[Report] Arroz Criativo December 2021

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Current balance

Council : @mette , @vandal (last month), @squattingPigeon

New council invitation has been issued here.

Fellow community members,

December has been eventful in many ways despite holidays, lockdowns and many other commitments . Our community funds were released on the 29th December due to unforeseen circumstances. However, most of our projects have seen some progress.


  • Arroz videos progress report can be seen here. The timeline of this project might see some delays due to a number of factors but it is however going to be delivered to decent standards.

  • Merchandising report can be seen here.

  • Studio 2 renovations have been funded but have not started yet due to holidays and funding delays. Their report will be available once work has physically started.


  • Community management, onboarding & council work report from myself can be seen here.

  • council work for @mette for 22N was funded. @vandal pending