[Rejected] NEAR NFTs & Crypto: Visual Art & Music NFT Physical Event at Rio de Janeiro

Hello! I already asked NF team. Please stop change categories.

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Thank u, Dacha. I didnt realize u had change it. Sorry.
We appreciate it a lot. :pray:

Requested information at NF events team.

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Hi, @Dacha. I had an idea here concerning the purchased equipment that is good for near and avoids that I have to be responsible and guardian for the equipment acquired. Maybe we could propose to the gallery (or to more than one) that we can donate them the equipment if they allows us to use 1 year of that equipment playing videos concerning near nfts and daos inside their gallery. If they accept it, we would have a physical place to exhibit near nfts and more information to an already existing public for 1 year. What do u think about that?


Good day @thephilosopher , unfortunately, NF events team didn’t approve your proposal.

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No problem, @Dacha. GM. Thank u for asking them. Did they send a justification of the decision? For us to be able to understand the problems on the request?

One question, @Dacha: who are the members of NF events team? Is it an open information?

Yes sure, Yadira. Have a great day!

Hi, @yadira. Good morning. @Dacha just told us that NF event team did not approve our event. Would u mind letting us know the reasons why it was rejected? We would love to hear the public justification for this decision. Thank you for everything. We are waiting for your answer. :pray:

Thank u, @Dacha. Did Yadira gave you the justification for the decision? Or to anyone of the @marketingdao-council?

Sorry to disturb you, @Dacha and @yadira, but are you going to answer my question about the public justification of the rejection? If there is an objective justification (and it is not arbitrary or based on non-objective criteria), please, as a member of the community, I request all the people involved to make the justification public. I would like the @creativesdao-council and @David_NEAR, if they may, to manifest their perspectives on the matter of the public justification of decisions.

Yes sure. Can you share your calendly?

I dont have a calendly. Can we talk tomorrow, in 26h from now? 13:30 utc? Or do you want to send me yours, @Dacha?

Yes, sure Calendly - Elliot Mayer

Unfortunately, you dont have a period near today in which I am available, @Dacha. I am not available on weekends. Can we meet tomorrow 13:30 UTC?

Sorry, no. I have shared my Calendly with all available slots.

So, @Dacha, I believe you can write in the forum the public justification.

From my perspective, there are no clear metrics and KPIs for the event and a lot of personal belongings expenses.

$4000 for 50 transactions and 1 NFT. I believe you should keep in touch with Ecosystem projects and prepare a proposal together.

You can participate at Ethereum Rio23 (Rio, Brazil) as a part of Aurora team together with Aurora Brazil leaders.

In fact, the objective deliveries are:

  • 35 to 80 new wallets from people who pays for art (possible members to the DAOs and possible collectors)
  • 50 blockchain transactions (concerning the people that would learn how to buy near and pay for the ticket and maybe for NFTs in the exhibition too)
  • 1 physical NFT Exhibition held with 40 audiovisual NFTs split between the DAOs funding the event, with a focus in LGBTQIA+ and philosophical subjects. So here, there will be 40 NFTs in exhibition that are being made by FEMINU DAO and PHILOSOPHERS DAO. The idea here is to make the public to have near enough to buy the NFTs in the exhibition. And, as you were adding, to enter the community through near.social.
  • 1 physical music show with a band/DJ.
  • Visibility through 4 instagram posts and 4 tweets from the general event, stories and posts for all artists participating, and banners/posters/flyers in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro and traditional cultural centers.

As I thought, the main reason to spend resources is the grow and maintain the community. As our project intends to increase the number of community members, and collectors in specific, I dont understand well why you didnt take this into consideration when you evaluated the project.

I am being in touch with some DAOs of the ecosystem that are interested in connecting their projects with this project. IIn fact, FEMINU DAO is already building the helping the new artists from LGBTQIA+ artists to make their NFT to the exhibition. And other DAOs who did not request funding this month are also interested and thinking in asking for the next month. So, can I proceed with these partnerships and requests? Or all events, even if requested to Creatives DAOs, should go to the Marketing approval?

I had the intention of making a good project, a good event. It is not possible to make a good event without tech objects to exhibit the NFTs. I even did not request a virtual reality oculus, even if I know we can achieve an even higher event, because I know about funding limitations. For sure, we needed at least 8 TVs, 1 oculus, canvas printing for a good part of the works, letter printing on the wall to make the curatorial text, beyond many other things. So we asked resources to make a good modest exhibition, with 2 TVs and headphones, with printings on the wall, with an interesting gallery, with possibility of making something even more interesting, with known cultural centers soon. If we remove the TVs, for example, what kind of physical event would us build? We could rent the objects, but the money to rent this for a month is almost the money to buy them, so to buy seems better because we can use it multiple times. But we could rent nevertheless if marketing team or event team preferred and communicated this for us.

What do you mean? How? I just have an account and staked aurora, but I am not very active on Aurora community yet. I am just talking with some community members, and it is my intention to take this event as a project to them too, in case they get interested. It would be cool to have Near and Aurora in the same exhibition.

But I am being very careful, because I am really disappointed with Near, given my projects, that many important academic people and metaverse people onboarded because of my invitation, got disrupted by the sudden lack of funding. So my intentions of working with NEAR now are less of a personal association, but more of a project association. So I have projects of my personal interest that I would love to see them fulfilled, and in these projects I try to associate my team’s personal interest (the NFT exhibition) with NEAR’s community interest. Rejections like this, with lack of any help to create a more satisfying project or without any public justifications are even more disappointing, and this makes me be even more cautious and distant. After telling you the reasons I am cautious to associate my name with a blockchain before a good period of trust, I would also like to thank NF for everything it allowed me to do for the Brazilian artist community, for the history of metaverse, and to present this kind of technology to some of my students. It was a nice path. See you on the web3!

Thank you, Dacha.

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