[REPORT] Dandelions and Honeybees DAO April 2022

Greetings Creatives Community!

Please view our April Report here:

April Monthly Report

Project Name: Dandelions and Honeybees DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Council members: dandelionsandhoneybees.near; mosiahb.near; plut0.near

Current account balance: 6.6N

Astrodao: dandelions-and-honeybees.sputnik-dao.near

Greetings Creatives,

It’s been another full and productive month for us. We continue to be grateful for the incredibly supportive Creatives community!

Please note that the scope of some of our projects has reached beyond Dandelions and Honeybees DAO, so we have established a new DAO for those projects. Beginning on May 1, 2022 Dandelions and Honeybees DAO will exclusively focus on supporting pollinators and 9INES DAO’s focus is recruitment, mentorship, training and systematizing NEAR’s onboarding and navigation tools. We have structured this report to reflect this shift.

Dandelions and Honeybees DAO Projects:

Dandelions Pollinator 3xr Gallery on Mintbase

Dandelions Pollinator Metaverse on NEAR Hub, early design phase

Report on Project 1:
NFT Pollinator Garden Gallery April Milestones
April Proposal Link for reference

  • designed and minted 5 Pollinator Pledges and 5 pollinator inspired art pieces on our dandelions Mintbase store
  • minted 7 Pollinator themed NFT artist submissions on our dandelions Mintbase store
  • our Pollinator Garden Metaverse is currently being designed by NEAR Hub (view above photo)

Report on Project 2:
Dandelions and Honeybees Supports Local Pollinator Projects

  • We have designated Soul Flower Farm as one of the primary local pollinator projects whom we will support on a monthly basis. Check out their blog here Soul Flower Farm: Bees

  • In May we will allocate $200 from our April budget that was designated to support local pollinator projects to purchase a bee suit and possibly a smoker for them.

Beginning May 1, 2022 proposals for the following projects will be submitted by 9INES DAO

Report on Project 3:
The Future is NEAR Info/Onboarding Sessions
April Proposal Link for reference

  • the Future is NEAR has been renamed as “The 9INES Sessions”
  • hosted several virtual virtual info sessions, with a total of 13 attendees which yielded some of the new NEAR accounts
  • onboarded 16 people people in April using neardrop links

Report on Project 4:
NINES Onboarding and Navigation Support:
April Proposal Link for reference

  • ongoing progress with project development and management has facilitated us achieving the following milestones:
  • compiled NEAR Introductory Links living document
  • conducted one-on-one and small group post-onboarding mentoring for 4 of our recent onboarders (totalling over 10 hours)
  • facilitated the creation of one new DAO: AncestralAlchemyAcademy DAO
  • provided proposal support for AncestralAlchemyAcademy DAO and Reggae is Bigga Than Music DAO


Our highlights this month are the accomplishments listed above along with the connections that we have made with a good handful of amazingly supportive people on NEAR. @tabear from MutiDAO, @jefedeoro from NEAR Hub, @marianeu from Mintbase, @rimberjack from OFP, @erinkristina Erin from Foundation, @hevertonharieno and @ted.iv have been so patient and generous with their time to help us learn and navigate NEAR. We always are so humbly grateful to @godofnfts and @adrianseneca from Primordia for introducing us to NEAR and for their continued insightful support!

We’re also incredibly thankful for all of the amazing artists who submitted their art in response to the bounty: tabear, LulucaL, ImJami2017, Roxy and Kalikimaka808. You are kind, patient and talented! We appreciate you! Please check out the minted work in support of our pollinators on our dandelions mintbase store!

And last but not least, we are so excited that our communities are becoming receptive to the opportunities web3 offers and are beginning to onboard and engage with NEAR. We have some great burgeoning collaborations in the wings. Stay tuned!


Much of our learning has shown up as figuring out systems to store, track and organize the abundance of information that we are learning, applying and sharing on the daily. One of the most insightful and exciting aspects about this learning experience are the collaborations, knowledge and resource sharing that organically ensue when we begin to interact with the NEAR community.

We’ve also learned how to do NEARdrops, mint NFTs, craft bounties and are learning how to do NFTdrops. There’s a lot of exciting growth going on!

We are reconnecting with people from our community we are forging meaningful collaborations in real life, because of this web3 platform. Who would have thought that that would happen?!

Accounting: We have already received our April payout

Next Steps:

In May we will:

  • have a soft open of our Pollinator Metaverse on NEAR Hub: there will be sound healing and a couple of upful reggae sets at our beehive inspired Metaverse space
  • continue to build on our Dandelions and 9INES Mintbase stores
  • establish 3XR Create Spaces for Dandelions and 9INES
  • offer another bounty for art submissions
  • 9INES DAO: onboard new accounts, facilitate DAO creations, design and conduct info/learning sessions and trainings
  • promote our NEAR spaces on social media
  • explore NEAR further, engage with some of the fun projects and seek out collaborations

Dandelions Mintbase Store Link

Please visit our Mintbase store and 3xr gallery to check out the works of the nature loving artists who responded to our first bounty! A percentage of the proceeds from sales go towards funding pollinator projects. Also, beginning in May, all NFTs will be linked with a resource list detailing how to support our pollinators! Save the bees!!!


You are doing great, Dear


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Congratulations, @dandelionshoneybees ! You have been doing great work. I had no doubt. Glad to give the support I have been able to offer, and I can’t wait to see you continue making a difference. Linking Web3 to ecological conservation is amazing! NEAR is a great layer 1 for doing this, with its desire to remain carbon neutral through these types of efforts.


Thank you so very much!!! I deeply appreciate it!!!

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We couldn’t tag any more people in the report, so we’ll just tag the artists here:
We’re also incredibly thankful for all of the amazing artists who submitted their art in response to the bounty: @tabear @LulucaL @ImJami2017 @Roxy @Kalikimaka808. You are kind, patient and talented! We appreciate you!


Thank you @dandelionshoneybees
You are really doing a good work :hugs:

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Thank YOU @Roxy and @ImJami2017 ! Couldn’t have come this far without you artists! looking forward to future collabs!


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