Community Squad Weekly Update: 20 September 2021

September 13-20


Our team is focused on enhancing the onboarding experience of NEAR to facilitate adoption through community-driven projects and organizations. We are improving systems of accountability using DAOs, governed by open web contributors.

The next Town Hall is also the Closing Ceremonies for the MetaBUIDL Hackathon, and we are looking ahead to NEAR | CON.

Updates from the Ecosystem


Q4 Roadmap:

Data Center

Community Events


NEAR MarCom Team is focused on these objectives in Q3:

Team Accomplishments

Special recognition of @shreyas doing awesome work to support communities. NEAR ecosystem includes nearly 100 guilds with 100k+ members!

Plus, check out this neat Q3 OKRs update from @mecsbecs :clipboard:

We are very excited to have @olpl leading project management and @norah.near focused on ecosystem development!

Sputnik DAO / Astro Update

courtesy of @starpause :sparkles:

Community Reports




Community Squad DAO

Review Proposals: SputnikDAO

Creatives DAO

Review proposals: SputnikDAO

Marketing DAO

Review Proposals: SputnikDAO

Challenges & Blockers:

Recently, our team is helping to build trust in DAO verticals, and we are committed to empowering community-driven projects. NEAR Community Fund governance needs to be clarified with regard to the processes of distributing funds and expectations of reporting.

Overall, the MarCom Squad has grown to 20 people. There is a need to establish a “Branding + Communications” team, a “Social Community” team, including teams of “Builders” and “Connectors” (a.k.a. Info Team). Also, NEAR Foundation Labs will be focused on experimental growth initiatives. New team structures means updating workstreams and evolving dynamics.

Action Items:

We are busy promoting the September Town Hall + MetaBUIDL Hackathon Closing Ceremonies, coordinating NEAR | CON, getting ready to launch Astro, assessing Q3 OKRs, and strategically planning for Q4. NEAR wiki development is another focus, along with exploring future collaborations with other teams.

Let us know any ideas or questions. Your feedback is much appreciated!

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