[Proposal] Arroz Criativo Videos November

Fellow Community Members,

During NearCon in Lisbon it was suggested by the head of guilds that we present more visual insight into the projects we are working on Arroz so the community has a better picture of our activities.
Subsequently this project is for the production of a series of short bitesize videos to present the activities directly or indirectly supported by NEAR protocol at Arroz Estudios, their inception and the artists leading them.

Daniele Grosso (@DanieleG), resident videographer at Arroz will be documenting a range of initiatives with 1:30/2mn video to be used at will on social media or any other relevant platform. The list below is not final and will possibly have additions as we develop projects and grow the community.

An example of what can be expected of these videos can be seen here with Planting A.I.R. resident artist David Arranhado painting a mural.

Original music will be written by resident composer Karl Godard(@squattingPigeon)

1 The pizzeria accepting Near as payments (16h)
2 Artist Nicholas Bartlett’s exhibition who also produced NFTs of his exhibition (16h)
3 The merchandising shop at Arroz in its first month of operation (16h)
4 The Mural from Kid Acne, supported by Near (16)
5 A general overview of Crytpo integration across the studios. (24h)
6 The Film scoring project in development with resident musicians/producers/composers and Black Cat Cinema. (16h)
7 Interviews of the Fundraising team to present their work. (16)
8 Music studios supported with refurbishments and associated projects. (16h)
9 Onboarding, community growth & collaboration event planned on the 26th November with neighbouring artist collective Nucleo A70 (36h)

Individual projects will take an estimate of 16hours to make, larger projects around 24h/36h so we will have to spread the cost between November,December and January budgets.
Apologies if this is against any funding rule but we’ve not other option with current budget allocations.

Video costs:
16x7 + 24 + 36 = 170hours total
(170/3) x 22$ = 1246$/month in November/December/January

Music costs:
200$ per video x 9 =1800$
1800$/3 = 600$/month in November/December/January

November budget targets:
danieleg.near = 1246$ (@N =11.6) = 107N
tolga.near = 600$ = 51N

Total = 158 N = 1846$

Anticipated time management for videos:
For each 16 hour project: 3 hours of preproduction, 5 hours of production and 8 hours of post production.
For the 24 hour project: 4 hours of preproduction, 8 hours of production, 12 hours of post production
For the 36 hour project: 5 hours of preproduction, 11 hours or production, 20 hours of postproduction

Anticipated time management for music:
10 hours total production time for 1mn 30sec of music
1 hour prep of orchestral template,
3 hours composition,
3 hours performance with instruments
4 hours of post production.

Production Timeline :

Videos 1 to 5
15 November - 20 November: pre-production
Meeting music team/video team
21 November - 10 December: production
Meeting music team/video team
Interviews with Nicholas Bartlett, Massimiliano, Sam Hill, Steven M(cKey
Filming: exhibition, pizzeria, shop, venue in general
26th November
Filming the community growth event at Nucleo 70
11 December - 22 December: post production

Videos 6 to 9
21 November - 10 December: pre-production
Meeting music team/video team
11 December - 22 December: production
Meeting music te(m/video te(m
Interviews with Black Cat Cinema and Band members, Fundraising team,
music studios members.
Filming: cinema nights, band rehearsal/concert
2 January - 15 January: post production
For all videos: 15 January - 22 January: Evaluation - Finalisation

Timelines and costs may vary and will be reflected in our reports to the best of our ability.
Thank you!