[Report] Blockchain Rio Festival

We are here to share some achievements trough our participation in the event called Blockchain Rio Festival. @jcsta and I participated in the event introducing Near Brasil to the participants.

The Proposal

Activities and Opportunities Report - September 2023 - Blockchain Rio

This report highlights the main activities, partnerships, and opportunities that the team involved with Near and other related projects explored during the BlockchainRio event in September 2023.

Favelaverso and Nébula - Near Actions: We have the option to promote Near-related actions with these communities, seeking developers and offering rewards to stimulate community growth. https://twitter.com/nebula_web3 https://twitter.com/Favelaverso

Rio Cripto Hub: We have initiated discussions with Rio Cripto Hub to schedule in-person events and seek financial support for our initiatives. https://twitter.com/RioCryptoHub

Guia da Cerveja -: We had a conversation with Guia da Cerveja to discuss ideas for using NFTs, including creating a trail at the brewery with NFT rewards and the possibility of buying NFTs for discounts or as gifts for friends and family. www.caminhosdacerveja.com.br

Near Photography Challenge: We established contact with a photographer who is part of a photography community, exploring the idea of creating a Near-based photography challenge.

Museum of Republic - NFT Trail: We initiated discussions with the Museum of Rio to develop an interactive trail in the museum’s rooms, offering NFTs as rewards or using them for engagement. https://museudarepublica.museus.gov.br

Flow - Multichain Hackathon: We approached Diego from Flow Blockchain to explore the possibility of organizing a multichain hackathon.

Bounties in Developer Communities: We investigated the possibility of launching bounties in developer communities, leveraging their educational Dapp to promote programming in our communities.

Metapool - Joint Events: We established contact with the Metapool ambassador in Brazil and are planning to hold joint events.

Partnership with Play4Change: We have approached Play4Change, a Brazilian social project focused on education for low-income individuals and underserved communities. We have made progress toward creating an educational track with Near. https://www.play4change.io/

TaiKai - Hackathon in Q1 2024: We had discussions with the TaiKai project lead and are planning to launch our hackathon in the first quarter of 2024, following bootcamps and minihackathons. https://taikai.network

Digifi Hackathon - Near: We met Igor, a participant in the Digifi hackathon, who expressed interest in bringing his project to the Near platform.

NearX - Partnership for High-Value Content: We established contact with Nearx, a blockchain-related platform, to explore opportunities for collaboration in high-value content and developer support. https://nearx.com.br

Web3 Communities - Presentations and Spaces: We met members of Web3 communities and successfully conducted presentations on Near and Aurora in spaces. More events with giveaways and integration programs are planned for October and beyond.

Bitdasminas - Influencer Partnership: We established contact with the Bitdasminas influencer, who has a network focused on women, showing interest in promoting Near within her project and among her network of influencers. https://www.instagram.com/bitdasminas

Artist Lili Project: We initiated discussions about collaborating with artist Lili to bring her project to the Near platform.

Dance Club - Internal Token: We explored the possibility of creating an internal token for use at a Rio dance club, conceived by @frado.

We participated in side events where we exchange knowledge and get closer to people involved with other social projects and representatives of other blockchains and influencers.

This report highlights recent activities and opportunities, demonstrating a continued commitment to the growth and expansion of Near-related initiatives and other promising collaborations. We will continue to monitor and develop these opportunities in the coming months.

We also had contact with some community members and partners. We had the opportunity to talk about the NDC elections, receive comments about the difficulties in voting and problems related to the Near wallet transition.

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