Announcing the NEAR Growth Guild

Guild Name: NEAR Growth Guild
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Guild Leaders:
Ross Gates @ross rossgates.near
Bryan Colligan @bryancolligan bryancolligan.near
Sparx @sparx sparx.near

Founding Members:
Jacob Meyer @JacobMeyer jacobmeyer.near
Philip Ruffini philipruffini.near
Caleb Gates calebgates.near

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Our Goal is to increase the money velocity of the NEAR ecosystem.

  1. Increase Wallets
  2. Increase Tokens
  3. Increase NFT creation
  4. Increase the Velocity of tokens and NFT’s in wallets

We will use a data-driven approach to quantify and qualify our ideas and experiments.

Creating sustainable growth pathways by:

  1. Developing a strong growth community
  2. Building data-driven infrastructure (in partnership with the NEAR Data Center & AwesomeNear)
  3. Deploying growth experiments
  4. Analyzing results and publishing learnings


Growth is about discovering new pathways to reach & engage customers. Members should be comfortable sharing what they would build based on a combination of untested hypotheses, gut feelings, and their observations in the market. New ideas will then be combined in a “yes and” fashion that encourages newcomers and veterans alike to collaborate and further define which ideas deserve to be tested.

Test often, fail fast, make decisions with data, get 10% better every week. When an experiment doesn’t hit its goals, we only fail if we don’t understand what went wrong, communicate our learnings publicly, and improve the next experiment based on new information.

All-In Attitude
When the data says an experiment is performing well, we triple down, to fully capture the opportunity before competitors learn the secret and our advantage disappears.

Many experiments will fail based on unknown unknowns. The ability to learn from mistakes and fail forward while keeping momentum is an important mindset. We make decisions based on data, when the data says an idea isn’t performing, we don’t self negotiate to save ideas we love, we gracefully let go. We love results.

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Our goal is to win when the projects in the NEAR ecosystem win. We will operate like an investment fund or foundation. We’ll build open source marketing and analytics tools available to any project. We will also provide additional campaign support (and tooling customization) to ecosystem projects, in exchange for tokens or other incentives. This model will align our success with the success of the projects we serve and ensure the guilds sustainable growth indefinitely.

Our initial push into open source marketing and analytics tools will focus on the creation of the following assets:

  • A Growth Marketing playbook that outlines all of the products in and tangential to the NEAR ecosystem that can be used in marketing campaigns. If you have tools you’d like to see included please drop them in our telegram group.

  • Referral program tools that make it easy to reward individuals who bring friends into the ecosystem. Check out this tool: Designed my NEAR, made by the Minerall Guild.

  • Categorize NEAR user personas, understand the CAC and LTV of the consumers in the ecosystem, so dApps can double down on the acquisition channels that are working and increase spend.

Campaign support for projects will include

  • Test campaigns across the 19 traction channels to find sustainable pathways to acquire crypto natives from other chains and non-crypto audiences.

  • Advise community projects on how to improve their product onboarding experiences, so users understand the value proposition of the product and reach its magic moment in as few steps as possible.

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Who is this guild for

If you are a NEAR token project looking for investment and/or patronage we would love to hear your story and help you.

To join as a member, you’re passionate about growing mass consumer adoption of NEAR and its dApps. Your mindset aligns with our values. You test often, make decisions with data and fail fast.

We need members with the following interests and skills:

Data Infrastructure

  • You would like to work on projects that help categorize user personas based on the actions users take on-chain and in apps, in order to better serve the interests of users.
  • You build NEAR indexers.
  • You are familiar with off-chain user analytic tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude, Google Analytics.

Marketing Tooling

  • You’re passionate about building marketing software (powered by blockchain). All roles welcome: Frontend, backend, smart contract devs, UI/UX designers, marketers, product managers, entrepreneurs


  • You’re excited to Run events that bring marketers into the ecosystem like, manage a community of contributors, keep growth experiments on track (Marketing Managers), or build relationships that bring in partners & clients (Business Development).


You’d like to run an experiment, individually or as part of a team, that you hypothesize will create a statistically significant improvement at any step in the buyer journey of a NEAR ecosystem dApp. (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue)

Join our Discord to get involved


Thank you for establishing this Guild, Ross! While there are multiple contributors already focused on onboarding more people into the ecosystem, it is really nice to see a professional and full time Growth Guild which leverages marketing tools and cutting edge analysis to drive their initiatives. Glad to see another one of your ideas come to fruition.

As the NIA leader, I can’t stress enough how important your Guild will be for other Guilds in the ecosystem because while all of us continue to experiment with a lot of ideas, things do remain sporadic to a certain extent and figuring out ways around hurdles is sometimes very time-consuming. We will count on the NEAR Growth Guild for gowth hacking ideas, advise and inventive collabs! :sunglasses: :partying_face:


Super excited to be a part of the Growth Guild and continue to build out the NEAR ecosystem with you all!

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Heya! :smiley:
I’m very proud to be a part of NEAR Growth Guild!