Launching NEAR Data Center

Guild Name: NEAR Data Center

Guild Leader(s): @tiffanygyj Tiffany Gao, @yifang Yifang Ma, @jlwaugh James Waugh

Guild SputnikDAO Address: SputnikDAO


To fully utilize the power of data to increase the visibility of NEAR protocol and ecosystem, increase accountability in governance, and build tools / products that help NEARians thrive.

Values and Vision

Our community upholds expectations of participants being open and collaborative. We intend to experiment and learn together as a guild. Experience with analytics or data is not required, although it’s necessary to prioritize support for those who are contributing directly to the goals:

  • Increase accessibility of NEAR ecosystem knowledge (key results: questions asked and answered)
  • Support, collaborate and build data tools in the ecosystem (key results: ecosystem development and growth because projects are supported)
  • Improve visibility of NEAR Ecosystem Data Efforts (key results: community awareness, engagement, and usage)

Ultimately, this guild aims to reward open web contributors who make a difference by creating new, high-quality resources that provide trustworthy insights for everyone.

Who is the NEAR Data Center For?

  • You believe in the power of data + analytics
  • You are curious about NEAR and how the ecosystem is doing
  • You want to explore using the NEAR chain indexer
  • You are passionate about leveraging data to help NEAR projects grow
  • You want to build tools that enable others to make data-informed decisions
  • You would like to contribute in increasing the visibility of NEAR Ecosystem
  • You would like to improve the accountability of the governance in NEAR Ecosystem

Guild Development Roadmap

  • Starting Phase
    • Gather data requests and questions from the community members
    • Create tasks list for members to grab and complete with rewards
    • Whale Alert/Leaderboard Series project creation and contributions
  • Future Development Roadmap:
    • Customized indexer/aggregator based on the indexer framework and stats page for NFT, DeFi, and DAO
    • Tools for Growth Hacking
    • Tools for contract monitoring and development

How can you Join?

Discord: NEAR Server indexer channel



This was much needed. Thanks for this detailed post, I am certainly looking forward to making use of the output from and contributing to the Data Center as it aligns perfectly with some of the activities we are planning on doing at the NEAR Intelligence Agency! :smiley:


Thank you! We are very excited about this initiative!
Awesome to hear we are aligned! NIA has been doing amazing works and would love to have some guild to guild collabs too!


Yesss, let’s use the power of data! So glad this Guild is getting off the ground!

Ecosystem Success (cc: @ispytodd @jbeezy @MarcusNEAR @Cameron) take note of this group for your analytics needs.


Absolutely necessary :raised_hands:


Very excited about this. Can’t wait to get involved!


Awesome! Definitely join our telegram and stay tuned on Forum as we post more updates on ways to get involved!


This is great news. I’d be interested to know if anyone will be working on NEAR blockchain explorer interfaces as part of this? or directly updating the current UI for the NEAR blockchain explorer.
The current explorer is quite simple, and is missing a lot of basic features that would assist when conducting forensic transaction analysis on NEAR on-chain events. So I have a bunch of feature requests in that regards.

Hi @ryan00 thank you for your interest and question.

Our guild actually provides two solutions to this question

  1. We definitely plan to have someone on the explorer team to sit on the board/council of the guild to support and collect feedbacks on explorer like the ones you provided.
  2. The NEAR Data Center guild also has the vision to facilitate the development of data tools in the ecosystem. We love to hear your thoughts on what are missing and we will provide rewards in teams or individuals who want to build tools or fixes that fill those gaps of data needs.

Hope this answers your questions.
We are going to start a campaign of gathering questions and thoughts on missing data tools, features and stats this week and love to have you share your thoughts there with NEAR tokens rewarded :wink:

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Thanks @tiffanygyj that all sounds great. My initial UI features requests for the explorer would be:

  1. Ability to easily export transactions from an account for a given time period into CSV
  2. Simple filtering of transactions based on action eg, adding key, remove key, transfer etc.
  3. UTC timestamps somewhere, relative time is nice, but UTC is very useful for analysis against other wordly time events

I’ll leave these here in this post for now, until there is a more formal feedback request process in place.


What an amazing initiative! Welcome to the Guilded Age. I’m very excited to learn about your mission and roadmap. We need this! Please count me in as a collaborator.

Hey Ryan, Explorer team is here! We don’t have the bandwidth to address all the feature requests, but we definitely collect all the pain points and prioritize those that are the most awaited.

  1. Export transactions in CSV · Issue #422 · near/near-explorer · GitHub – please, share your use-case since we have certain accounts where this won’t really work well due to the outstanding number of transactions, and it would be ideal to know what exactly you want to have in CSV
  2. Transaction filters on Account Detail page · Issue #238 · near/near-explorer · GitHub
  3. Display UTC timestamps as an alternative to the local time · Issue #712 · near/near-explorer · GitHub (just created, so we don’t lose it)

Interested in taking up opportunity. Would be great if we have clear document on the things we need to do …! Special thanks to @mecsbecs for introducing the community. Doing a great job from your side keep the good work up…!

I’ve also added a “near-data-center” tag for ease of reference and for organizing your posts, NEAR Data Center! Have fun.


Hi @YNSG Welcome to the Data Center and excited to know that you are interested to take up opportunities!
Appreciate your advice and we are working to create a list of data tools/projects that are very needed in the ecosystem, so stay tuned :wink:

thanks for the updates.

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