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Hello, Creatives!

July was a busy month, but also atypical at Arroz Estúdios.

We produced three Shillin ‘n’ Chillin meet-ups in our NEAR Hub (arroznearhub.near), with 80 subscribers on the app and around 60 attendees:

  • July, 6th: Web3 Dev agencies - 35 subscriber/ ~ 15 attendees
  • July 13th: 2019, a journey starts… feat. Anonymous NFT Artist - 16 subscribers / ~ 10 attendees | Pedro Marques, from the EarthCare Association (RMTerra), was meant to come and chat about how new technologies can help the sustainability of forests, volunteer networks, NFTrees, and the RMTerra project in general… but he tested positive for Covid on the day of the meet-up and we changed the theme to another of our favorite topics: ART!
  • July 20th: Exceptionally, there was no event because part of our creative team was working in the first NFT gallery of the Boom Festival, outside Lisbon.
  • July 27th: Women in Crypto: I’m from here/I’m not from here - 12 subscribers / ~ 10 attendees

During our meetups, we also created 5 NEAR Wallets and transferred 20 NEAR to encourage NEAR currency with new visitors, who already had wallets. We used May funds for creating wallets and transfering tokens (including to journalists, as foreseen in a proposal made to the MKT DAO).

For The Black Cat Cinema (target: blackcatcinema.near) July was just as big of a hit as June, with a fully sold-out run. The @BlackCatCinema audience reached 452.


Also, the Artwork Bounty Round 3 is currently ongoing.

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The requested funding was fully paid.

Please, see the full report here

Women in Crypto | The NEAR Hub hosted the first Women in Crypto- ‘I’m from here/ I’m not from here, by @Dacruz, a Planting A.I.R former artist in residency. Artsies Collective share their journey and body of work as an art, fashion & events NFT. We had a Q&A session and the female feedback was that «they loved the space to connect with the theme and know better about other females’ work in crypto art». The requested funding was fully paid.

Please, see the full report here

Given the uniqueness of July, with a week out of Lisbon, unfortunately, we are a little behind with two projects we requested funding for: Support for crypto meetups at Arroz’ NEAR Hub and MEME Bounty / Onboarding the fun way. Please accept our sincere apologies and see the action plan we have created for both of them, below:

Support for crypto meetups at Arroz’ NEAR Hub - The equipment will be purchased between August 15 and 19, and we will update this report with their receipts.

MEME Bounty / Onboarding the fun way - The open call is already being designed and will be released in the coming days of August. The result will also be updated in this report.

The funding will be transferred to arroznearhub.near wallet until it’s used.

We appreciate the support we have been receiving from the Creatives community and we are happy to return this support to the ecosystem. On July 2, we worked on the launching of Raiz Vertical Farms, onbordings visitors aand helping them to collect their NFT wallets.

Once again, thank you. Stay creative! Be happy!

Arroz Team :sunflower:


Just tagging @CatiaCiriaco, @GL_v1 and @StevenR here :sunflower:

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