[Report] Arroz Criativo November Budget Report

Expense history
Current balance
Council : @vandal, @mette, @squattingPigeon


  • Work with Arroz Videos has started. Report and work folder can be seen here.

  • Studio 2 renovations are looking great and their progress report can be seen here.

  • Merchandising and shop build report can be seen here.

  • Community growth & onboarding event Blockparty has been delivered. Report can be seen here as part of the community management report. A working folder with pictures and videos currently being edited and selected as part of Arroz Videos can be seen here.


  • Community management, onboarding and council work report can be seen here.

  • Council work for @mette & @vandal : payouts of 200$/22N @ N=9$ each pending



imo pending reports should stop DAOs from requesting more $ for ‘similar’ activities, like this one.

imo, this report is lacking. I had doubts about the project, since the number of hours proposed are, imo, very excessive. I see no problem, however, with splitting proposals along several months, but would still be cool to have video content in the report about a video content proposal, and not just ‘text’.


Oh hello!

Regarding studio 2, as i mentioned on the community call, they have full time jobs, they are working on the report, the renovations are not finished yet…and they do want to deliver a good report as far as i know. If they don’t then we’ll consider your radical course of action. I personally choose the path of patience and support.

Regarding Arroz videos, there are videos - rough cuts - available in the working folder i have shared…considering how recently the project has started i think it is rather commendable especially considering this isn’t anyone’s main activity.

Video work costs a lot more per hour/day so this is a very handsome deal in my opinion and it is a lot of work reason why we have spread this over 3 months. It makes financial as well as logistic sense to proceed this way.

Now i understand having “doubts” about a project, but before it barely started…are you sure you only have doubts about this?


I were only able to find 1 or 2 videos in the folder, maybe they were added afterwards, will check again. Thanks.

Agree with the patience route, regarding studio 2, but they should be aware that the report is pending and that is slowing down the community. Hope they can deliver asap.

I have worked for over a decade in cinema and video making, and I keep my stance that the hours presented are way exagerated, but that is not, imo, enough to stop the project from moving on. Hope to get video content in the december report.


I’m doing my best to support Studio 2 with the report.

Re videos, an anticipation is what it is…and i have carefully chosen this precise word because an estimate is not easy to make with the best or equally the least commendable intentions. You may choose to call this an “exaggeration” of course.

Now i’m not sure what your experience in cinema is here but where i come from and where i know “a lot” of working documentary filmmakers, the daily rate for a shoot is nothing less than 800/1000 euros a day…

So this barely qualifies as “petty cash” in this industry.

As clearly stated in our proposed timelines we’re hoping to have finished everything by the end of January which i think is a realistic estimate considering we all have jobs and families to attend to.

And of course i’ll do my best to update on any progress we make because we’ll be excited by every progress we make.

I guess that I, as council member, do not agree with using cinema rates for this kind of video. It’s simply my informed opinion, and does not carry any other weight.

Plenty of examples in the community using other rates.

But, as I said, not a deterrent to the continuity of the project.

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Unfortunately and very sadly I think we’re still not understanding each other. What i’m saying above is that we are not using cinema rates but rather “petty cash” rates and that it is a handsome deal at this rate. You’ve obviously not read anything i’ve written but you do want to have some sort of disagreement with me it seems. I believe you have a history with Arroz right? A personal history if i’m not mistaken that you’re not very fond of ? I’m thinking this may perhaps be your issue with anything that remotely has a flavour of Arroz don’t you think?

So now it is my turn to ask questions. You are sitting on the Creatives Council as well as on the council of several DAOs that you are receiving funding for through the Creatives Council ie - Incubadora/VR. Now this is obviously a giant elephant in the room so let’s have a good look at it. Are you this critical or “doubtful” with proposals and reports that you submit to yourself ? Have you ever accused yourself of “exageration” i’m wondering? Please oblige me.

By the way this video folder is in the working folder i have shared in the progress report together with everything else. You did not even think it would be a good idea to have a look at it or did you ? Because if you did and still wrote whatever you wrote above, you are not fit to be on this council i’m afraid.


I think I am understanding your position well. It appears to me a simple matter: I think the proposed roadmap and hours established for the video projects is overblown. That opinion comes from my background in cinema and videomaking.

Despite believing that, I voted yes on the proposal last month, and I’m still willing to vote yes on the proposal this month, because I believe it does not make the proposal undeserving of support.

I, in fact, have no problems with the Arroz Community, which I am happy to support, and the only part of that community I don’t approve is your personal style of conducting the community management. So, no, I don’t have any problems with Arroz.

The underlying idea behind your accusation is that I don’t have the right to give my opinion, which is ludacris. I have said it before but I will say again: I will give my opinion when I feel I should, and regarding my ‘vote’, is simply 1/5 of the Creatives DAO council, so no one should feel at risk of not getting their fund approved just because I don’t agree with a proposal or a part of a proposal. Do you think I should be stoped from giving my opinion? If so, please say so, or even create a proposal to remove me from the council of the Creatives DAO council :sweat_smile:

I have been harsher on the proposals of the DAOs I am involved with than I am with the DAOs I simply have to review. I will not defend myself on that accusation, unless you come forward with specific issues.

And, finally, there is no elephant in the room.


All 5 council members of the @creativesdao-council are council on multiple DAOs. I believe it will be better to the ecosystem if that changes, as stated previously on other places. Don’t exactly know why you would think you are saying something unexpected or putting me in a difficult position: you are not :slight_smile:

As stated before, I approve the proposal for december, so don’t know why exactly do you feel the need to keep attacking me.


I really suggest you read properly and make sure you understand precisely what is being said before you comment we’ll both have a better time.
If you have a personal problem with me this is not the place to resolve it.

Ludacris is a rapper by the way…i’m pretty sure you know him.


I do know him! ahah

I don’t have a personal problem with you.

I don’t agree with your style of conducting reports+fund requests, it is different. It is about how you reply to council members, how you justify delays and mistakes, etc. That is not a deterrent for proposals being approved, and I have never tried to block proposals from Arroz, so i don’t get your acusation.

However, my comments on this topic have nothing to do with that (your style), since you are not the one ‘not reporting’ on studio 2, and you are also not the one behind the video-making in the project. In general I try to be objective, and if I’m not, anyone can come forward with why they think I’m not.

As you can see, I have stated my opinion in a simple and clear manner:

  • I think the proposal is ok, but the hours do seem too much for the proposed outcome.
  • It would be better if the report contained video content, instead of text or .jpegs.
  • Despite that, I approve the proposal and hope that the december report is richer in that sense.

The rest is just noise.

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I don’t agree with yours either but i don’t come onto your reports making “ludacris” comments without reading them properly.

Fair, we don’t approve of each other’s style, which is not a problem per se. However, to comment and give my opinion, is my right and the right of any community member.

I have read it and I maintain my opinion. Which should be easy to understand.

Thank you.


Unfortunately for you it has video content that you did not look at!

Besides this film project has literally just started and is due to be finalised end of JANUARY so…why am i having comment like these now at the beginning of it from people that are supposed to know how film projects are made…because you either do not know anything about film or you have another agenda…

I will obviously swing for the latter for the time being…

Now if these comments came when this was due at the end of January i would have said yes of course we are very sorry we are late and we are going to do everything we can to deliver a decent product asap.

I expect people who make comments, especially inflammatory ones to have read and understood the reports and proposals properly. That is the minimum requirement for comments even if you are the prime minister.

And of course you can maintain your opinion and i will gladly hodl mine.

Last comment on this topic, really…

I did look at the folder, which has mostly jpegs and some footage, in some of the folders, not all.

It is my opinion, that since you requested 1846$ for the month of November, which I approved, the report should contain more video content.

You are repeating that the project only ends in January, so i’ll rephrase it, to be clearer: I think that, instead of pushing all the finalized content for later, videos should be done and presented month by month, for example x in the first month, x in the second, and so on, as is common in the creatives ecosystem.

The proposer might have a different opinion, and that is ok, since, WOW, I have still approved the proposal, because, as I stated, is not a deterrent.

I should not be attacked by holding my opinion, and the proposer still got the requested $ because the project was valued by this council. You see, one thing does not stop the other.

On the other hand, you have chosen the path of hidden agendas (yes, yes, very suspicious, commenting and still voting yes :joy: :joy: ) and conspiracy theories.

I, ofc, cannot reply to these.

Any council member or member of this community can and should make comments in here or in any post. @frnvpr is a council member so his duty is to give feedback and that should be respected and not interpreted as personal attack.

I said in the community call that the report was not complete (we don’t need to know about personal reasons to not have it properly) and I still think it is not complete. The “good practice” is to present what’s been made with the previous funds before requesting for more, so I understand frnvpr’s concerns.

If a member of the community can’t deliver individual reports or did not have time to accomplish a project, it is not your fault obviously but it is not the Creatives DAO problem either. All DAOs are presenting reports monthly, to avoid lack of transparency so Arroz shouldn’t be an exception not any other DAO. Maybe the monthly funds does not work for Arroz community (it is a huge one and I know that it is hard to organize the info) and it is also something to be discussed in the next weeks with the DAO vertical structures changes (maybe a bi-monthly funding flow would work better for everyone).

As mentioned, Creatives DAO @creativesdao-council wants to support as many creatives as possible, but the guidelines should apply equally so we can grow together :smiley:


Just to give some more infos on how the Creatives DAO has been functioning until now and some general notes on the NEAR ecosystem from my perspective:

  • funding for the next month will only be approved after a complete report of the previous month has been delivered
  • reports are needed to keep things transparent (sidenote: the finance sheet for BLOCKPARTY has been created by me and I’ve written 2 reports, for muti DAO & the Lisbon City Node)
  • personal attacks are not appreciated. Personal and NEAR unrelated disagreements should not take place neither should they stop the community from growing

When the community is not able to complete a project in the estimated timeframe, it is not you to blame. Still a report is needed to document that, keep the transparency and build trust.

Arroz has a creative physical community and a lot of potential to grow even more. And as mentioned in one of the previous comments, I also agree that with patience and support it is possible to educate, onboard and teach and also to create a report that represents the current status of the Guild.

All DAOs which request funding from the Creatives should be treated equally, and the @creativesdao-council is doing its best to do so.