Artemis - elearning / Month 4 Week 4 - from July 25 to July 29

In reference to our proposal, mentioned here:

Proposal Near - Artemis

Report week 4 of month 4 E-learning Artemis

Alan Estrada - @cloudmex-alan
Cristian Zambrano. @Cristian

Project members
Maria Gutierrez - Marialegg.near
Jorge Cuauro - Jorgeluiscuauro.near
Juan Ochando - Jochando.near

Goals achieved in week 4 of month 4

  • The corrections in the validation process of the grade obtained in the evaluation were updated, to obtain the certificate, the front was integrated with the backend of the latest changes.

  • The choice of the domain was made, the pass to the development server for validations was made.

  • Tests and validations were carried out on all the dapp processes.

  • Work was done on the corrections of the details and errors that were obtained in the user tests.

  • The documentation of the entire Dapp has been started.