[The Philosophers DAO] - FUNDING PROPOSAL FOR [March] - [2023]

[The Philosophers DAO] - FUNDING PROPOSAL FOR [March] - [2023]

  • DAO introduction

Beyond our introduction, we decided to talk a bit more about our intentions concerning the community. The Philosophers DAO is a community of philosophers on the blockchain, mainly undergraduate and graduate professors and students, that intends to fund cultural and philosophical projects on the blockchain. Our path to grow our community was to fund interviews, talks, papers, and other cultural and academic products. This allowed for philosophers to get interested in the Creatives and to join our DAO. We got to 22 people in the DAO with this process. This time, we are going to use an app we intend to build to bring all of its users to our DAO and to the ecosystem and physical events to get closer to art collectors and academics. To give some visibility to our DAO, we intend to present our already produced NFTs and projects in physical events where philosophers are invited to participate. So our objective is to produce a community of philosophers to use our app and to make them part of our community and dao. This app will have an integration with NEAR Alexandria (which we built through a NEAR Grant), because the material of the courses will be the books inside this library, which are academic books on philosophy with NFT-counterparts on mintbase. The final intention is to distribute tokens to them through the app, in order for them to have governance power in our community and, with time, the community becomes decentralized and spread through Brazilian universities. This app will have near.social profile, will open wallet for users, will distribute NEAR for users (students who will have the course and professors who will make the courses), will provide certificate in terms of NFTs, will add user to Community Group on Astrodao, will include important academic information for students and professors, NFT videos for courses minted by the professors through the app, objective questions and answers to provide evaluation for students, and access to NEAR Community forum, telegram, and other social networks and forms of participation. In the short run, we intend to make it free for users and give a token built on near blockchain as a governance token, and in the long run we intend to charge for courses, in other to build sustainability through the division of resources to the DAO, to professors who add content, to students who complete the courses. This app is interesting and it could be used for other academic courses, when we test it with philosophy, and we would be able to spread the reach of Near Community.

The problem we intend to solve is the lack of philosophical and cultural content recorded on the blockchain and the small amount of creative philosophy academics within the ecosystem, by bringing cultural videos and courses to the blockchain, through an app in which professors could upload material and students could use it for receiving certificate NFTs from courses. Our mintbase store will grow a lot in the number of cultural NFTs minted and blockchain transactions created, when we start to test our future prototype. And of course, this will increase the number of active members in our DAO, growing the community of philosophers and academics on NEAR.

  • Why team is best for the funds

Our team is the best to receive the funds, because:

  1. Juliano and I are PhD Philosophy Professors. We are also editors from the Série Investigacao Filosófica (project funded by John Templeton Foundation with 93,000 USD, in which 40 PhD professors worked, each one with 5 students, totalling a team of 200 people), and we have access to professors from other Brazilian universities and credibility with them, in order to grow the community and the app. You can check the council work we made while we were part of Gambiarra DAO, Writers Guild, Metaverse DAO, The Philosophers DAO, through the reports from all these DAOs. Gambiarra store on mintbase got to more than 100 artists with my onboarding help, and Juliano also could help to create the Literature DAO, to emulate The Philosophers DAO activities inside the community of Literature academics (professors and students). Philosopher’s CV: The Philosopher | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree Juliano CV: . I have also an ability to coordinate courses and projects, as you can see im my CV and here: https://cursoslivres.unifap.br/course/investigacao-filosofica-nas-ciencias/intro

  2. The developer involved - Lissa and their team - in the process has a curriculum in app development, and they are also non-binary people, which contributes to an investment in topics of social relevance. Philosophers DAO is worried about social discrimination, and tries to intentionally use part of its resources with socially relevant groups. Check their curriculum: Currículo Lissa Ferreira [Backend] em inglês.pdf - Google Drive

  3. Sagid Salles will probably be our professor for the courses. He has an already know capability to build courses, as these links can show: Cursos Livre da Universidade Federal do Amapá & Cursos Livre da Universidade Federal do Amapá

  4. Brazilian designer, graduated in Service Design, Master in Education Design with focus on Storytelling games. She was already council in 3 DAOs (Metaverse DAO; Philosophers DAO e Spiritual DAO), created 2 DAOs (Spiritual DAO e Dice DAO), and made the design from NEAR Metaverse Magazine for 10 numbers. She coordinated projects which created more than 100 NFT, 40 videos e 15 events on metaverse, and she made projects in partnership with many different DAOs and inside web3 and we2. She works with a Brazilian metaverse, and she helped in the design of the first Brazilian metaverse, called Live Planet. Rafaela a.k.a. BeetleJuice | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree & https://rafaoubj.art.br/

  • Achievement information about the DAO

In 5 months of funded existence, the DAO got to 22 members on astro, from which 7 are active in terms of voting, and 151 members on telegram. All the people in the group Members on Astro are university professors or PhD researchers. We have attracted students with scholarships and art awards about philosophical concepts. We could develop a youtube page and a mintbase store, where we posted videos from interviews and talks with renowned philosophers, and we minted NFTs from our creative projects. We had 3022 NFTs minted, with 52 owners. On our youtube page, we have 997 subscribers. As we said earlier, we also have created NEAR Alexandria Library on metaverse, which was a project by Philosopher, that built an academic library for academic philosophy books, with 1797 visits in total.

Mintbase: Philosophart on Mintbase

Youtube: The Philosophers DAO - YouTube

NEAR Alexandria Library: Voxels

Astrodao: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Twitter (not yet developed): https://twitter.com/philosophersdao

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under

Culture - Our DAO intends to create a philosophical culture inside the web3 community through creative means and bring philosophy academics to near community and the respective academic products to the blockchain.

  • Impact

We are creating a social impact by teaching professors and students about the blockchain and embedding them in a creative form of earning and spending tokens, like giving talks, interviews, receiving scholarships, participating in art contests, games, metaverse, and writing papers. We are also introducing the new philosophers to metaverse activities, by having built NEAR Alexandria Library, which is an academic library on metaverse funded by a NEAR Grant, and this satisfies the tech innovation metric. NEAR impact on academics was growing, given that we publicized NEAR and its rewards to our students, mainly at the Universidade Federal do Amapá and the Universidade Federal de Pelotas, both in Brazil, growing the NEAR name by that. With the project that we intend to build, we will try to achieve the beginning of a mass onboarding with students and professors and social impact, with tech development to academic free courses and certification, that would be transmitted through the blockchain in our app.

  • Roadmap

Part 1:

  • Month 1-3: Design the app and start its development on testnet.
  • Month 4-5: Complete 1st step of app development, test the prototype with test players, fix errors, produce media marketing material, publicizing The Philosophers DAO, its NFTs, blockchain actions, and the future app in physical events and social media.
  • Month 6: Bring the app from testnet to mainnet, launch the app, start publicizing it inside two universities: UNIFAP & UFPEL (Federal University of Amapa & Federal University of Pelotas, both in Brazil).
  • Month 7: App use on main net, data collecting, data evaluation, final report.
  • Months 8-12: keep obtaining data about the project, keep spreading the app, expand other parts of the project, reevaluate and replan.

Future expansion projects:

Part 2: app tokenomics development & NFT staking.

Part 3: expansion to other universities beyond UNIFAP and UFPEL

Part 4: expansion to other university courses beyond philosophy.

  • DAO’s Milestones for proposal

Milestone 1: NFTs, videos, certificate models, and questions for 1 course of the app produced (professor)

Milestone 2: App design produced (designer)

Milestone 3: App prototype produced and working on mainnet (developers)

Milestone 4: Physical event to give visibility to the DAO, to its NFTs, and to the app (before launching)


Project 1: Main Project


App production for university students and professors. App with cultural courses made through video NFTs and questions and answers written on chain, with NFT certificate from these courses, with their time of extracurricular activities (needed in college)

|Expected outcome:|

  • 1 app working on near blockchain for philosophy students and, in case of expansion, possibly to any university student from any course, or even to courses outside the university (Brazil has 6,5 millions of university students)

  • 10 test users producing at least 50 blockchain transactions each (we intend to produce courses that would make users to use at least 50 transactions to be completed)

  • 50 users in 1 month from the release (so 50 new members to our DAO), each one producing at least 50 blockchain transactions in 1 course

  • 1 philosophy course in the app, with 10 videos NFTs and automatic certificate NFTs to users, gifting art NFTs to users, and answering the questions in terms of blockchain transactions.

|Activities & timelines:|- Month 1: Design the app and start its development on testnet.

  • Month 2: Complete 1st step of app development, test the prototype with test players, fix errors, produce media marketing material, publicizing The Philosophers DAO, its NFTs, blockchain actions, and the future app in physical events and social media.

  • Month 3 and 4: Bring the app from testnet to mainnet, launch the app, start publicizing it inside two universities: UNIFAP & UFPEL (Federal University of Amapa & Federal University of Pelotas, both in Brazil).

  • Month 5: App use on main net, data collecting, data evaluation, final report.

  • Months 6-12: keep obtaining data about the project, keep spreading the app.

|Budget:|Total: 2500 nUSDC

Beetle Juice: app ux designer 200 nUSDC

Lissa and their team: developers 1700 nUSDC

Sagid/non-council member (professor - course content): 400 nUSDC

Server, GooglePlay, AppStore, Initial NEAR for test users: 200 nUSDC

Philosopher: project coordinator (free: 0 nUSDC)

Target: the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Project 2

Description: Physical visual art & music nft event at rio de janeiro with 1/4 of the event for The Philosophers DAO’s NFTs and with information about the DAO, our NFTs, our app, and other projects.

Expected outcome: - Visibility to The Philosophers DAO’s NFTs and future app

  • Visibility to NEAR Community through a talk at the opening given by The Philosopher.

  • Physical NFT Exhibition held with 10 NFTs from TPD (with shared cost with other DAOs) with expected sales

  • 1 physical music show with a DJ
    Activities & timelines: - Week 1: Talk to the gallery coordinators and make decisions concerning the event, talk to DAOs’ artists and get their NFTs for the exhibition and talk to new musicians who are going to play in the event.

  • Week 2: design marketing material, start publicizing, buy needed products, printing needed products.

  • Week 3: Publicizing, setting up the place for the event, testing.

  • Week 4: Hosting the event.

Budget: 1000 USD (to pay for ¼ of the project) (check project link to see the spendings)

Target: the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near

  • What is the DAO’s goal or objective?
    To onboard philosophers on the blockchain, fund their projects, and to bring cultural academic products to the blockchain through NFT minting and app use.

  • Roadmap to reach the goal:
    (1) build an app to freely spread NEAR through Brazilian philosophers, and add users as DAO community members on astrodao;
    (2) build physical and virtual events for university students and professors in order to increase The Philosophers DAO’s products visibility (NFTs and apps);
    (3) to start the path to sustainability, by start charging for the courses, splitting the resources obtained among students (users), professors (upload content users), and the DAO;
    (4) use part of the resource obtained in the app to open grants or give awards to the highest users (in terms of blockchain transactions, certificate NFTs received,and uploads/NFT minting);
    (5) to develop and use a governance token, given by the app, to stimulate participation on astrodao and the forum.

  • How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

  1. To create an app with onboarding capabilities which stimulates blockchain transactions and which is useful for university students.
  2. To spread this app free of charge through social media and physical means.
  3. To distribute governance token and to stimulate its use by means of voting on astrodao (maybe intermediated by the app).
  4. To charge for the use of the app, expand its use cases, and use the resources received to start funding the users projects for the development of the Philosophers DAO or for its app.
  • What will the community or the team members’ role be?

Philosopher: app coordinator 0 nUSDC

Beetle Juice: app ux designer 200 nUSDC

Lissa and their team: app developers 1700 nUSDC

Sagid or a non-council member (professor - app content): 400 nUSDC

Server, GooglePlay, AppStore, etc: 200 nUSDC

Physical event project: 1000 nUSDC (distributed according to the project)

Juliano & The Philosopher: council 1500 nUSDC

Total request: 5000 nUSDC

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Astrodao approval: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near-221


@creativesdao-mods, we would appreciate your evaluation. Just tagging you here to let you know about our proposal.


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Thank u so much! I am grateful for your kind words. This is really my intention: that we can expand the app use cases. We want that our app be useful for many different cases. We can start using it for philosophy courses, than academic courses in general, than art courses, and any kind of course. This process of building courses with objective and automatic evaluations, and certificate in terms of NFT, uploaded by the professor, and students who want to make the courses receiving wallets, NFTs, token participation in the DAO (in some time); and we hope we can get to students paying for courses in near, and this near being split among professors who upload content, students who complete the courses, and the DAO who will maintain the app.

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