[PROPOSAL] Dandelions DAO Project #2 Funding Request (Pollinator Metaverse), May 2022

[PROPOSAL] Dandelions DAO Project 2 Funding Request: Pollinator Metaverse, May 2022

Contact: dandelionsandhoneybees@protonmail.com
Council Members: dandelionsandhoneybees.near, mosiahb.near, plut0.near
Target Address: dandelions-and-honeybees.sputnik-dao.near
Current Balance: (NEAR): 6 N
Funding Period: May 2022
Requested Amount: $1765 USD in NEAR
April Report: Dandelions and Honeybees DAO April Report
April Approved Project Proposal: April Pollinator Garden Proposal

Pollinator Metaverse Soft Launch on NEAR Hub
Budget: $1765

We are planning our soft launch event in mid to late May (some time after 5/17). The event will be mc’d, have a dj set to open and close the event, 3 performances, a message from the curator of the Pollinator Sanctuary Metaverse about the project and how and why to support pollinators, and a message by a NEAR native about the NEAR protocol and different ways that people can get involved. We will be testing different features of our metaverse, receive valuable feedback, create new NEAR accounts and begin gathering metrics on engagement. All confirmed event goers will receive opportunities/support to further engage with NEAR.

Event Lineup:

May Budget: $1765

$900 - Artist performances: sound healing and upful reggae (all artists have NEAR accounts)
$300 - Curate Pollinator Metaverse on NEAR Hub
$300 - Event planning/promotion
$200 - Soft Launch NFT invite (Bounty)
$65 - Satori NFT drops

May Timeline:

We will schedule our soft launch some time for the week of 5/23 through the week of 5/30, depending on artists’ schedule/availability. We will provide the actual date ASAP.


Let the Metaverse DAO know when you have a date, so we can participate and record it for the records :slight_smile:

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Hi @klarakopi and @becopro! Wonderful! I’m so sorry I missed this comment. I’ll definitely let you know!!! Thank you!!!