[Report] Arroz Videos progress report November

Members : @squattingPigeon & @DanieleG
Targets: tolga.near , danieleg.near
Proposal can be seen here.

Dear community members,

As suggested in the proposal, Arroz Criativo is very much a physical community anchored in the physical world not yet iterated in the metaverse. These videos are to show some of the artists part of the community in their environments performing their crafts as this has not been evident so far through reports and proposals.

The progress with this exciting project is detailed below.

Approximately 4 hours of footage was produced so far details of which are below:
Exhibition Nicholas Bartlett: 33 minutes
Pizzeria: 44 minutes
Black Cat Cinema: 28 minutes
Kid acne mural : 26 minutes
Merchandising Shop: 23 minutes
Block party: 96 minutes

Original music for these projects is currently being written.
Music spotting (determining where music is to be placed) will be done once edits are finalised.

Some of the videos currently being edited can be seen in this folder