[[Proposal]] Octópode DAO presents: Near Santa Cruz


Carlos Roberto Escouto - escouto.near

Project timeline - 10/09/2022 - 10/10/2022


The project will research and introduce Near in a region where Near is not yet known. The location? The city of Santa Cruz do Sul ( https://www.santacruz.rs.gov.br/ ) , in Rio Grande do Sul, the southern state of Brazil, in South America. A city that has 130 thousand inhabitants and a diverse culture that brings together artists from different areas such as; Music, Visual Arts, Theater, Audiovisual, Literature, Dance, Popular Culture, Street Culture and Germanic Culture.


The goal of the project is to map artists in the city to see which ones know about Near Blockchain and which ones already have work with NFT. Introduce Near to them and onboard a good portion of them. The goal is to do a training on how Near works and onboard interested artists. At the same time, in a physical space, bring artists together and work on creating artwork in an exclusive NFT format for mintage on mintbase.

Hold a physical event totally focused on NEAR PROTOCOL. A Meeting in physical place for presentation of ‘‘Introduction to the ecosystem’’ ‘‘What is Near?’’ ‘‘What is a blockchain’’ ‘‘How does the crypto art market work?’’ ‘‘Presentation MINTBASE and Paras and NFT marketplaces’’ At the end of the event there will be a musical artistic presentation.


The project already started on September 7th with conversations and meetings among the DAO members about the conception and execution of the proposal. About the physical space for the face-to-face event, it was thought to be in the theater of a private school in the city that has more than 150 years, the Mauá College - Colegio Maua. On September 12th a member of the DAO had a meeting with the school’s director in order to present the proposal to the school and verify the availability of the space for the event, according to the picture below. At the same time, the DAO has already made contacts with other spaces in the city thinking of alternatives in case it’s not possible at the school.

09/15 - Finalizing the proposal writing and posting in the Forum

15/09 to 20/09 - Choosing the name of the event.

09/20 - Pre-launch of the event on social media.

09/22 - Official launch of the event.

09/20 to 10/01 - Publicizing and registering the artistic community for the event.

10/01 - Event.

10/01 - Post production, general reporting and accountability.


''Introduction to the Ecosystem
''What is Near?
''What is a blockchain?
''How does the crypto art market work?
‘‘MINTBASE and Paras presentation and NFT marketplaces’’

Project timeline:
September 10, 2022
October 10, 2022

200 USD Onboarding - production of at least 20 NFT’s + weekly meetings at the meet, creation of the portfolios, onbording of 8 people connected to the artistic and cultural milieu of the city, creation and collection at Paras and present the marketpleace mintbase and delivery of participation certificates.

200 USD

space rental for the event (with water, electricity, physical space)

200 USD ( 8 X 25 USD) 25 USD for each onboarding + purchase of works nfts from each artist (8) The artists buy works from each other in this onboarding generating more transactions and also buy works from other people

100 USD

Banner production

250 flyers

10 t-shirts



250 USD


Event Production






20+ NFTs

  • 8 onboardings of people in the store

We estimate at least 20 tickets sold

  • 1 physical event


at least 20 certificates of participation

30 people at the event

contact with local commerce

mapping of artists




signature: escouto.near

subscription: Carlos Roberto Escouto


Professional Experience

2018 - Course Management, Elaboration and production of cultural projects. Association Network and Friends of the Circus ‘‘ARCA’’. 20H - Porto Alegre.

2018 - Selected by edital seven at sunset Pelotas with the show ‘‘Morte e Vida Severina’’. Cultural Producer and Director.

2018 (current) - State cultural producer. State Register of Cultural Producer CEPC 6583. Secretariat of Culture RS. Today CEPC 8241 Legal entity.

2018/2020 - Artistic animator. ‘’Pra Toda Obra’’ creative realizations. Parque Una.

2019 - Workshop worker in theater and children’s games. Mário Meneghetti School and Popular Restaurant of Pelotas. Municipal Prefecture of Pelotas. 60H.

2014 - 2019 - has graduated in Theatre from the Federal University of Pelotas ‘‘UFPel’’.

2020/2021 - Producer. ‘‘Canal PELOTAS’’. Cultural project and executive. Project executed by the Culture Incentive Law ‘‘LIC/RS’’.

2020/2021 - Producer. ‘‘ONG Anjos e Querubins’’. Contemplated with editais; ‘’Seven at Sunset’’ Pelotas and FEEVALE FAC Digital.

2020 - Contemplated with 4 productions in the edital ‘‘Pelotense Culture Movement’’ in the categories; Trajectory and Cultural Production.

Trajectories: Music “Tom Neves”, Music and Stage Arts “Ben Hur”, Theater “Flávio Dornelles”. Cultural Production: ''Dama Etílica’’

2020 - Granted in the ‘‘Premiações’’ Edict of Rio Grande/RS. Production: ''Maloca Collaborative House’’

2021 - Production of artists and selection in the editals: Creation and Training - Diversity of Cultures ‘‘Foundation Marcopolo’’ and Cultural Actions in the Communities ‘‘CUFA/RS’’ SEDAC/RS. Works and people: ‘‘Adelante, with strict protocol’’ '‘The Cat Eaten Children’s Musical’ ‘‘Rochele Ricardo’’ ‘‘Daniel Stepanski’’ ‘‘Anjos e Querubins’’.

2021 - Projects ‘‘Dama Etílica canta os charms of the Sweet Coast’’ and ‘‘For a better world - Angels and Cherubim’.’ are registered with the edital Natura Musical 2021.

2021 - Approved the project ‘‘Woodstock Pinball Festival’’ in the Culture incentive law of RS LIC/RS. Project in fundraising phase.

2021 - Approved the project '‘For a better world’’ in the Culture incentive law of RS LIC/RS. Project in execution.

2022 - Member Gambiarra Near and Octopode DAO.

2022 - Art Teacher at Polivalente School.

2019/2022 - President Municipal Council of Culture



The project actually surveyed local artists about their knowledge of the Near ecosystem and NFT productions, and found that most were unaware of how Near works. Of the five acts at the event, only one member of one of the acts had knowledge. The rest, around fourteen people, had no knowledge. They were given a presentation of the ecosystem and started the process of opening portfolios and accounts in mintbase to display the NFTs created during the presentations.

The entire execution of the project was highlighted on instagram, which can be checked out at - https://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0OjE3ODQ5NDMxMzE5ODI1NTQ0?story_media_id=2936911112889990001_28893787625&igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Of the proposed ondoardings, one is finished, one is being finalized, and the others aindsa in the construction phase.

finished - Res3rva.near

Under construction - Maguilla Records

Under construction - Matheus Pedrozo e Camilla Barrios

Ateliê Vivências Urbanas ‘‘AVU’’ -

1 -

2 -

3 -

4 -

5 -

6 -

7 -

Valente -


1 -

2 -

3 -

Supernova Filmes -

1 -

AVU 3 on Mintbase

2 -

AVU 2 on Mintbase

3 -

AVU on Mintbase

4 -

Maguila Records on Mintbase

5 -

Live on Mintbase

6 -

Camila on Mintbase

7 -

TTZ on Mintbase

8 -

Reserva on Mintbase

Under construction - Irineu Di Mário

The NFT’s produced by the photographers during the event are being edited by the photographers. Then they will be adapted to NFT format by Alxandre Macieira and then minted in mintbase.

The deadline, which was scheduled to happen until October 10th, has to be extended until October 25th due to the schedule and availability of the agents involved.

The NFT workshop had a reduced number of participants. However, from this workshop, interesting approaches and contacts were made with institutions in the city of Santa Cruz do Sul, such as Parque Tecnológico UNISC and the economic development department of the municipality;

The event also happened with partnerships. COOMCAT provided trash cans for the event and UNINTER provided books for donation;

In the promotion, the event also counted on the partnerships of two local businesses;

The project will be finished when the NFT’s are ready and minted in mintbase.

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