[REPORT] AUGUST Monthly Report - VN Artists DAO

Project Name: VN Artists DAO

Project Status: [in progress]

Project members:




Balance: Current account balance: $1035 (@8"13 PM GMT+7 Sep 1, 2022)

Astrodao: vn-artists-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Previous proposal: [APPROVED] VN Artists Dao – AUGUST 2022 Funding Request (Overview)


1/ [Proposal] Web designer for VAD’s official website


After registering for legal wrapper, we proceeded to buy a domain to build a website for official use (promote the DAO, feature artists’ work & feature our local swag store). The website proposal was made in 2 parts: a proposal for Marketing with domain, server & hosting - and this proposal for Creatives with designing work.

Thanks @agnesba for working closely with us about ideas & designing part to implement the web (Astro Payout). Having our own website allows us to further market the Near community and our brand. The website allows users to learn more about our activities while maintaining a professional appearance of the DAO.

Metric reflection:

A completed website consists of 4 sections:

  • DAO introduction & highlights (core values).
  • Featured artworks & mintbase store.
  • Activities.
  • Local swag store (to be implemented).

VN Artists DAO’s Official Website: VN Artists DAO

Original post:

Astro links:


2/ [Proposal] Local swag store - Attempt for DAO’s business model toward sustainability


In the attempt to generate our own business model. VN Artists DAO will open a NEAR local swag store for events in the Vietnam and Asia area.

Our innovation process has improved significantly as a result. To attempt with a business model, we developed a platform to market cutting-edge goods from the NEAR and VAD ecosystem.

With the request for designs for the set of 10 swags, we received several excellent submissions that are not only NEAR-specific but also incredibly imaginative and unique. On the swags store goods, only the top items will be chosen and printed.

Actual time frame:

  • Open Call: 18 July - 28 August, 2022
  • Result announcement: 31 August, 2022

Original post:

Open call post:

Metric reflection:

  • Collected 6/10 qualified designing to be made as prototype (The remaining 4 items will be implement on September to seek for more suitable & qualified designs, using the remaining fund from August)


  • More than 20 entries with 10 different category
  • Young people responded enthusiastically to this activity.
  • Positive response from participating universities, evaluation of VAD’s activities is very useful and creative.

Voting sheet:
Swag Vote - Google Sheets

Astro link:

(Used $650/$1340 proposed, prototype producion & the remaining work to be continued in September)

3/ [Proposal] VAD’s engagement bounty


The competition was a huge success. We have received a lot of beautiful pictures with a variety of themes each week. We welcome newcomers from NFT NEAR Vietnam to VN Artists DAO and help them to participate in the event. We increase work efficiency by directing each participant how to mint NFT on the platform.

The competition offers young artists the chance to showcase their artistic abilities while also bringing VAD and NFT NEAR Vietnam’s reputations closer to the Vietnamese population through a variety of themes. Create several chances for collaboration in order to grow activities in Vietnam and create a dynamic NFT creative community.

Actual time frame:

  • Event duration:

Week 1: 20-27 Aug 2022

Week 2: 27 Aug - 3 Sep 2022

Week 3 & 4 (TBC using the remaining fund of August)

Original post:

Open call post:



Metric reflection:

After the first week of launch:

  • 14 entries
  • 14 hashtag #VADweeklychallenge #vietnamartistsdao on Instagram
  • 20+ new account join telegram channel

Voting sheet: Chấm điểm Weekly challenge - Google Sheets

Astro links:

The challenge will be continued until 17 September for the amount proposed on August

4/ [HCM] Workshop: Minting your first NFT through Terrarium workshop


The event was successfully held with more than 20 people attending and had a positive atmosphere. Terrarium workshop offers participants a fresh and interesting art form in addition to the previous workshops. Participants have been encouraged to directly mint their works on VAD’s Mintbase store after the workshop. The participants greatly like the program because it gives them a very new experience. The event is highly beneficial and helps in promoting the NEAR community and VAD to more young people.


  • Publication of the event & register: 18-26 Aug 2022
  • Event time: 13:30 (GMT+7) August 28, 2022
  • Venue: 10th floor Búp Sky Lounge - 65 Nguyễn Thái Bình, Q1, TP.HCM

Duration: 3-hour workshop

Original post:

Open call post:

Metric reflection:

  • 100% invitee attended with full ocupation of 20 people
  • 13 new wallets have been created.
  • Strong impression & exposure of VAD’s image to local community
  • 20 new Terrarium NFT minted on Mintbase store

Some images of the workshop:


  • 194 members on Telegram so far (Last month was 174)

  • New Official Website: VN Artists DAO

  • We worked with Awesome NEAR last month and got listed on the platform under DAO/Ecosystem Category:


  • Website creation was a right decision while we have an official place to introduce our activities. This is a one-stop shop for users to get to know us.
  • Utilize the support of ecosytem resources is a smart move while last month we got so many new milestones: Media coverage on Near Insider, Ybox, listed on Awesome Near

Next Steps:

  • Continue building & completing the website
  • More efforts on media coverage & marketing
  • Produce swag prototype
  • Continue to expand community interaction through workshops & themed activities
  • Planning our art promotion & plans for ASIAN BLOCKCHAIN FESTIVAL
  • Aim for 220 members on TG in September

A wonderful month for VAD has passed! We’re eager to bring NEAR’s positive image deeper to creatives Vietnamese community!