[Monthly report] Black Cat Cinema DAO July report 2022

Project name: Black Cat Cinema DAO July.

Project Status: [In progress]

Project members:






Logo and brand redesign- 400

Poster artwork competition - 150

Travel to Estufada Artistica x1: - 15 to senhorsantos.near

Ticketing work at Estufada Artistica: - 60 to psinje.near Finally requested by tabear.near for transfer to psinje.near

Still to be paid out from DAO

Translation work for June: 100 to matildeabaeta.near
Work has been done, and has been reminded to request the funds from the DAO.

Remainder/Kept in DAO

Remainder left in Estufada Artistica budget due to venue change: 343
The hope is to use this for the sustainability of the DAO, and put it towards equipment for long-term use. A proposal will be made to the community for this, and, if rejected, the funds can be returned to the Creatives.

Poster printing – funded in May for 3 months. - 100
The remainder was expected to be used in July for more printing, but there is still a little stock left so reprinting hasn’t been required yet.

July budget still hasn’t been voted through the Astro. So we’ve had to manage with delaying payments. The first poll was mistakenly made here weeks ago, on the “other” Creatives DAO. Which lead to a long wait for no result. The correct poll has now been created but is still yet to be voted through, now with just a few hours remaining before it times out. Please can the Creatives vote this through!? :pray:

Projects & highlights

[July open-air cinema at Arroz Estudios]
([PROPOSAL] July open-air cinema at Arroz Estudios)
July was just as big of a hit as June! Again, the shows have hit a fully sold-out run. We’ve hosted all three special events, as planned (Pulp Fiction double feature, and Grease theme night). The reaction from people has been overwhelmingly positive!

Project documentation to NEAR The video created by @roadworks which shows to NEAR what we do, and documents how the NFT ticketing operated is also ready! But It doesn’t seem possible to post video here. Can we inbox the Creatives council?

2nd film poster art competition
The second round went ahead as planned, and got an even better response than the first round! 21 entries in total and the winners were @bagadefente, @aandz, and @louietism.

Logo and brand redesign
After a bit of stop-start, we finally have a new logo! It looks fantastic, and will serve so much better than before. It’s already becoming a key part of our identity. Courtesy of the good work of @ted.iv, this is the result. We have already rolled it out across all platforms, emails, and for pre-show screens. Now the only thing remaining is to mint as NFT gifts for our mintbase store :slight_smile:

New open-air cinema shows and expanding audience reach

The first show was pushed back by one week. And it was a great decision, giving us time to prepare properly. The first show (Cinema Paradiso) is tonight! And already sold-out! There has also been good interest from the national media 1, 2, 3, which should bring the events and our collaborators to an even wider audience.

Last month’s metrics for success

  • 10 wallets created. Creation during collaborations with artists, such as photographer, translator, musicians for pre-event shows.
    Result: 5 wallets created

We have another two collaborators who can be onboarded and paid out when July funds arrive in the DAO. One of the above is also waiting for funds arrival but went ahead and made an application anyway in expectation of it.
On a side note, please can the Creatives vote through the July funding on Astro!! The second poll has now timed out with five votes, so a third has been submitted and it would be amazing if we can move forward as planned!

  • Audience through the door at Arroz
    05/07: Sold out - 100
    12/07: Sold out - 100
    18/07: 100 (projection)
    19/07: Sold out 100
    26/07: 100 (projection)

05.07.22 91
12.07.22 85
18.07.22 99
19.07.22 97
26.07.22 80
We have seen a higher drop off in people that got tickets but who didn’t show up than we hoped. This may be because we release events up to 6 weeks in advance, so it’s possible that some of the early birds get tickets and then simply forget. We’re now sending out pre-event emails to remind people that the event is taking place.

  • Driving traffic to Arroz Estúdios: 400 new members at the association.
    05.07.22 75
    12.07.22 77
    18.07.22 71
    19.07.22 78
    26.07.22 63
    Total: 364

  • Artwork competition round 3: Competition run and advertised. Final winners minted into NFTs and on sale. Announced on Instagram quoting NEAR, NEAR Foundation, and NFT artwork to 5500 followers.
    Result: Artwork competition is currently ongoing. So, slightly behind schedule, but we’re expecting the same level of interest as before, if not higher as the word spreads :slight_smile:

  • NEAR name and brand exposed on-screen to 450 people (first three shows) in Santos.

Result: This target was maybe a bit unclear, because the first 3 shows were only originally scheduled for 31/07/22 - 14/08/22, so it wouldn’t have been possible to report back on all three by the time of the monthly report. However, the target was for the first three shows, and we’re on course to hit it, with the first show already sold-out! The 2nd and 3rd shows are scheduled for the following two weeks and are already looking great.

Here is the screen that will be displaying the NEAR name before the show, starting tonight.

Any questions. Drop them in the chat. Many thanks to all! :slight_smile:


Looping in @raquelareia from Arroz :slight_smile:


I appreciate that, @Dan_E. Thanks :100:

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Here’s the NEAR screen in it’s final glory at Sunday’s show :slight_smile:

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