[Report] Arroz Videos progress December

Members : @squattingPigeon & @DanieleG
Targets: tolga.near , danieleg.near
Proposal can be seen here.

Dear Community Members,

The video project about the activities of Arroz Estudios progressed somewhat slower in the past holidays period but it is still going strong and we plan a big push next week when I’ll be back in Lisbon from Italy.
Below I detail the current status for each video. I want just to underline a couple of negatives and positives that happened lately: the interview for the Pizzeria video is not satisfying me completely, the non-native English of the interviewee makes it a bit confusing, I’m thinking of reshooting it; conversely, I filmed a very good interview with Steven MacKay, president of Arroz, who gave a very clear overview of the crypto integration across the studios.
At the moment I’m busy sifting through the large amount of material I filmed during the onboarding event at Nucleo A70.

1 The pizzeria [filming completed/editing in progress]
2 Artist Nicholas Bartlett’s exhibition [editing completed/missing music]
3 The merchandising shop at Arroz [editing completed/missing music]
4 The Mural from Kid Acne [editing completed/missing music]
5 A general overview of Crytpo integration across the studios. [filming completed/editing in progress]
6 Black Cat Cinema [editing completed/missing music]
7 Interviews of the Fundraising team to present their work [still to be done]
8 Music studios supported with refurbishments and associated projects. [still to be done]
9 Onboarding event on the 26th November at Nucleo A70 [filming completed/editing in progress]

You can see here some of the videos in progress.

Thank you (and happy new year),


Music Report by @squattingPigeon

Dear community members,

I’ve so far managed to complete the soundtrack for Kid Acne’s graffiti video. It is a very dramatic orchestral piece with 2 cello section, violin flautendos, field drums and a concert flute section. It took me about 20 hours to complete from orchestration, performance, mixing and mastering. I’m hoping to finalise all of the works by the end of February if not mid March considering the time it takes to do this kind of work. Until then we’ll do our best to provide regular progress reports before our final report. We are hoping to make extensive usage of these across social channels to promote Arroz Criativo and the ecosystem.

Thank you!


I almost finished Kid Acne’s soundtrack…will post it soon!