[Approved] Vn Artists DAO Proposal August to October

  • DAO introduction

VN Artists DAO (VAD) is a decentralized autonomous organization on the NEAR Protocol for artists and young creative enthusiasts from Vietnam. VAD’s activities aim to advertise Vietnamese creative products to the world using blockchain technology and create a healthy creative environment in cyberspace for all.

Introduction post: [Introduction] VN Artists DAO

Official website: https://www.vnartistsdao.org/ 2

  • Why team is best for the funds

@IamnotRapper A Designer & Social media manager, he’ll be in charge of running campaigns, moderating social channels, hosting competition & helping DAO members with any questions they may face during the onboarding journey.

@Mer A singer & songwriter. She’s a young talented artist following pop mainstream.


Spotify: Mer | Spotify


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-G0epVaUs_ZMBeXQqIck9A 2

She will be helping in promotional campaigns, create social impacts & will be an example of an artist who gets onboard, works & produces in this dynamic ecosystem.

@agnesba is an independent artist, she joined the ecosystem since 2021 and became an active member of VAD in 2022. With her experience in the ecosystem and through out different projects like Cropsfarmer (https://busd.cropsfarmer.online/), Midas3 (under developed), Agnes will assist VAD with organizing online activities for its members

  • Achievement information about the DAO

Content and Social media stats (web2/web3), on-chain activity, built dapps (if applicable only):

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VNArtistsDAO (225 followers)

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @VnArtistsDAO (256 members)

IG: https://www.instagram.com/vn_artistsdao/ (161 followers)

Website: https://www.vnartistsdao.org/ 2

  1. Share the content links of youtube Instagram with numbers of engagement, website etc, events done IRL

Bounties/online projects: 30+

IRL events: 10+

We are developing a news page on our website to track this better.

  1. Share the number of proposals created, How many councils, size of community, number of NFTs in mintbase, events done in metaverse
  1. DApps if built and the purpose it solves, any traction metrics etc.
  • No dApp is being built. We’re using available tools for our activities.
  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under
  1. Art
  2. Culture
  • Impact

Our activities focus on creating impacts in 3 main pillars:

  • Impact on local community: introduce NFT & blockchain to Vietnamese Artists & help them explore the blockchain world in a safe way. For Q2: We expand our activities into 3 independent hubs in 3 major cities: Ha Noi, Da Nang - Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh, we expect each hub will be backed by 5 core members & an existing studio.
  • Ecosystem impact: Onboarding members onchain & encourage using NEAR tech. We want to create an active hub where creators continue to create using the technology based on their love with art, regardless there is active bounty or not. (Onboard true artists)
  • Broader impact outside the ecosystem: We continue to promote NEAR & Creatives DAO through our connection with our Web2 partners. Additionally, we are also seeking for resources beyond NEAR to do crowdfunding & create more opportunities for artists besides what are proposed in this proposal. Regardless where the resource come from, we’ll continue to use NEAR tech & promote Creatives DAO throughout our activities.
  • Roadmap

VN Artists DAO Roadmap

VN Artists DAO Roadmap1920×1080 164 KB

This is the long-term roadmap where VAD aims to be self-sustainable at the end of 2024. To leverage this, we have already established relationships with traditional orgs & companies to support a (limited part) scheme of our activities. See our NEARest workshop in collaboration with Có Đủ Cả bookstore system here: VAD 2023 - Events (vnartistsdao.org)


Project 1

Description: VN Artists DAO’s self onboarding booth
Expected outcome: - Set up 3 booths in studio/bookstores for introduction and self-onboarding. North Vietnam (Hanoi): 1, Middle (Da Nang/Hoi An TBD) 1, South Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh): 1
  • Each booth contains a VAD introduction, Onboarding instruction & leaflet for interested people to onboard themselves.

  • Sustainable onboarding, connected with real activities & benefits in real life.

  • Why booth?: 1 time cost for sustainable onboarding. We leverage our partnerships with local bookstores & workshop studios to incorporate the booth with our activities (E.g: onboard themselves to get 10% of voucher in bookstore, onboard themselves to register for free workshop hosted by VAD and our partners).

  • Why 3 booths? We start with a small number and expand gradually when our number of partners increase.|

|Activities & timelines:|- 15 - 29 August: Hubs members prepare ideas, concept

  • 1 - 30 September: Confirm venue, Leaflet design, customer journey design & materials.

  • 1 - 7 October: Setup

  • 7 - 15 October: Test phase and get feedback

  • 15 - 31 October: Modify (if any) and run officially|


  • Venue confirm & partnership proposals ($0) - to be done by Hub members
  • 300$ - Leaflet designs (expected triple-fold leaflet, 2 sides & 6 info pages - $50 each): - To be done as a competitions/bounties between hubs
  • 150$ (100N): ~ 1000 linkdrops x 0.1N to run in 1 year or until run out.
  • 500$/booth: Hard material for booth setup (x3 booths) = 1500$ (Concept & setup fee should be done voluntarily by hub members)
  • 300$ Printing: 300 packs include: stickers (60$), Leaflet (0.8*300=$240)
  • There should be no renting time or fee - we only set up onboarding booths under the coverage of our partners in their venue.

Total: $2250|

Project 2

Description: Website maintenance

Last year we had a proposal [Approved] VN Artists DAO Website Creation, however the hosting plan for 1 year is expiring. I helped VAD to do different pages but didn’t ask for any reward, now we need to upgrade the website to update new partnerships & help users register for our event with partners easier.
Expected outcome: * Purchase 1 year of hosting and support tools for low-tech user provided by ladipage.vn

  • New feature to see and register for monthly workshops with partners
  • New feature to claim NFT for workshops

Activities & timelines:

  • 1 - 15 September: Page 1 Workshop plan & registering

  • 15 - 30 September: Page 2 Claim NFT on Website


  • Purchase 1 year of hosting and support tools for low-tech user provided by ladipage.vn ($250)
  • Web design & publishing via domain (2 landing pages): $400/page

Total: $1050

  • Council Reward: $1000 split for 5 councils (200 each): (3 current councils and 2 councils will be elected this month, who will lead the activities with current councils instructions)

  • What is the DAO’s goal or objective?

    • The goals are aligned with our expected outcome. We want to gradually become sustainable and maintain our existence via onboarding (booth) & communication (web)
  • Roadmap to reach the goal

    • The roadmap is attached to activities and timelines.
  • How is the longer-term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

    • Long-term is self-sustainability, we divided our milestones for each quarter based on our roadmap.
  • What will the community or the team member’s role be?

    • Team members will cope with: communicating to partners, coordinates with hubs & arranging activities
    • Community: Hubs will be in charge of every setting up stage, from idea to concept to physical product.

Total request number: $4300

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): vn-artists-dao.sputnik-dao.near


The proposal was granted approval on August 20th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details:

Regarding feedback on your project and the proposal, please check the report:

Please follow the steps in the guide below in order to receive a grant:

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