[APPROVED] Arroz Criativo December Budget

Expense history
Current balance
Council : @vandal is stepping down so new council is needed, @mette, @squattingPigeon

Right Honourable members of the house, November was an incredibly exciting month that has seen key moments for the future of Arroz Criativo.
Our report can be seen here.


  • This month we’d like to support the soundproofing of studio 4 where resident jazz collective Mazarin resides. Their proposal can be seen here. Proposed allocation is 1150$.

  • Arroz Videos - a project documenting the real life of Arroz Criativo - initiated in November has seen some progress. Its funding is spread accross 3 months so this will be its second. Proposed allocation for this month is 1246$ (video) + 600$(music) = 1846$

  • The in house merchandising store has seen substantial progress and will soon have a permanent employee. Their report can be seen here. Their proposal can be seen here.


  • Council work : 200$ x2 ( @mette & @vandal )= 400$
  • Community management, council work and onboarding approximately 60h = 1100$

Total Requested = 4996$ / @N=9.4 = 531N


Hey Arroz Crew!

The proposal has been approved by the council, feel free to request 367 N (coingecko 23.12.21 Portugal 22:12, 1N=13.62$) from the DAO.

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All done thank you & happy holidays to all!