FEMINU DAO is very proud to say that during the months in which there was no NF incentive, we sought to establish priorities and worked to achieve our sustainability and for this, we acted on several work fronts.

a. We continue to hold weekly meetings, from 2 to 3, in order to not only keep the group together, to keep alive our goals of promoting cultural and gender diversity within the Near ecosystem, but mainly to promote actions aimed at the continuity of a DAO that has always been very active and in just a few months of existence has accomplished a lot within this community.
b. We attended the NFT São Paulo, invited by @Dazo when Ghini spoke about FEMINU DAO and its relevance within the Near universe and its intense work to promote diversities.
c. We increased our councils with the arrival of Bianca Victal, who has always had a very active participation in the community, doing various jobs without any kind of remuneration, with the goal of growing the community and the Near ecosystem. We highlight, among other things, the video made for our Manifesto written by Ghini, in English, and her presence at NFT São Paulo last November, traveling more than 580 km.
d. Another council recently included, but who has also been contributing for a long time mainly to our journey towards sustainability is Dr. Giovana Goretti Feijó de Almeida. Her contribution has been invaluable to the group. She very generously not only guides us but teaches us about a universe in which she has several master’s degrees and has a consolidated career of over 30 years, and is internationally renowned.
e. Under Giovana’s guidance, we began a series of contacts with businessmen aiming to close contracts whose objective is to bring mass performers to the Near network. One of the companies whose negotiations are still in progress has a portfolio of almost 15,000 potential artists to join and perform within the network.
f. Giovana is also taking care of our brand development - one of her specialties - starting with the creation of our new logo that will be launched soon.
g. We set up our marketplace on Mintbase via the Gorilla platform


h. We have recently opened a public channel on Telegram:


i. We have been working this past month, together with Philosopher and Dede through meets for the creation of this work proposal which, as will be detailed further on, brings together diverse communities, cultures and genders, between such different locations as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil and Nigeria, in Africa, with onboardings and educational support.
j. We are already studying Nearhub in order to build our gallery for the exhibition FEMINU IS RAINBOW.


  • DAO introduction

FEMINU DAO was born after the first exhibition in the NFT world to give visibility to cis women, trans women, non-binaries, and transvestite Brazilian artists.

We are a DAO of Brazilian artists raised to celebrate and give support to the feminine in all its diversity, bringing visibility for artists who have few opportunities to exhibit their artwork, providing onboarding, and giving all the knowledge to grow inside the NEAR ecosystem.

We work to contribute to the growth of the Near universe and are on our way to sustainability with ongoing negotiations to close IRL contracts that will benefit the ecosystem with mass onboardings. We have a major goal to be a bridge connecting resources, talent, education, opportunities, diversities, IRL initiatives and the Near blockchain.

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  • Our Team: (coucils)
about us

Ghini, the first Brazilian woman metacurator, founder and council of FEMINU DAO, meta-architect, visual artist, and poet, having already exhibited more than 600 NFTs in the metaverse Voxels. Lives in São Paulo, and has exhibited her physical works in museums in Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Korea, and Lithuania and her NFTs at NFT.NYC 21 and Nearcon22 among others. Currently participating in NFT.NYC.2023.

Mayra Mendes, Council of FEMINU DAO, degree in Ecology, and postgraduate in Photography: Technique, Language and Media, photographer, NFT artist from Minas Gerais. Accomplished the collective exhibition: “Experiência do Não ver” (Experience of Not Seeing) in 2013, and she participated in NFTSão Paulo 2022 with “Eyes from the Sky”.

Cleusa Raven - Council of FEMINU DAO, photographer and NFT artist from Rio de Janeiro. Participated in exhibitions in the Voxel and Decentraland metaverses. Led artist group exhibition projects through the Near Foundation.

Giovana Goretti F. Almeida, council of FEMINU DAO, PhD in regional development. Advertising specialist in branding. Self-taught in various artistic techniques: watercolour, oil, acrylic, handmade jewellery and exotic bio-jewellery. Has already held two solo exhibitions (2013-2015), in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; and participated in expoFeminu, in metaverse, in 2022. Currently participating in NFT.NYC.2023.

Bianca Victal, FEMINU DAO council, professional dancer, currently a member of Grupo Corpo Companhia de Dança (Belo Horizonte/MG- Brazil). Graduated in photography and doing post-graduation in cultural production. Also work with videodance production .


  • Why team is best for the funds:

For the reasons listed in our September - February Report above, and for the dedication, high quality of work and expertise of the team, as well as the fact that we have already been funded with over 21500 USDT in successful projects for the Near network, we believe we are the best team to receive funding and carry out the project presented here.

  • Achievement information about the DAO

Number of Councils - 5,
Total Number of Members - 6
Proposals Created on Astro Dao - 135
NEAR dapps interation - Mintbase, AstroDAO, Endless, Reffinance, Gorilla
Metaverse Events held - 11 events in Voxels exhibiting 194 NFTs with more than 700 visitors
Number of NFTs Minted on Mintbase - 2668
82 Onboardings, considering 60 from FEMINU community, before become a DAO

Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FeminuDAO

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/feminudao/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@feminudao5581

  • Genre - Art and Culture

  • Impact

FEMINU DAO, founded by Ghini, emerged from the first exhibition in the NFT world to give visibility to cis women, trans women, non-binary and transvestite Brazilian artists, curated by her, resulting in the integration of several participants within the Near ecosystem who have gone on to produce activities at Creatives, start new DAOs, spread Near’s name, and perform onboardings. In addition to that, the FEMINU DAOs’ leadership within the diversity of the feminine, and social impact is unquestionable.

Our goal is to provide educational impact, training for artists, sharing information, experiences with the community, promoting opportunities, learning and growth possibilities for the artists and for the Near ecosystem with the focus on spreading the Near voice as a call for diversity, and increase the feminine participation in the ecosystem.


Project 1


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  • The 20 new wallets will be posted here as soon as they are opened.
  • Dede will explain the artists about:

Near.social: Guide them to set up a profile each on the social platform of NEAR.
Metapool: At the end of the art creation phase they will stake $50 as an experiment to understand how it works.
Reffinance: It will also display how to swap coins and some other features the platform has to offer.
Sweat Economy: Early morning from 7AM-9AM 2nd day they will embark on a road walk after signing up to the sweat economy and sweat wallet with the education of how it works. Tamago:
In case there’s a music artist we will teach them how to create a profile and interact with the platform.


We are targeting the intellectuals and supporters of the community seeking support in highlighting our vision through social media platforms and purchase of these digital assets minted in the NEAR blockchain. With the intention of onboarding builders and bringing visibility to NEAR and FEMINU DAO as their mission resonates.


Just like some part of the world the negligence and mistreatment of LGBTQ individuals has become alarming and Nigeria as the giant of Africa is a strong pillar to correct this impression by driving the narrative bringing inclusion and equality in total support to them through creating this sensitivity workshop using the web3 tools and how it can be merged with their existing network platforms to proof transparency, scarcity and value.
Therefore, we will explore NEAR DApps/DEx during the workshop.

Project 2

Participation in the physical visual art & music nft event at rio de janeiro

FEMINU DAO was invited to collaborate in this beautiful project bringing visibility to NEAR currency and NEAR NFTs in a physical music environment from one of the biggest and beautiful cities in the world (Rio de Janeiro), in a place where people are used to paying to participate in events and we realized that it will fit perfectly with FEMINU IS RAINBOW.

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COUNCIL’S WORK: $ 1500 equally divided:



Using the C1 projector, together with FEMINU DAO councils, the Nigerian artists will be divided in two groups of 10 artists, when they will be taught by Mayra, Cleusa, Bianca and Ghini:

Before workshop: 1 meet (a second one if necessary)

  • presentation of the DAO and its goals
  • Near and Near Foundation blockchain
  • how Creatives DAO and DAOs in general works
  • create a $NEAR wallet with airdrops and customize their names and learn how to use the wallets,
  • gov.near.org
  • Astro DAO

After workshop, 2 meets:

  • Mintbase - they will be added as minters in FEMINU DAO store and learn how to configure the profile, how to mint, burn, sell and transfer NFTs,
  • Nearhub - hangout in the Metaverse to sync with other builders in the FEMINU DAO community to visit the Nearhub exhibition organized by FEMINU DAO and curated by Ghini, to show the artworks produced by the artists in the Near metaverse.

Giovana Goretti, our branding expert will be responsible for the marketing strategy and FEMINU DAO new logo development.

Total meets:

4 to 6 meets with like artists
2 meets with Philosopher
2 meets (at least) with Dede
2 meets with Ruidelafont
FEMINU DAO weekly meets (4)

TOTAL BUDGET: $ 5.000 to be paid in USDT

This is a very bold proposal, due to the language differences, the complexity of the deliveries, number of meets, number of artists, voluntary participation, and different teams involved in other parts of the world, we hope it will be accepted, also because of the interaction between distinct communities in the Near ecosystem and the social, educational, onboarding impact, and why not, also because of the originality of the proposal.

Greetings from the FEMINU DAO team, happy to be back on the Near road!