[Introduction] VN Artists DAO

Hello NEARians!

My name is William X, a Vietnamese crypto enthusiast in the NEAR ecosystem. Having worked around with the Open Web Sandbox since Oct 2021, with my understanding of the ecosystem & the passion to build a strong community, I would like to promote NEAR ecosystem deeper into Vietnamese community. My experience hosting & organizing events allows me to connect with amazing Vietnamese talents & artists. Together with like-minded people, we want to introduce Vietnamese artists to the ecosystem, educate & accompany them in their journey to the crypto space of Near Protocol.

DAO Name: VN Artists DAO (VAD)

Council: @williamx @IamnotRapper @Mer


@williamx I have worked as the OWS regional moderator, then project manager & currently a council of Community DAO. My main duty was taking care of OWS’s Vietnamese community, connecting with guilds/projects to establish partnerships, recruiting contributors & taking care of OWS’s ongoing projects. Currently, I also join hands to help with the initiative of community DAO. Besides my on-chain job, I’m also an MC & host for different talk shows & events.

@IamnotRapper A Designer & Social media manager, he’ll be in charge of running campaigns, moderating social channels, hosting competition & helping DAO members with any questions they may face during the onboarding journey.

@Mer A singer & songwriter. She’s a young talented artist following pop mainstream.


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0s9oqVCJ2iXTqSUR5fcky5?si=YCJ5o0r2TRS83Dgd9sKJPg




She will be helping in promotional campaigns, create social impacts & will be an example of an artist who gets onboard, works & produces in this dynamic ecosystem.

Location: Vietnam

Vision: A hub for Vietnamese artists & creative enthusiasts in the Near Ecosystem. Where artists actively onboard fellow artists, mentor & share value. Why DAO? We want every member to actively takes part in DAOcisions: selecting process for artworks, contests, voting for artist of the month, making proposals & participating in bounty on DAO.

Mission: To onboard Vietnamese artists & creative enthusiasts. Educate & accompany them to get familiar to crypto space by using different NFT Dapps & tools. Our ultimate mission is to introduce Near Ecosystem deeper to Vietnamese art-lover community & help artists to grow their own community after graduation.

DAO Address: vn-artists-dao.sputnik-dao.near


Telegram Group: https://t.me/VnArtistsDAO

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vn_artistsdao/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VNArtistsDAO

Road map: For the month of April:

  • Kick starts by an AMA with NEAR Vietnam Guild, open call for Vietnamese Artists

  • Weekly Community Call: DAO activities introduce & personal sessions to onboard new members while we’re preparing starter kits for future use. (We will reduce to 2 calls/month upon the completion of Vietnamese onboarding materials for artists)

  • Produce starter kits (guidelines & onboarding materials) for Artists in Vietnamese (Detail plan TBA with our funding proposal)

  • Every month we run a Featuring Collection of that month: Instead of buying back NFT by the council, the Artists community will make DAOcision to vote for the 3 best artworks to be rewarded Featured Artwork of the month

  • Simple verification implement: Artists or creative enthusiasts will need to create a brief introduction by commenting on Forum before proposing to be added to DAO


  • Bounties & “Artists onboard fellow artists” program (TBA)

Further roadmap TBD with our initial community as a DAO


We would like to express our special thanks to @FritzWorm for your consultation & motivation. Before this introduction is written, such encouragement & guideline is very important for us to make a decision to establish a DAO.

Sincere gratitude to @Ligaya, founder of #filipino-artist-dao for your sharing & help. Your practical experience working in the ecosystem would be a good example for us to continue growing our community. We’ll definitely look for a cross guild cooperation for Artists this year, not only with FAG but also with other DAOs/Guilds in the ecosystem.

We look forward to the development of the Vietnamese creative community. We do hope with this introduction; we can receive more guidelines & feedback from @creativesdao-council to help us shape a stronger creative community. Thank you so much for reading.


We at Filipino Artist Guild is willing to support You William X :relaxed:

Hoping to have a collaboration with vietnam artist in the future :relaxed:


Thank you! And definitely will reach out to you for questions in the future :smile:


Wow, so excited. Thanks @williamx for bringing this up :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:!

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Thank you, we’re in the stage of forming shape. Let’s rock April

Thank you for the introduction, looks good. I am wondering if this would also fit in the community vertical though? @jlwaugh ?

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Thank you so much for your feedback, I just wondering what is the condition to get a tag on the forum? As I see DAOs/Guilds need to separate proposals for each smaller project. We’re now in the planning phase and will reach creatives soon to kick off our activities.

I just created the tag for you :slight_smile:


Appreciate your swift support :star_struck:


Welcome to the DAO Creatives fam :cowboy_hat_face: :beers:

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Wow, That’s Awsome New Artist from Vietnam, So much Excited to see
Like to Collav For Video Production From Talks on Near Blockchain

Thanks @williamx :heart_eyes:

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Sure, I do look forward to crossing DAOs/Guilds collaboration. And thank you for your nice words :star_struck:


@BRIANPHAN Check this :))

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