Community Squad Weekly Update: 16 August 2021

August 9-16

Here is another weekly update from the NEAR Community Squad:

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Highlight: Launching NEAR Data Center

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Governance Update

Ecosystem Metrics | Sputnik DAO Stats

Community Squad DAO

Last Week: 28,423 NEAR

7 Approved Proposals

Total Distributed: 159,732 NEAR

72 Approved Proposals / 97 Total

Active Proposals

1000 NEAR to nyc.sputnikdao.near for initial funding to rent space for NYC Hack Node:

1600 NEAR to jc-rewards.near for Community Moderator payouts: stanis.near, yunusemre.near, andrbenz.near

10000 NEAR to china_charity_dao.sputnikdao.near for a donation to Henan Relief Fund:

4150 NEAR to sandbox.sputnikdao.near for the August budget of OWS:

195 NEAR to portuguese.sputnikdao.near for the July distribution:

Recent Proposals

APPROVED ~ 1000 NEAR to near-data-center.sputnikdao.near for the NEAR Data Center, so we can reward contributors who submit questions and requests:

APPROVED ~ 150 NEAR to annabellec.near for Q2 Guilds Survey data extraction, manipulation, and analysis:

APPROVED ~ 4500 NEAR to wiki.sputnikdao.near for a new guild focused on populating through curation and content creation:

APPROVED ~ 2100 NEAR to curators.sputnikdao.near for the August Trial - Curators DAO elevates the quality of art on NEAR by (1) socializing NFTs we collect (2) critiquing why we like them (3) commissioning new artists

APPROVED ~ 20000 NEAR to creatives.sputnikdao.near for monthly payouts to Creative Guilds:

APPROVED ~ 123 NEAR to fritzwagner.near for making landing pages:

APPROVED ~ 550 NEAR to cizi31.near for the monthly budget of NEAR Turkey Guild:

REJECTED ~ 7100 NEAR to near_india_guild.sputnikdao.near for their monthly budget:

Updates from the Squad

Evolving NEAR Community Fund

Guilds, DAOs, and DAO Verticals

Q2 Guilds Survey Results

Community Etiquette

Implementing NEAR Community Guidelines

Development: v2 Sputnik DAO Platform (Astro)

NEARweek forming a DAO

Community Moderation Reports

Our Team

We are here to share key results from last week, plans for this week, and current blockers. Transparency is crucial for accountability and governance. Click here to see all weekly updates from the Community Squad.

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