[Approved for $4040] VN Artists DAO funding proposal NOV-2023 to JAN-2024


2 - NDC V1 Priorities.pdf - Google Drive

  • Onboard 2 Web2 communities: Guitar Nhan Van University Society (20K followers) and Gia Kiem Art Centre.

  • Deploy 2 Minsta portal and onboard 200 new monthly active wallets

  • 200 accounts after 12 weeks in total, through 2 partnerships. We’ll establish Minsta fork and report on-chain numbers based on our Mintbase smart contract.

NDC V1 Priorities:

P-1: Widening Adoption of NEAR

P-1.1: Outreach to New Audiences

  • University Society to be onboarded: Guitar Nhan Van (20K followers) Guitar Nhân Văn
  • DAO introduction

VN Artists DAO (VAD) is a decentralized autonomous organization on the NEAR Protocol for artists and young creative enthusiasts from Vietnam. VAD’s activities aim to advertise Vietnamese creative products to the world using blockchain technology and create a healthy creative environment in cyberspace for all.

Background Information

Introduction post: [Introduction] VN Artists DAO

Official website: https://www.vnartistsdao.org/

  • Why team is best for the funds
  • @IamnotRapper A Designer & Social media manager, he’ll be in charge of running campaigns, moderating social channels, hosting competition & helping DAO members with any questions they may face during the onboarding journey.

  • @Mer A singer & songwriter. She’s a young talented artist following pop mainstream.


Spotify: Mer | Spotify



She will be helping in promotional campaigns, create social impacts & will be an example of an artist who gets onboard, works & produces in this dynamic ecosystem.

  • @agnesba is an independent artist, she joined the ecosystem since 2021 and became an active member of VAD in 2022. With her experience in the ecosystem and through out different projects like Cropsfarmer (https://busd.cropsfarmer.online/), Midas3 (under developed), Agnes will assist VAD with organizing online activities for its members

  • Trường Hoan (letruonghoan09.near) - Tổng quan | Profile (hoantptctdtvn.wixsite.com) - a guitarist, music teacher based in Ho Chi Minh city. He offers tailored beats including: Beat Guitar, Beat Piano, Beat Guitar + Key, Beat Guitar + Key + Cajon or full board. In addition, he is responsible for sound and light for many music programs in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Anh Thư MÌNH | My Site (anhthu9a6tin.wixsite.com) (Social media link in the website) - Is a photographer, a blogger and a social media manager. Focusing on media content production: ideation, planning, writing, shooting, publication design,… Please visit her profile to explore more

Achievement information about the DAO

Content and Social media stats (web2/web3), on-chain activity, built dapps (if applicable only):

  1. Share the content links of youtube Instagram with numbers of engagement, website etc, events done IRL

Bounties/online projects: 30+

IRL events: 15+

  1. Share the number of proposals created, How many councils, size of community, number of NFTs in mintbase, events done in metaverse
  1. DApps if built and the purpose it solves, any traction metrics etc.
  • No dApp is being built. We’re using available tools for our activities.

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under

  1. Art

  2. Culture

  • Impact

Our activities focus on creating impacts in 3 main pillars:

  • Impact on local community: introduce NFT & blockchain to Vietnamese Artists & help them explore the blockchain world in a safe way. For Q3: We expand our focus on getting more offline partnership, preparing for the independent runway in 2024.

  • Ecosystem impact: Onboarding members onchain & encourage using NEAR tech. We want to create an active hub where creators continue to create using the technology based on their love with art, regardless there is active bounty or not. (Onboard true artists)

  • Broader impact outside the ecosystem: We continue to promote NEAR & Creatives DAO through our connection with our Web2 partners. Additionally, we are also seeking for resources beyond NEAR to do crowdfunding & create more opportunities for artists besides what are proposed in this proposal. Regardless where the resource come from, we’ll continue to use NEAR tech & promote Creatives DAO throughout our activities.

  • Roadmap

VN Artists DAO Roadmap

VN Artists DAO Roadmap1920×1080 164 KB

This is the long-term roadmap where VAD aims to be self-sustainable at the end of 2024. To leverage this, we have already established relationships with traditional orgs & companies to support a (limited part) scheme of our activities. See our NEARest workshop in collaboration with Có Đủ Cả bookstore system here: VAD 2023 - Events (vnartistsdao.org)


Project 1

Description: Partnership with Guitar Nhan Van - A Musician Student Society

Guitar Nhan Van (20K followers) Redirecting... is a music student society at the university of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNUHCM. We aim to incubate the society to expand our onboarding arm. The club will use Minsta to onboard student via their monthly activities and get brand awareness for VN Artists DAO

Expected outcome:

  • 100 people onboarded via Mintbase open web wallet

  • Conducting onboarding & marketing in 3 events (the club will organize themselves without asking for additional fund)

  • Re-use booth design

  • ">300 NFTs minted on Minsta under VAD contract

  • VN Artists DAO will support GNV activities, provide training for onboarding and place booths in monthly GNV events, at least until 31/12.

  • Sustainable onboarding, connected with real activities & benefits in real life.

  • Get NEAR to real events existing monthly, organized by students

  • Promote Minsta in use for IRL musician event

|Activities & timelines:|

  • 15 - 31 November: BOM meetings, confirm KPIs & trainings for society members

  • November - January: Partnership takes place on club events, onboarding & marketing


  • Training venue & meeting with club members - $100

  • Activities sponsor for 3 months: $600 (this is partially contributed to music concerts organization, the rest will be voluntarily done by students)

  • Standee, flyers for at least 3 events (in university, in cafe, …) $300 (to make up if necessary, we’ll reuse design and material from our booth to save the cost)

  • Event supporters: representatives at IRL event: including booth setting, monitoring & introducing VAD: 50$/person/event (3 events, 2 persons/event)= 50x2x3=$300

  • Monthly meeting, KPI review with GNV: $0 (council work)

  • Document service, agreement & work with university union: $0 (council work) -

We already have some initial talk with the student society and it turns out to be feasible and supported. We will return 100% money if the partnership is not established. We will include an announcement post made by 2 sides in our report, together with KPI & their activities.

Total: $1300

Project 2

Description: VAD x Gia Kiem Fine Art Center

Gia Kiem Fine Art Center (Redirecting...) is a teaching center to teach skills, orientation and develop Fine Arts talents in Vietnam. We want to establish a strategic partnership with the center to adopt NFT as a method to store learner’s artwork & conduct activities to introduce NFT in a safe way for learners.

Since the age range of learners is vary, including classes for children, we only work with learners above 18 year-old for onboarding & direct interaction (mostly adult classes & university classes). There’s no restriction in terms of artworks stored.

Expected outcome:

  • 6 months commitment of partnership (Phase 1)

  • VAD display self onboarding booth, NEAR Protocol introduction at the center

  • Class activities & artwork after each class will be minted on dedicated Minsta portal, under VAD contract

  • Staff of the centers will attend a training session with VAD to learn basic information & comply to apply NEAR tech to the centre activity to reach KPIs.

  • ">200 NFTs minted from learners in 3 months

  • 1 dedicated space for VAD exhibition setup throughout the partnership period

  • 1 competition (raise VAD brand awareness & introduce Minsta)

Activities & timelines:

  • 15 - 31 November: Meeting with managers & confirm mutual understanding, set out KPI

  • December: Training

*December- January: Executing activities, exact time for each activity depends on the real situation of the center.


  • Organize training: $200 (This includes travel support from Ho Chi Minh city to Dong Nai province & cover expenses for 2 people on weekend day)

  • Banner & Marketing support: $100 (for partnership establishment)

  • Activities package: $400 (for organizing an activities under partnership framework, will be carried by the art center. Suggested breakdown: Rewards for winners: $150/$100/$50. Organizing & judging expenses: $100)

  • Exhibition setup: $500 (A dedicated hard space at the center to do exhibition & display artwork under partnership framework)

Total: $1200

Project 3:

Description: Deploying 2 Minsta fork, using mintbase-openweb wallet for frictionless onboarding.

Expected outcome:

  • 2 Minsta forks deployed in dedicated websites to control activities

  • 1 for Guitar Nhan Van society, introduced in project 1 (>300 interactions)

  • 1 for Gia Kiem Fine Art Center, introduced in project 2 (>200 interactions)

Activities & timelines:

  • As soon as possible (we expect to complete in 1 week after funded)


  • Domain & maintenance: $100 for 2 pages

  • Vercel hosting plan: $240 ($20/month x 12 months)

  • DEV remuneration: $500

Total: $840

4. Council Reward: $1500 split for 5 councils (300 each): 5 current councils who will lead the activities with current councils instructions, fully responsible for partnership establishment, participate in the activities & monitoring KPIs throughout 3 months

In total: $4840 =>

  • What is the DAO’s goal or objective?

  • The goals are aligned with our expected outcome. Our objective for Q4 maintains 2 purposes: apply amazing NEAR quick onboarding tech & expand our partnership with local partners. This is the most feasible way for us to go independent in 2024.

  • Roadmap to reach the goal

  • The roadmap is attached to activities and timelines.

  • How is the longer-term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

  • Long-term is self-sustainability, we divided our milestones for each quarter based on our roadmap. (www.vnartistsdao.org)

  • What will the community or the team member’s role be?

  • Team members will cope with: communicating to partners, coordinates with hubs & arranging activities

  • Community: Hubs will help with activities carried out by our partners and welcome new members

Total request number: $4840

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): vn-artists-dao.sputnik-dao.near


Wow @Mer , apparently 141,747 monthly listeners on Spotify, I don’t understand the meaning of your song lyrics, but I enjoy it, your voice is melodious.

Greetings from Indonesia. :pray:


My pleasure :tulip: thank you so much, Wiswiz!

Dear @Mer
Thank you for your proposal. We are pleased to support it with an amount of $4040, as we recognize its clear value for the CDAO community and NEAR.

The rejected line items are as follows:

As you have already included funds for event supporters/representatives IRL, we find no direct benefit in requesting an additional $300 for the standee.

As agreed, we are committed to supporting your project with $4040. However, the current request for remuneration constitutes almost 40% of the total amount requested. We believe that this amount should be decreased to $1000, which would represent a fair rate of less than 30% of the total requested amount.


Thanks Paul! We all definitely agree with your suggestion! Thanks for your support, again.