[ANNOUNCEMENT] Chloe's Transition - Guild Facilitator -> NF Adoption LEAD -> Ecosystem Partner

This post serves to outline @chloe’s transition through the NEAR ecosystem over the past 14 months.

My initial contributions towards the NEAR ecosystem started with supporting Mintbase with their community building/management efforts as a Createbase Facilitator (along with @lenara).

From August of 2020 to June of 2021, I worked to help provide support to creatives looking to expand their projects within the NEAR ecosystem on mintbase.io and through that, helped set up the Createbase DAO, Createbase website, and many other Guild recourses to support the growing community of creatives looking to Mintbase as a platform to experiment with NFTs.

Through this time period, I also supported the creative community @ NEAR by supporting the Creators & Communities Hackathon (May 14th – June 6th 2021). At the beginning of this hackathon, only the Createbase Guild was active within the NEAR creative ecosystem, and by the end of if, there were 3 additional active Guilds that continue to function autonomously to this day (NxM Guild (Near x Music) - NEAR Forum, Virtual Reality - NEAR Forum, curaDAO - NEAR Forum).

The hackathon supported these Guilds to gain more traction, but also set up a framework for additional creative Guilds to get set up in the ecosystem. From June 2021 → October 2021 (5 months), there have been an additional 13 Guilds that the Creatives DAO now supports in various ways.

Below are the Q3 OKRs for the Creatives DAO

As the hackathon winded down, I was no longer supporting Createbase specifically and instead moved to focusing on my role as the “NEAR Foundation Adoption Lead (Specialist)”

Below are my listed Q3 2021 OKRs and also a quick retrospective is attached in the replies.

While not all of my set objectives were met in Q3, much of the blockers were tied to circumstances that were, for various reasons, outside of my direct control. That being said, they were still my set objectives, and I am looking to continue with many of them into Q4 2021; which leads us to the present (October 7th 2021).

For Q4 2021 and Q1 2022, I will be focusing on “Adoption onto astordao.com” for the NEAR community as a whole. I will be leading these initiatives as “Founder of the Marma J Foundation”, and not as a NEAR Core employee. I consider the marmaj DAO a NEAR ecosystem partner, and am excited to continue to support the NEAR ecosystem in this way.

My personal initiatives will be focused on supporting the Creatives DAO and its transition from SputnikDAOv1AstroDAO. Myself, along with the Creatives DAO council (@vandal, @JulianaM, @tabear, + @mecsbecs) will work on formalizing that transition over the next few weeks.

As well as supporting the Creatives DAO “upgrade”, I will also be working to manage the support of project development that will support Guilds and their Adoption of DAOs as tools for communities.

Here is a brief deck explaining the high-level initiatives for Q3 2021.
Marma J DAO (1) (1).pdf (605.0 KB)

Main points include:

This transition has been swift, from co-facilitator → NF Core → ecosystem partner, and whimsical.

From my first time reading the Nightshade Paper 11 months ago, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this amazing ecosystem that was working to bring about some amazing advancements in Web3 tech. To know that I have the opportunity to continue supporting the ecosystem as “Simple Nightshade” comes online and the NEAR ecosystem looks to "Decentralize is an awesome feeling :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


Whatever aspect of the NEAR Ecosystem your attention is focused on, they’re lucky to have you :tada: Hyped to see where the Marma J DAO is in 6 months :raised_hands:

Oh, and I’ve just given up trying to make any progress towards overtaking you on PixelPets :sweat_smile:


Thank you so much for the kind words @David_NEAR :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Super excited to have been able to work with you in an official capacity over the past couple of months. Although I’m sure our work together has just begun :smiley:.

:smiling_imp: #catchmeifyoucan :sunglasses:


extraordinary talents!