[[Concluded]] Brazilian Music Near 4 ED

Brazilian Music Near 4ED

Proponent: Carlos Roberto Escouto

NEAR account for payment: escouto.near

Project timeline

Performing an author music show and a virtual exhibition of NFT’s on August 25, 2022 with the first solo artist invited to the Brazilian Music on the NEAR event.

04/08 until the end of the month - Promotions (pre-release/official release/post-release) - 3 posts in English + 3 posts in Portuguese that will be done by DAO’s marketing.

09/08 - 18/08 - Rehearsal and preparation for MC’ Versa and DJ show

09/08 - 22/08 - Creation of NFT’ collection

19/08 - Recording the show

19 - 23/08 - Sound mixing and video editing of the show

24/08- Set up the show

25/08 - Reproduction of the show

09/08 - 27/08 - Publicizing



Show the versatility of the NEAR platform in receiving every art format using various tools to exhibit Brazilian artists. In this fourth edition, the proponent intends to promote, produce and disseminate the artistic work of the artist ‘‘Versa MC’’ on NEAR. The project will finance an authorial show by the artist and then produce an exhibition and works in NFT of the musical work of ‘‘Versa MC’’. The show will be free to access on the metaverse using a space on the Cryptovoxels metaverse. The NFT works will also be available on the Octopode DAO store, with dissemination, circulation and purchase by blockchain users.

Payment: 950 USD in Near


Holding events and exhibitions is an incentive for our artists to get to know NEAR and start producing and publishing their work on the Mintbase-NEAR platform. The Octopode DAO stands firm in its values and principles by generating relevant actions for the community and that help the growth of the network, strengthening even more the Mintbase-NEAR network and showing how effective it is to receive more artistic expressions. The Brazilian Music Near project is in its fourth edition doing this and now for the first time brings a woman artist to present her musical work.


VERSA is an MC, songwriter, art educator, cultural producer, musical strategist and master in the art of freestyle. Former member of the collective Trama Feminina and Dissemina Produções, she started to rhyme in the famous Batalha das Minas, in the streets of Florianópolis. Her lyrics portray her daily life and experiences, demonstrating all the strength and insight necessary to survive as a woman artist in society. With her work she has performed in several Brazilian states, standing out as one of the
Santa Catarina’s artists that stand out in the national scene according to the portal NDMais, being the first hip
first hip hop artist to be on the cover of the diary Catarinense.

Instagram - https://instagram.com/salveversa?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Facebook: Redirecting...

Spotify -


The Action: Brazilian Music on NEAR is an event that intends to show the diversity of Brazilian music by searching for bands, musicians, sounds and musical artistic varieties throughout the Brazilian territory.
It is a project that intends to bring the Brazilian music artist to the Mintbase-NEAR platform and insert them into the metaverse, thus offering an additional opportunity to show their work and get paid for it by showing their musical work in video and creating a collection of their own in NFT. The two that MC Versa will develop in the month will be available on cryptovoxels starting on 8/25/08 and for sale on mintbase.

Budget: USD 950 em Near

450 USD em Near - MC Versa

USD 100 in NEAR para - isadanoninho.near

Production of the graphic arts for the event.
Production and assistance in setting up the exhibition at cryptovoxels

USD 75 em Near - Vinicius vinniegcp.near

Support of writing the project report, dissemination on discord and support in mediating the artist with the dao.

USD 175 em Near - Carlos Escouto - escouto.near

Writing of the project / Organization of the tasks of each professional / Responsible for the payment and hiring and disclosure in his personal profile on social media and responsibility at the end of the project

USD 150 em Near - alexandre.macieira

Publicize and make the call for participants in their personal profile (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of Gambiarra DAO and personal profile of the proponents).
Prepare texts for dissemination in Instagram and Twitter formats, and YouTube video descriptions.
Organize the structure of all publications
Selection, listing and assembly of the NFTs
Set up the Exhibition at 3XRSpace


Very happy to be part of the project and be able to see up close the valorization of Brazilian music! :heartbeat: Thanks MC Versa for accepting the invitation, thank you NEAR for the opportunity!


omg! Mc versa is so talented! This project is fireeee


[Report] Brazilian Music Near 4 ED ‘‘MCVersa’’

The project “Brazilian Music Near” 4th edition is finished and with the objectives listed in the proposal achieved with minor changes.

The concert that was scheduled to be played on August 25th was played on August 27th. In the initial proposal it was planned only to reproduce the show and the collection of NFT’s, however, during the course of the proposal, we managed to find space for the show to be on display at voxels until September 2nd.

In the highlights of the instagram of the proponent of the project escouto.near Carlos Escouto, it is possible to see how the dissemination happened before, during and after the exhibition day of the show and the NFT’s collection through the link


Through DAO Octopode’s instagram profile it is also possible to check out a highlight created to promote only the fourth edition of the project with MC Versa that can be accessed through the link


The post announcing the show and the NFT’s collection can be checked at



Artist MC Versa has created an account on mintbase where she has put her first collection of NFT’s up for sale. The collection can be checked out via the link

DAO Octopode concludes that the event was a success in terms of audience reached. Only on the day of the show’s launch the voxel registered 180 people at the premiere as pictured below

The same show reproduced in the voxel can be checked on DAO Octopus’ youtube channel through the link - Brazilian Music Near 4ª ED - Mc Versa - YouTube - and the highlights of the project edition will still be available indefinitely on the DAO and the proponent’s profiles.

below, pictures of the process by @Isa_Danoninho


This is Amazing congratulations @Carlos


Parabéns time por mais uma edição de sucesso! Obrigado a NEAR pelo incentivo!

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thank you for the words @macieira @Natashacremonese

you were and are fundamental for all of this.

thank you!