[PROPOSAL] Dandelions and Honeybees DAO, NFT Pollinator Garden Funding Request - April 2022

[PROPOSAL] Dandelions and Honeybees DAO Funding Request, NFT Pollinator Garden Gallery April 2022

Contact: dandelionsandhoneybees@protonmail.com
Council Members: dandelionsandhoneybees.near, mosiahb.near, plut0.near
Target Address: dandelions-and-honeybees.sputnik-dao.near
Current Balance: (NEAR): 5 N
Funding Period: April 2022
Requested Amount: $1350 USD in NEAR
March Report: Dandelions and Honeybees DAO March Report
March Approved Project Proposal: March Approved Project Proposal

Greetings Creatives DAO,

This is our flagship project. Dandelions and Honeybees DAO supports pollinators by educating people on sustainable consumer and gardening practices. Our vision is to generate a series of NFTs that represent pollinators and other elements found in a garden ecosystem and display them in an interactive web3 gallery. Please, review our March Report (linked above) to check our progress to date.

NFT Pollinator Garden Gallery

Budget: $1350
$500 curate exhibit hosted on NEAR Hub in mid May
$550 draft copy for 10 NFTs and Pollinator Pledge
$200 support for local pollinator projects
$100 promotional materials for soft-launch (social media ads, fliers)

April Timeline:

  • Curate our first web3 exhibit which will be hosted on NEAR Hub in May, date tbd
  • We are so thankful that Mintbase has agreed to fund a bounty for 10 art submissions for NFTs that will be featured in the exhibit
  • We will complete the copy for the infographic NFTS to educate people about how to actively support pollinators

Thank you!