[Approved] VN Artists DAO Website Creation

Guild name: VN Artists DAO

Funding scheme: One time

Target wallet: vn-artists-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total amount proposed: $325

Dear Marketing councils,

VN Artists DAO is a DAO artists and young creative enthusiasts from Vietnam. VAD’s activities aim to advertise Vietnamese creative products to the world using blockchain technology and create a healthy creative environment in cyberspace for Vietnamese people to create on NEAR.

Our introduction post

Since establishment, councils of VAD always dedicated their work to create more traction for the DAO without asking for marketing fund.

The DAO’s current stat:

Telegram: 174 members
Twitter: 88 Followers
Instagram: 109 posts / 69 followers

Rationale of the proposal

  • After 4 months of operating, we believe it’s time to create a website as an official place to present the DAO, adding more credit to reach out local community & projects.

  • In July, we registered successfully for legal wrapper, VAD is now a LLC, so we are proposing to create an .org website.
    VN Artists DAO Series_Operating_Agreement.pdf (1.1 MB)


Request for Marketing:

Proposed domain: vnartistsdao.org (tentative)

No. Unit Cost in USD
1 Buying domain & protection for 3 years on godaddy.com 75
2 1 year of hosting and support tools for low-tech user provided by ladipage.vn 250
Total 325

What else marketing councils should know?

This is a part of the total plan to build the website.

For the other part: The cost for designing was proposed to Creatives at the amount of $500 in this proposal

Thank you for your consideration! Cc: @marketingdao-council


Happy to support! Have a great day.


Not a problem. Thanks for the proposal, I’m happy to support.


Thank you very much for the positive response! Looking forward to other councils thoughts as well!

I would like to mention @so608, @cryptocredit & @satojandro for your opinion! Thank you for taking time in this busy period!

I support this proposal

Moving it to approved. You can now proceed with AstroDAO poll. Thanks


Noted and glad to hear positive feedbacks from councils, thank you very much!

[REPORT] VN Artists DAO Website Creation

Dear councils, this is to report on the Website Creation of VN Artists DAO, hence we have started the work right after receiving council’s decision, happy to say the website is now on shape.

Report part of Creatives:

About marketing part: The official domain is: www.vnartistsdao.org

Duration: 3 years until 8/19/2025

Please check out our website for closer look at final result:

Cc: @marketingdao-council

Thank you very much for reading! The current version is not the final one as we also decided to implement a Local Swag Store on our website in the near future!

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Website updated on Awesome NEAR :eyes:

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