[APPROVED] Video editing of a crowdfunder video for Arroz’s new venue fundraiser

After 2.5 years of building an international artistic community, art space and venue in Lisbon, we have created a project to acquire space in order to support the creative community indefinitely.

To do so we are launching a crowd-funder to spread the word about our project and raise donations to our non-profit organisation. Link to proposal here: [CALL FOR ACTION] Creating a Inter-Generational Creative Hub in a Rapidly Gentrifying World

As a part of this proposal we are making an intro video about our project and the crowd-funder. The video will be made by our resident videographer, Daniel Grosso. He’s been with the association for over 2 years and has worked on several projects with us including his animated film series; Out of Cartoonia and production of Rare Effect and its video output.



Daniel is already in possession of most of the footage required, the funds are for the editing time including making any graphics/ animations required.

Project members:

Requested Funds (in N or €?): 250N

Start first week of July
Feedback week 2 July
Editting week 3
Finish before end of July

20% at the end of week 1-3, remaining 40% on completion


@StevenR Nice one!
Which one will be the target wallet?

Please post (you or DanieleG) an update after each one of the weeks in here to then send the payout proposals with this forum link to the Arroz Criativo DAO.

Looking forward to that video! :rocket:


Will do, target wallet is DanieleG.near

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Heya, just checking in on how the process is going, to guarantee a smooth payout for the work that Daniele has done :slight_smile:

Hi Tabea, we have already a first version of the video, I’m implementing some suggestions from the graphic designer of Arroz and waiting for other feedbacks. If you want to see it I would be happy to send you this first version :slight_smile:


Yeeeees, exciting, looking forward! Feel free to send it via mail or also post a snippet in here in the forum if you prefer.
As you can see in the initial proposal, there will be a payout of 50N after every week . Depending on which step you are currently working (work 1/2/3 or 4), feel free to send the first payout proposal to our dao. If you need any help with that, let me know, happy to assist :slight_smile:

Hi Tabea, I’ve sent the video to you via email, I’d like to know what you think about it. I think it’s almost complete but not finalized, so I would say I’m in week 3, 60% payment, 150N.

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Super nice, got the video and looking forward to the final version. Please send the payout proposal to our DAO for 150N :slight_smile:

Heyhey @DanieleG @StevenR

Just checking in, in case there are any updates regarding the video?:slight_smile:

We’re awaiting some feedback from a professional fundraiser, I think it might be a few weeks until it’s finalised…

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