Engineering Weekly Update - 2021-08-16

Brief Summary

  • DevRel launched office hours! Jump in if you have any technical questions on NEAR. It will be hosted in the #dev-support Office Hours channel under DEVELOPMENT on our Discord server.
    • 12-2PM PST - Tuesdays
    • 9-11AM PST - Fridays
  • NEAR node 1.21.0-rc is going to be released on 2021-08-16 (UPD: 2021-08-23). If you are using indexer, you might want to recompile it based on new commit before 2021-08-18 (UPD: 2021-08-25) to avoid it getting stuck. For any questions write here;
  • NEAR Data Center is launching;
  • Check out discussion on “sandboxing” smart contracts;
  • Core is making steady progress with sharding, runtime is parallelized and node syncing is underway together with state sharding;
  • You can now see USD value of tokens in Wallet;


  • Explorer got Chinese and Vietnamese languages thanks to @that86, @IsQiao , and @robertyan ;
  • Indexer for Explorer 0.8.0 was released, adding historical circulating supply feature;
  • Developer Platform merged several optimizations into Rust SDK;
  • Node Experience did lots of performance optimizations to Nayduck latency;
  • Node Experience added --disable-rpc flag to NEAR node;
  • Core and Contract Runtime teams fixed param estimator issue related to lto and cargo profile;
  • Core wrote documentation on how our Trie works :heart: . It is a non-trivial design and it is great that we started building documentation for it;
  • Core merged parallelization of chunks and started working on parallelization of catch-up!
  • Core implemented ShardLayout and ShardConfig structures;
  • Network added Python wrapper for RPC used for network testing;
  • Wallet now displays NFT tokens in wallet;

Challenges and Blockers

  • Please contribute to Explorer self-identification here!
  • Contract Runtime team is still reworking fee estimator, lots of issues were found. Also, we have previously updated our fees only a little bit, so a major refactoring is underway by @Longarithm to enable clean large updates;
  • Wallet team is considering adding a contract to all accounts created through coin-op, this can add work to Developer Platform, Developer Relations, and Node Interfaces teams. CC @jim , @josh , @frol ;

Full Reports