[PROPOSAL] Dandelions DAO Project #1 Funding Request (Pollinator Gallery), May 2022

[PROPOSAL] Dandelions DAO Project 1 Funding Request for Pollinator Gallery, May 2022

Contact: dandelionsandhoneybees@protonmail.com
Council Members: dandelionsandhoneybees.near, mosiahb.near, plut0.near
Target Address: dandelions-and-honeybees.sputnik-dao.near
Current Balance: (NEAR): 6 N
Funding Period: May 2022
Requested Amount: $1735 USD in NEAR
April Report: Dandelions and Honeybees DAO April Report
April Approved Project Proposal: April Pollinator Garden Proposal


We continue with our mission to support pollinators by educating people on sustainable consumer and gardening practices and the perils of harmful pesticides and herbicides. In May, we invite our next cohort of artists to submit work to be voted on in the forum. Selected work will be minted on our Mintbase store and featured in our Near Hub metaverse.

  • Pollinator Gallery Budget: $1735

$600 Bounty *
$200: Tier 1 Prize x 1: $200 in NEAR top 3, featured in Pollinator Gallery (Mintbase) and Sanctuary Metaverse (NEAR Hub)
$300: Tier 2 Prize x 3: $100 in NEAR,featured in Pollinator Gallery (Mintbase) and Sanctuary Metaverse (NEAR Hub)
$250: Tier 3 Prize x 5: $50 in NEAR, featured in Pollinator Gallery (Mintbase)
*(subtotal = $750 - $150 from unclaimed April Mintbase Bounty = $600)

$350 - Curate Mintbase Store with selected art submissions
$335 - Design and curate 3XR Customized Create Space Gallery (testnet and eventually mainnet)
$250 - Design and mint 10 new Pollinator Pledges
$100 - Update Pollinator Resource List linked with minted NFTs in Mintbase and 3XR Create Space galleries
$100 - Develop strategy to establish strong NEAR specific social media presence

Funds carried over from April budget to be used in May and ARE NOT REQUESTED:
$200 - purchase bee suit and smoker for Soul Flower Farm

  • May Timeline

5/9 - Post bounty in Creatives Forum

5/20 - Mint 10 pieces selected from artist submissions to be featured in Mintbase Store and 3XR Create Space Gallery

5/29 - Design and mint 10 Pollinator Pledges

Weekly - Update Pollinator Resource Doc

Thank you!