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NEAR Data Guild: Open Discussion

Author: @jlwaugh @tiffanygyj
Since launching the NEAR Data Center months ago, we have learned so much about NEAR data projects and related infrastructure! We are improving to support anyone who needs help understanding problems or answering questions with NEAR data.

As our community grows, we will be introducing new opportunities for data scientists, academic researchers, and other interdisciplinary contributors. Until recently, there has been emphasis on increasing accessibility of NEAR data resources, e.g. the indexer framework and its various applications, like this one:

Today, we would like to present our official membership form and invite you to participate in open discussions about evolving the v1 “NEAR Data Center” into “NEAR Data Guild” on Astro.

Upcoming call this Friday, November 19 @ 1pm ET

Guild Membership Form

Join the guild:

We did our best to create an easy onboarding experience with a few important questions, and completing the form should take less than 3 minutes. Your input helps our council better understand your skills, experience, and goals, in order to coordinate this Data Guild in a more efficient and engaging way.

Astro DAO

Thus far, NEAR Data Center has relied on the v1 Sputnik DAO platform, although we have not utilized our initial budget of 1000 NEAR. Moving forward, the plan is to send remaining funds to a new Data Guild / DAO on the Astro platform. Our council membership will be updated to reflect active participants, including @chronear of the NEAR Intelligence Agency.

Related Projects

Open Discussion: 2021-11-19T18:00:00Z

We hope to use this time to share plans and make decisions regarding future data projects, including design and open-source development of an ecosystem dashboard.

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