Key Ecosystem Metrics and Analytics Weekly Update August 16

Time: August 08 - August 15

:chains: NEAR Explorer Stats

:bar_chart: NEAR Ecosystem Scoreboard

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What happened?

Monthly Active Developer — MAD

MAD Internal (based on CLI data in the last 30 days)

Monthly active developers increased to the level of 650 in the middle of last week and returned to 600 by the end of the week.

Ecosystem Scoreboard

  • Note: The percentages next to the numbers are the comparisons to pervious week(7 days ago), with green showing increase and red showing decrease.

Key Efforts Last weeks

Many of these are key contributing factors to the data changes last week

Aug 8

Aug 10

Aug 11

Aug 12

Aug 14

I know this might not be the full list, so please feel free to add more amazing things here.

Top Line Metrics Dive

Daily New Developers

From CLI

Multiple waves of new developers came into NEAR last week, especially on August 9th, 12th, and 13th, most likely a result of the filecoin partnership, hackathon sponsorship and preparations as well as multiple community activities.

Weekly Active Developer Internal & Weekly Active Dev-deploy/Deploy

From CLI data in the last 30 days Weekly

Weekly active developers and weekly active dev-deploy/deploy increased hugely last week from 150/100 level to 250/150 level. This is a combined result of new developers installing and using and CLI and returned developers. Showing last week’s events and announcements were successful in attracting developer attention and increasing retention.

Daily Number of Transactions

We reached a new high in the number of transactions last week, almost 300k per day.

From the active contract breakdown, we can see that nearcrowd was the key contributor of the increase in the number of transactions from the 11th to 13th.

Daily Number of New Accounts

Daily new accounts continued to increase last week and reached 15,000 on the 12th and dropped to around 1000 because of the suspension of coinop due to abuse events.

From the referrer domain breakdown below, we can see that google contributed more than half of the traffic to account creation page, this could be a result of our token price performance last week. In addition, we can see that telegram traffic increased hugely, showing that our campaign on telegram for account creation was successful. Top of Funnel Traffic Snapshot traffic increased by 30% compared to previous week.

From country breakdown we can see that traffic from Vietnam had the largest increase.

From referrer source breakdown we can see that telegram traffic increased by 61%, showing that last week’s twitter engagement was successful. In addition, traffic from coinmarketcap and coingecko also increased, a result of the token price increase last week.