NEAR Artemis

Alan Estrada - @cloudmex-alan
Cristian Zambrano - @Cristian

Project members
Maria Gutierrez - Marialegg.near
Jorge Cuauro - Jorgeluiscuauro.near
Juan Ochando - Jochando.near


His proposal is aimed at developing an elearning application on the Blockchain NEAR Protocol platform. This technology gives added value to e-learning training; legitimacy and certainty, so desired to strengthen its validity. The Blockchain provides utility, security, guarantee of unique identity.


1. Login integrated to the Wallet NEAR Protocol
2. NFT certificates
3. Instructor Payment Distribution
4. Student payments with Wallet NEAR Protocol

We want to highlight with this development

First of all the E-learning and Blockchain advance more and more hand in hand for better training. The complexity that Blockchain brings in terms of information security and authentication brings great advantages to the world of online training.
Secondly, we want to deepen the learning associated with the NEAR Protocol and put into practice the learning obtained in the NEAR Certified Developer through practical development.


the confidence generated by knowing that the user logs in through a wallet and that the certificates of a learning platform are nft and that they cannot be additionally copied from a decentralized payment process can end up giving the push that the companies need. online training initiatives, successes to the team


Excellent initiative, many successes in this project, we hope to have this tool very soon in our community. Congratulations!!!

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Great idea! perhaps you can expand a bit on the actual roadmap you have and the team member’s profiles that would be involved in building this? And are you based in Venezuela?