NEAR Data Project:

Opportunity for Collaboration

Let’s discuss evolving!

Recently, @jacob of the NEAR Education Team and Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF), introduced this amazing data project, which lets anyone visualize activities of specific accounts on the NEAR blockchain. This resource has already proven to be super useful, and our Data Center guild may coordinate around to build helpful new features that connect ecosystem participants in order to facilitate learning, collaboration, and creativity.


Read the story behind!

“Wallet and Explorer are great tools for everybody to clearly see the spicy details of their accounts and the whole network, but they’re a specific type of tool: indicators that provide information, but don’t necessarily delineate a path forward…”

Purpose: intends to be a friendly guide to NEAR data!


We are building a platform that will give anyone opportunities to establish their identity on NEAR, combining data into a more contextualized profile that includes DAO membership, application usage, open-source development contributions, community engagement, and other valuable pieces of the puzzle!

History ~ See all of your progress in one place!

Resources ~ Guides and tutorials from around the network!

Quests ~ Get and complete quests to pump your account up!

Transactions ~ Meticulous records of each and every on-chain action!

All the data is from public indexer and archival rpc :card_file_box:

“Gamification is epic! Just need to make sure there are loops back into the platform, involving notifications to keep the user aware of important next steps…”

– Trevor Clarke, Founder of


The platform gives individuals access to the knowledge of who is doing what. Now, I believe our community should improve it for exploration, discovery, and networking (operational, social, personal / professional, strategic, or creative / collaborative).

Users would be able to:

  • Find collaborators and projects
    • Tags, Filters & Categories
  • Apply to support in defined roles
  • Opt in for messages and notifications
  • Customize their profile
    • Mutable data on Ceramic or Textile
    • Guild membership
  • Earn tokens by completing quests (details TBD)

Guilds and DAOs

Our ecosystem is full of communities who may find this useful in managing their on-chain activity, which could involve a variety of contracts / applications. For example, a guild (a.k.a. community) might operate a Mintbase store and use a Sputnik DAO to interact with a decentralized exchange like Ref Finance.

We are hoping to develop a resource for contributors in various groups throughout NEARverse. Guilds are an important part of the NEAR ecosystem, and there should be a way for people to create and join guilds. These official structures can be referenced in the Ecosystem Map, which is intended to represent all the communities and projects of NEAR.

Guilds need their own pages with details about members, projects, and other information. This work has already been started ~ data is manually pulled from various community platforms and channels to generate visualizations.

Here is a wonderful starting point for potential integration, thanks to @zavodil et al:

That MetaBUIDL Hackathon platform allows hackers to discover projects and join teams, and we could repurpose it after this event for any collaborations. Would love to integrate with to inform decision makers in the application process.

Application-Specific Pages

I wonder what it could look like to visit a Sputnik DAO stats gallery page… Other applications might also benefit from having pages on this central point of reference. Just need to explore with data project leaders in the community and see what is helpful.

Maybe it could show members and their activity? Or a list of active and completed projects, along with related opportunities? Any specific role-based interactions? What other combinations are worth doing? Although challenging, perhaps off-chain data might be imported?

Skill Badges

This becomes a validation game, in which players either follow the rules of authorities / experts or create their own games. I’d love to empower anyone to design and launch non-transferable skill badge NFTs with contextualized scores. Tokenized reputation is used to establish a unique identity for user-controlled accounts. That way, our platform can evolve as more users contribute to various guilds and projects. We are looking forward to helping anyone discover ways to benefit from sharing their valuable time and energy.

Building Toward Community Governance

What does the future hold? Only one way to find out!

For DAOs and other dapps, the main audiences include two types:

  1. owner of the DAO / dapp
  2. general user of the DAO / dapp

This could evolve into a paid model of DAOs or dapps having their own stats pages available for them to monitor privately, and a public version showcasing their key performance metrics, etc.

NEAR Data Center

This guild was formed to support community-driven projects involving the NEAR indexer framework and its applications, tooling, and educational resources. Building on is a natural fit, considering the purpose of ecosystem development and growth.

Focus: Applications + Assets

Current: + (courtesy of @Didier) + Ecosystem Map:

Goal: showcase overview stats and user-generated data for apps built on NEAR. We developed this with DappRadar in mind and we can discuss how to proceed building​​.

Please let us know any ideas or questions ~ your feedback is much appreciated!



Excited to be collaborating with brightness.near to further develop this platform!

This post will be used in an on-chain proposal to the NEAR Data Center DAO for initial work done to add “Login with NEAR” to :bar_chart:

Pull Request:

Hey, I need your help as we were trying to run NEAR indexer and fetch some data. We are able to run the Indexer but the data is not appearing on postgresql. Can we connect on discord or telegram?