[APPROVED] Arroz Criativo November 2021 Budget

Guild : Arroz Criativo
DAO : arrozcriativo.sputnikdao.near
Project Balance

Council Members:
@vandal , @squattingPigeon, @Mette,

Our report can be seen here if you’d like to check what we’ve been up to last month.

We anticipate 312N for projects and 121N of operationals to total 433N = 4979$ (@ N= 11.5)


  • Merchandising has activities planned which can be seen here. [50N]

  • Arroz Criativo Videos are a new project suggested by the community. Proposal can be seen here. [158N]

  • Studio 2 has a remodelling project proposed by resident outfit XSober. Proposal can be seen here. Possible contribution for this is 600$ = 52N

  • A new onboarding and collaboration event at a neighbouring association is being planned for the 26th November. Proposal can be seen here. [52N]

  • Planting A.I.R. and Fundraising are under restructuring.


  • Council work : 200$ x2 ( @mette & @vandal )= 400$ = 35N
  • Community management, council work and onboarding approximately 50h = 1000$= 86N

Total requested:
50+158+52+52+35+86 = 433N = 4979$ (@N=11.5)


Heya @squattingPigeon,

Thank you for submitting the proposal. Over all looking good, just some side notes from my/our side before approval:

  • it would be great to see community members writing their own proposals with their forum accounts & request their payouts in the Arroz DAO :rocket:
  • we’d love to get a breakdown of this proposal, to understand the time management of the project itself better
  • I can see that Arroz is not on Astro yet, let us know if you need help with setting it up and transferring the funds :slight_smile:

Hi !

Thanks for reading this! Will try address the council’s points in order…

  • Not everyone IRL is interested in crypto and/or willing to interact with this. So far I have managed to get proposals via e-mail which i think is a step. We are encouraging everyone to do it themselves and have been doing so as part of onboarding. I’m not prepared to force people tho :sweat_smile:
  • Happy to break down my part (music) in the Arroz Video proposal which is very close to not much an hour for composing, playing and producing the music :sweat_smile: I will remind Daniele who might not respond here. It is an estimate so it might cost less or more i suppose.
  • Yes it would be great to have some help with Astro. We are supposed to do that with @vandal

Let me know if you have any other questions regarding this or anything else. Will do my best to address them. :pray:

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:
As for the first point, we all know how difficult it can be to onboard sometimes. Given that the funds for projects come through crypto in this case, lets hope the approved projects will bring more willingness to work with it/ get familiar with the forum, as this is a big part of the funding procedure and the participants should become self sustainable as well.

We’re looking forward to the breakdown then & the set up of your Astro DAO with @vandal :slight_smile: :rocket:


I’ve now updated the video proposal with timelines and additional details! Please feel free to comment and feedback on anything we can improve.Thank youuuu!

Not really sure that I see an issue here to be honest. If someone wants to receive the payout, they should learn how to use the Dapp the payout comes from. The crypto incentives are supposed to be used to have people learn.

They do not need to be forced… if they don’t want to learn, they shouldn’t be getting rewards… seems like a pretty simple incentive model personally. They also don’t need to be forced to receive a payout.


I feel like i am in the middle of “why are you not using my platform and coin?” and “why should i use this platform and coin?” and it isn’t the most desirable place to be to be honest.

I’m pretty sure i’m not saying anything revolutionary here by saying adoption takes time. Behaviour and habits are difficult to alter and this is also evident.
May be it is a little less evident that adoption cannot be bought and that i’m pretty sure of.

You and i are convinced of the utility of this, unfortunately most of Lisbon still isn’t because it is not possible to get a mortgage at the bank with crypto, it is not possible to use it as a proof of income to open a bank account or get a flat anywhere in Lisbon.

Until these things become possible it is our job to persuade people me thinks.

This has been incredibly difficult so far and i’m not sure how long i’m going to be able to sustain this much work for a very costly incentive so i hope we can all realise at some stage that our interests are aligned.

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Honestly, they don’t have to use the platform or coin in my opinion, and if they don’t, they shouldn’t get the rewards… Pretty simple. The NEAR that people get for bounties shouldn’t be considered income and it should be an additional incentive. Just my personal opinion I suppose…

If people want to earn NEAR they should be using the NEAR platform to earn it, and if they don’t want the NEAR then they don’t have to. Seems like many of the other guilds in and around Lisbon don’t seem to be having these same issues. Many of them are finding ways to get people to accept NEAR for bounties. Mintbase even has shops taking NFTs for goods…


Thank you for the updates!
Budget is approved, please submit your payout for 433N to the Creatives Astro DAO.

As for the conversation regarding onboarding/using crypto, agreeing with @chloe in here, if people don’t want to work with NEAR, they are not forced to, but also can’t expect funds then.

I am hoping that with patience, time & dedication more residents will get into it, if they would like to use the platform & currency to fund their projects; so that for December they are able to post their own proposals in the forum.


Hi all,

This is actually an interesting conversation and i’d like to thank you all for bringing that to my attention as it is highlighting some of the work we did on the ground. Furthermore, I don’t think we fundamentally disagree on much here. It has been our goal all along to bring people to write their own proposals and reports. This is precisely why we’ve been putting the ground work on this with @vandal & @raging supporting and encouraging everyone for the passed 2 months . This support i think was much necessary as not everyone had the confidence to do this on their own possibly intimidated by the amount of knowledge and the public scrutiny of a large community they are not familiar with. If you look at the reports and proposals of this month, they are mostly written by the project leads. I only had to provide minimal support and encouragement so i’m confident that most of the community if not all will be able post their own reports and proposals by December if not January budgets.

Regarding the budget this month the N value was at 11.5$ when i’ve produced it. It is now hovering around 9.2$. I assume you’re all happy that i amend the payout accordingly as it is a variation above 10%? . It will be around 541N instead of 433N if i’m correct. Let me know and i’ll go ahead with the request. Wishing you all a great afternoon! :pray:


it would be ideal if they also use astrodao/sputnikdao.

The correction in the value of N requested is approved.


Yes, I’m sure that as we get everyone posting we’ll also get them using astrodao/ sputnikdao. -After all, it’s a last simple (but crucial) step, which is very doable if adept to posting and using the forum!