[introduction] INA DAO

INA comes from Esperanto and resembles the feminine/female.

We want to create a DAO that specifically supports persons who identify as female, their goals and creative projects, regardless of origin, skin colour or location. The goal is to provide help for female artists and projects, through onboarding, funding and connecting with other like minded womxn.

In order to reach gender equality female artists deserve more visibility in many areas. INA DAO wants to be a platform that showcases successful womxn of the NEAR ecosystem and beyond. Because a good role model makes you achieve your goals faster.

The projects we want to support should have a focus on artists who identify as female, on gender equality, education for women and inclusion.

For the set up the council would consist of

@JulianaM : Visual Artist and cofounder of Incubadora DAO& part of the Creatives DAO Council, based in Lisbon

@Mette : creative cultural producer based in Lisbon, part of Arroz Studios and Arroz Criativo DAO

@tabear : cofounder of muti DAO & part of the Creatives DAO Council, cultural producer, based in Leiria

We would love to expand the council to create a vibrant and global environment within the DAO.

Values for projects to be funded:

  • Cross disciplinary (artistic & entrepreneurial)
  • Innovative
  • Female lead
  • Open to the communitary growth
  • Intersectional inclusivity

Next steps:

We want to start slow but steady. The first steps are to set up a DAO on Astro, create a bounty for a visual identity as well as setting up the social media channels. We would love to organize an event in collaboration with more DAOs that are locally active in Lisbon to create an event which showcases women in crypto and connect female creatives.

Long term goals:

In the long run we want to organize events/talks & workshops, in the Metaverse and in the physical world, which provide education about crypto and its infinite possibilities. How to become self-sustainable and accomplish projects.

For now this is the rough structure that we have been thinking of. We are more than happy about feedback and for womxn who would like to join :heart:

TG Telegram: Contact @inadao


The DAO has been set up (5N lent from @tabear)
with the council consisting of

In our first call last week we came up with some ideas an we’ll prepare the next month.
We’ll probably create a bounty to design the visual identity, we have an art project in mind and thought about a rotating council around every 3 month.

Stay tuned :rocket:

Update on council:

It has been a pleasure to see the project grow within the last 4 months. I am incredibly proud of @GeminiRising & @Belen_Zuazo who have been learning and working a lot and became more than capable council members with brilliant ideas on how to move forward.

I am grateful that the DAO and the ideas keep on growing <3
As initially planned the council can expand and change. I will leave the council of the DAO but will happily be available as an advisor for the DAO. INA DAO will also welcome @BeluEspina to the council.

You’re all awesome, looking forward to seeing how INA will develop :purple_heart:


I love this idea! I would like to be part of this incredible project. I live in my skin the attempt to conciliate maternity and artistic life. Congratulations on the initiative and success!


Rising my hand for that!!!
I am into Cosmia - female association, NFT and publishing house :sunglasses:
Hope we can engage in collaborations.
We will constitute the DAO soon!
For now there is a proposal ongoing with some infos, under my name.
Here the site www.cosmia.org


Yessss so happy to see this coming to life!! Bringing the womxn of the NEAR Community together will be so beautiful to see :heart_eyes:
First stop, Lisbon, next stop, the world!

cc: @grace


Is there a Telegram group or something for folks to join?


Awesome initiative! Looking forward to collaborate and make part of it! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


I love project! I’m looking forward to participating


Great initiative! @GeminiRising you should get involved!!!


Now there is :slight_smile:


Super cool initiative !
I love collaborations, will definitely join in this one.


Mãe Solteira Records is very aligned with this idea! We wish you a very successful future! And, of course, you can count with the help of female artists from MSR, we’re very happy to help and collaborate if you need :slight_smile:


I love this project idea. Would love to stay updated on your progress and participate when you are ready for others to engage :slight_smile:


We’re ready, as it would be great to pave the path together :slight_smile: feel free to join the TG group & share :heart_eyes:


Oh wow, this resonates so much with me. :heart_eyes: Will definitely stay tuned and invite other female artists to participate!


heyyy, nice to see you here! :smiley: we want to hear from all of you :smiley:


I am now involved! Thanks for letting me know about it.


Great!! I am learning hoy to use this thing - where do i vote?


For now the current council is this:

So those are the ones that vote in the DAO, just to set up the structures and get the first funding in. The idea was to have everything up within the next 3 months and then the council would rotate :slight_smile:


I am delighted to hear this. I too would like to be part of this project. I am based in the Philippines. My good friend Mohini / @ooakosimo brought me in. I am singer, actor and crypto artist .How exciting! Congrats to everyone here!


Great, feel free to join our TG & show your art & ideas :slight_smile: