Artemis - elerning / Month 3 Week 1 - from Jun 06 to Jun 10

In reference to our proposal, mentioned here:

Proposal Near - Artemis

Report week 1 of month 3 E-learning Artemis

Alan Estrada - @cloudmex-alan
Cristian Zambrano. @Cristian

Project members
Maria Gutierrez - Marialegg.near
Jorge Cuauro - Jorgeluiscuauro.near
Juan Ochando - Jochando.near

Goals achieved in week 1 of month 3

Work was done on modifying the display of the course content, where the component that allows displaying the different display themes of the course was changed, both for text type and for video type.
Work was done on the screen for the structure of the evaluation, where you can choose the type of question, if it is true or false or if it is multiple selection, the number of 10 questions for the evaluation was established.

It was possible to solve the error of the registration or purchase of the course, where the user can already visualize the courses that he has purchased on the learning screen.

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