[Q3 OKRs] Creatives DAO

This document will serve as a working doc for building, organizing, and tracking the Creatives SputnikDAO 3rd Quarter Objectives and Key Results.

1: Awareness/Adoption:

  • Each of our whitelisted DAO’s should have at least 10+ on-chain interactions/mo. *(targeting 50+ per/quarter to start)

  • We plan to ensure we adequately support AT LEAST 14 on-chain creative communities (list can be found at the bottom of this post).

    • Each payout proposal requires an on-chain interaction between a community member and the community DAO (usually on sputnik.fund)
    • By ensuring that the Guilds community members are interacting with the community’s DAO directly, each community is able to educate its members efficiently on the utility of NEAR.

2: Responsible Funding → Projects Being Completed:

Each of our whitelisted DAO’s should have at least 50 on-chain interactions.

  • With 500 - 1000 NEAR/mo being our moderate target for fund dissemination, we hope to see those tokens being distributed among the community through multiple DAO interactions.
  • We hope to disseminate ~500 NEAR per month to our Guilds at the start of Q3 and end around 1k+/mo.
  • We require that Guilds submit monthly reports in order to continue to receive funding support from the SputnikDAO.

3: Legitimacy → Growth:

  • Partner with Creative Guilds to support them in launching projects with legitimate market players in the space.
  • Support Creative Guilds collaborating with one another in order to share resources, knowledge, and experience (larger more established guilds supporting newer guilds).
  • This type of collaboration is currently happening in our Creative Guild Leaders Telegram Channel.

4: Creative Community Building:

  • Incentivize Creative Leader engagement and support community building efforts by tipping for attendance at the weekly Saturday Creative Guild Leaders meetups, project & goal sharing, report & update sharing, and general activity collaborating with other Guilds/DAOs.

  • Begin hosting monthly or quarterly town halls starting in August (date TBC but considering Sat. Aug. 7th) on the Creatives Airmeet.

    • The event will last for 2 hours: the first hour will be spent with each Creative Guild getting a table for a meetup to be structured however the Guild leader decides; the second hour will be organized updates from each of the Creative Guild representatives to the NEAR Community hosted by the Creatives DAO.
    • The second hour / ‘official’ town hall portion will be recorded.
    • The tables will be left open for Guilds to gather and meet among themselves following the town hall if they wish.

Retrospective of 3rd Quarter Objectives and Key Results

While this target was definitely not hit for each Guild, many of the Guilds that received funding from the Creatives DAO were using DAOs for Guild management for the first time. The hope is that as these Guilds expand to astrodao.com, this “10+ on-chain interactions/mo” target will be more attainable.

There are currently 19-21 Guilds/Communities that are being funded by the Creatives DAO.

Many changes took place over the quarter with respect to how funding was distributed. (funding moved from being quoted in NEAR → being quoted in USD

Funding is still being distributed in NEAR tokens for now and there are on-chain transactions for each NEAR distribution.

This value was ~$2000-$4000 USD/mo at the price of NEAR at the beginning of Q3. The current maximum budget for each Guild to request is $5000 USD per month and with ~20 Guilds, that is a monthly budget for the Creatives DAO of ~$100k USD. (Our busiest month was August with a budget of ~25k NEAR)

Budget for July / Budget for September

Nxm is probably the leader within this area with collabs with multiple other projects, most notably DAO Drops/Bittrees and Emanate

There have been various examples of Creative Guilds collaborating with each other over the quarter:

Hoping to see more DAO <-> DAO collaboration in future months

4: Creative Community Building:

Weekly meetups are still happening on our Telegram, tipping is happening, and there are now 5 council members to support management.

There was one quarterly town hall in Q3