their DAOs will fund us. We have 40 spots on our screen and inside the gallery to present NFTs (TV, projection, printed canvas), and we will split these spots according to the funds given to our project. We will have 2 screens and 2 projectors, and printing on canvas. All the artists in the Samsung Frame will also appear in the projector, so people can see their NFTs together with other people or just appreciate it alone. From all artists, we will request to provide QR codes we will print in order for possible people to collect their work. It is also our intention to ask for resources to the Marketing DAO, in case this project is approved and secured, for paying for additional marketing support, as paid IRL publicizing. For now, we are trying to approve the basic budget for the exhibition. All of our permanent products, as headsets and tvs will be stored by the coordinator who will allow any DAO in Rio de Janeiro to use them, if they sign a responsibility term when they decide to use it.


@Ghini from FEMINU DAO
@BigM007 from BEAT DAO
@Dedeukwu from C1 Guild
@beet93 from WRITER’s GUILD
@jsc2022.near from THE PHILOSOPHERS DAO
@tabear from MUTI DAO

We would like to invite your DAOs to participate on the exhibition and fund it. We need 1000 nUSDC from 4 different DAOs in order to build our project. And we are going to split the exhibition spots according to the DAOs which fund the project, and direct the public to the respective DAOs, that will be allowed to send us a text talking about the DAO and the exhibited works, and a QR code to connect to the DAO’s site.

I know some of you would like to book a virtual meeting with me, in order to discuss it better. I am open to the meeting and to deep discussions. We appreciate the support and the attention in evaluating our project. Some editions are expected to happen after the DAOs speak.


Peace brother, trust you’re well? After syncing with the community during our weekly hangout yesterday we are sorry to say that it doesn’t align with our community roadmap but we believe this is a great way to market already existing NFTs and highlight the creators in a phygital way.


Yes, my friend. I am recovering pretty well from a surgery. But I am super well. I hope you are well too!

No problem, Dedeukwu. Thank you for considering and talking about our proposal. Glad you believe in the strength of this project. I really think phygitals can be the next frontier; and bring phygitals to a physical exhibition, I think it would be a good step for NEAR to get into larger communities.

Peace, brother. :pray: :sparkling_heart:


Such a wonderful way of promoting the web 3 and NEAR ecosystem. Keep up with the work fam, but i must tell us that it doesn’t align with the C1 Guild Community guidelines. Let’s remember we’re still one and every efforts to support one another shall be a continuation roadmap.

Mr Royalty
(C1 Guild Council)


FEMINU DAO is really excited about this proposal!! congrats! This team rocks and is highly committed with the Near ecosystem! Hope we all can make it happen!!
Our proposal will be soon int the forum, with a part regarding to this exhibition. We will bring together diversity of culture, genres, communities and places distant in miles but close in the goals inside the Near ecosystem. Thanks!


Good morning!

What are you doing to do with the stuff after the event?

How many transactions and UAW will the event bring to Near Ecosystem?

Please pay attention to events in the Marketing DAO scope, and we need to get approval from the NF events team for each of them.


You and your fellow friends can join on Near.Social , then like together, which will bring the same volume of transactions for less than $1.


Thank you Ghini. We will come up with a theme soon. Keep an eye out!

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Hi, @Dacha. Thank you for your comment.
Let me answer one by one.

50 at least.

Thank you, Dacha. I am going to check the scope.
Would u mind linking me to the information?

Thank u for your suggestion, but that is not our project, neither our intention. Our intention is to take NEAR to physical places and get the people already interested in physical art galleries to become near nft collectors, which unfortunately costs more than 1 USD. As you might know, people outside the blockchain will not come to near.social before knowing NEAR. So some work must be done to show them that it is worth it.

I hope I could answer all of your doubts.

Near. social is our product and project where the community is focused on. Let’s think about how can artists from Brazil can boost Near. Social instead of spending money on TVs.

Would you like to create a working group Brazilian artists <> Near.Social ?


I think this works as a process, @Dacha. Artists from Brazil can only boost Near if there are inside the community people who are art collectors. Art collecting is not merely a matter of hype (I am an art collector, and also my mother is an art collector), but of building a community where art collectors get interested in a set of artists. To achieve this, we cannot just mint on marketplaces and wait for the collectors to come. Even more if we are in a blockchain that represents less than 2% of NFT trading. So my proposal is to produce a physical exhibition to spread near through people that could really be art collectors.

A question about something that is not clear for me: how near.social is going to bring collectors for NEAR artists and visibility in the physical reality? Because this is the major intention of my project, and I am failing to see how near.social could help to fulfill the objective of the project.

Nevertheless, I appreciate your project of near.social. And if the Marketing DAO is willing to fund our project, we could add it to our proposal, by asking to the interested people to join. Is Marketing DAO willing to fund us?

Have you gotten approval from Near Foundation events team?


Thank you for your answer, @Dacha.
Not yet. Could you send me the link to the process?

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Thank u so much for your support, Ghini. We are very glad of having FEMINU DAO with us in this project. We hope we can replicate it in many places. I am already talking to @jsc2022.near, who is a professor on Pelotas, to check if he could build a new event from the same brand there. He knows many people from the Art course that would support the idea.


Good evening, dear people

We will address a gender-oriented topic involving the ability to learn to understand this Web 3 world by giving talks in the first part of the event.


I ask for patience. The proposal was posted for a long time and contained only equipment requests with no approach relating to a specific topic. We need to foster a truth to the ecosystem

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I will dear @fly !!! This is going to be a sucess!!!


Thank you @thephilosopher!! We are all excited, at FEMINU DAO, with this project and being able to connect 20 LGBTQIA+ Nigerian artists with Rio de Janeiro through your project!!!


Me too, @Ghini. Super excited. And already making contacts to people from other cities, where we could replicate the prototype event.

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Who should we talk to, @Dacha?

Would you like to make a meeting with us?

We would really appreciate support for this project marketing (with marketing specialists, for example, and resources to printed posters to spread in cultural centers of the city). We want that exhibition to be a success. Concerning near.social, we could connect it with gifting the participants with a NFT print. This would boost near.social and our project at the same time.

We have already 2 Creative DAOs supporting this project, and other 2 thinking about this project and their roadmap. We would really appreciate to make something memorable.

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